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Friday, May 19, 2006

Airi and Meiri album !

after seeing them humping! and now they are singing!

hoohoohoh! Lace will be surprise when she hear this.

its funny coz in a word translation in the net, Airi and Meiri means Meeting and Needing hahahhahaha

click below for the official website of their recording company Sexual Kiss Records.

and check out the music sample page

Toycon 2006 prod. note 9

my intern is finished and now im on fullyblast organizing the event.

and here is one of our guest performer at the 5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2006.

thanks to Rodney !!

"Seek comfort in our music"

SOLACE is about music that resonates from within. It is intense and intimate, as it is disarming in its honesty and unnerving in its sincerity.

Though musically superb, it has not lost "heart" as the album is not about catchy hooks and melodies, nor groovy bass lines, frantic guitars or polyrhythmic drum patterns, it's not even about the moving chord progressions or the soaring yet soothing vocals. It's about music that is fresh, cozy and comforting; new, yet surprisingly familiar. It is about good story telling.

The four-piece band has paid their dues and has poured in their wealth of experience and passion to give life to a collection of 10 original songs in an album called "Never Easy" under (Paragon Music Corporation) out March 2006.

Composed of Singer-Songwriter Chad CaƱares a dreamer who has honed his craft as lead vocalists of UK Lily -- a premier 80's New Wave Band in Cebu; Guitarist Sam Codilla, who is not a 1st timer in the recording scene having been part of the band Roots that recorded under a multinational record label in the early 90's; Bassist Rodney Vidanes and drummer Herz Fremista who have been nominated as Bassist and Drummer of the year respectively at the NU Rock Awards as members of the 2003 Muziklaban champion, Fuseboxx. Solace definitely captures the texture, depth and color of life with so much eloquence in music as they do with words.

"Our music is our solace" the band says, "it is our source of comfort and relief." Like the carrier single "Never Easy" which talks about dealing with a bad relationship you can't get out of; or the wonderfully sarcastic "Bang (Happy To See Me Again)" a song about losing one's self to other's judgments that burst with both verve and compositional brilliance. Other tracks featured are about stealing time ("Borrowed Time"), biting off more than you can chew ("Healing"), following your dreams ("Dream Maker"), closure ("Bridging the Gap"), and even a death of a close brother ("Riding with Angels") . To them the songwriting process was needed retreat from a backbreaking toil.

Hence, leave the rat race for once and buckle down on your own safe corner and spend time with yourself, think back, reminisce, listen…and find your own solace.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Az and the Power Rangers Dino Thunder

yesterday was the last day of my internship and before ending my day, i assisted the Power Rangers Dino Thunder shoot for a commercial in HERO TV. Everyone got excited and took photos with the rangers. hehahahaha

Bankee Trading and Sentai Manila managed the costumes and the acts for the shoot. They said that the costumes were from Japan and these are the suits the actors used for a stage performance, the costumes are more different than they used in the TV series. Also the costumes sometimes borrowed for a USA performance.

Wearing the costumes are not real actors, but they are people from the cosplay community.
Coz I thought that the cosplayers are from Japan too hahhahaha.

I just caught the pilot episode of the series last weekend, and mind you it in Filipino dubbed.
Its the Saban version and I was surprised to see Tommy (from the 1st Power Rangers, the white ranger) is one of the main characters, there he was kidnapped by this Dino boss villain and then later on was saved by 3 new rangers.

I was kinda curious about the Yellow Ranger, coz sometimes I think that the wearer in some
tv stunts are male, and as we know that Yellow is a female, there I asked them if the Yellow Ranger is a guy, but then they told me and showed me that under the helmet is a real female!

with White Ranger, under the helmet is Keanu Reeves ahhaha

at the roofdeck

Finding a taxi with new TaxiTxt service

Trouble getting a taxi? You can now get a taxi ride by texting! Taxi TXT will be available to riders coming from the Ortigas and Libis areas, starting May 16 at 4 PM. To use Taxi TXT, send:

TAXI TO to 2960.

Example: TAXI TO quezon city
For more details send TAXI HELP to 2960. Available currently to Smart users only. This service will soon be available to Smart users in other areas.


Regina Layug
Project Manager
Dig.IT.All Solutions, Inc.

Unit 1906 Medical Plaza Ortigas
#25 San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Philippines

Office: 9107788
Mobile: 0922-8024735
Work smarter, not harder.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Hello there!

I have a friend who will be coming to visit MAnila on July to view and screen porfolios of interested comics ilustrators who are good in the Manga - Janpanese style works.

Pls read his email below AND read what his requirements are CAREFULLY.
If you are interested, pls contact or email me and send your biodata and samples of "anime-style" works done in the past to me so that I can forward this to him.

Write:MANGA STYLE ILLUSTRATOR -- on the subject line of your email/ mail.

Please forward to your friends who might be interested too.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Grace Dimaranan
Managing Director

Vice President
Animation Council of the Phils.


Dear Grace-
I wanted to let you know that, Lord willing, I will be coming to Manila on 2 July.

On 3 July primarily, and part of 4 July probably, I will need to do portfolio reviews to find comics artists, preferably Christians, who can do very credible Japanese manga-style art to match the look of a project being produced now in Japan. The artists who are hired will be illustrating various print materials which will be used in connection with the Japanese project.
My job is to pick out the best ones for the ministry exec who is flying me in. He'll be in Manila, too, but probably won't meet with any of the artists, except possibly some of the better ones who are available to meet in the afternoon or evening of the 4 July. We fly back out on 5 July.
I'm hoping you will help me by notifying local artists about this opportunity. I'd also enjoy meeting you face-to-face while I'm there, if possible!
Please let me know if you can help with this -- Thanks!


L Nathan Butler, President
Web Pages:

// For intereted applicants you may email Grace Dimaraan at //
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