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Saturday, May 27, 2006

back in the land of agimats

Im back here in Cavite, and we left our home just to avoid any snake attacks, my sis went on a trip with her friends, while Im back here with Lace at home and Im preparing for a aggressive inline skating work out.

yesterday was our long meeting, also a lunch meeting for the Toycon, Its an honor to meet Alfredo Alcala Jr., one of the son of our Filipino comic artist master Alfredo Alcala Sr., I'll be tagging later a new Toycon production note for what we got and news for all, its hard to fill up those days for the event, especially Digger is coming. and we are preparing a tribute to Alcala's legacy.

lots of stuff to organize and my bright ideas are lighting up again.
hehehehe talk about a new convention this october, yey! comics!!!!

so i'll leave you guys for a moment, hope my teaser blog post will give you some idea for my post later.

ok then!!

ja mata ne'

wearing a blue SPEED RACER cartoon shirt
green nike shorts
no underwear

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Snake, Snake baby

damn! i haven't seen it and Im not yet sure if it is an Albino Burmese Python with a length of 24 inches, and estimated for a 1 week old baby python, someone's house pet got loose and mistaken our house its lair.
So that's the reason why our pesty mice was no longer in sight. My sister discover it and now Im here at home campin in and waiting for its sigthing, the baranggay tanod helped us search our place but never seen it coz my sister said it wriggles fast and it hides in every corner.

but then we thought that the snake went out already, at 7am my sister woke me up and saw the snake again upstairs near the stairs, so I began my massive search operation, partly scared coz Im not sure if it is an Albino or a Cobra. damn...been scared and chickened out... coz I dont want to get bitten and die of cobra venom.

I arm myself a hanger for protection and a flashlight to search around the areas.

later a neighbor who acts as a snake catcher went here to help us, he showed me his latest catch a Philippine Burmese Python, I showed that to my sister and said that it was different a lot more smaller and it has a color yellow on its scales.

I showed the picture from the internet( same as above) and my sister confirmed that it really looks like an Albino Python. but for me still hopes that it is really a Albino. coz i read it in the net that Albinos are gentle and scared of humans.

During the search we found a hole in the floor and we suspected that its the snake's lair.
so what I did is I cleaned up the area, cover around it with a card board, so that it will be trapped and never wander around here, and I put lots of powder so that if it moves I can see its tracks, and I put some plastic inside so that If it moves I can hear that plastics movement.

Now Im sitting here and waiting for the evening, coz snakes do come out of their lair to feed and wander around, coz the temperature drops and the heat is gone.

right now the snake is sleeping under the floor so I await its return. so if ever i caught it.
I might sell it or take it as a house pet ahhahahaha.

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

here are the cast of characters of the movie.. before i start my commentary, I'll let you read and familiarize once again the mutants seen in the film.

SPOILERS below my dear readers!
read at your own peril.

for those who will watch it remember to stay be seated and finish the end of credits coz a goodie treat epilogue will come out and you shouldn't miss that scene.

MARIE/ROGUE - Anna Paquin
DR HENRY 'HANK' McCOY/BEAST - Kelsey Grammer
KITTY PRYDE - Ellen Page
CALLISTO - Dania Ramirez
PSYLOCKE - Mei Melancon
PHAT - Via Saleaumua
DR KAVITA RAO - Shohreh Aghdashloo
THE PRESIDENT - Josef Sommer
TRASK - Bill Duke
JONES - Connor Widdows
ARTIE - Bryce Hodgson
FLEA - Luke Pohl
JIMMY/LEECH - Cameron Bright
MR GREY - Adrian Hough
MRS GREY - Desiree Zurowski
YOUNG ANGEL - Cayden Boyd
ARCLIGHT - Omahyra
KID OMEGA - Ken Leung

//* we got the final screening last night and I was happy to the max that Lace got a good day and decided that we watch it on its 1st day of showing. I was surprise that Jubilee is on the film, i never saw her and maybe she's stuck inside the mansion, I thought that he will join the X-men in battle,but seeing Kitty Pride in action is one cool action chick. hahaha seeing her running through walls..
Psylocke got a short scene with teleporting and some few lines, I thought also that she might have a bigger role in the film, but became one of Magneto's hench. And bravo to Multiple man who got a very funny scene ahahahah.

Ok on to the movies, I really like the character intro during its first minute and also the epilogue of the whole film, for those who will watch it remember to stay be seated and finish the end of credits coz a goodie treat epilogue will come out and you shouldn't miss that scene.

Im a little disappointed on what they did to Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey), instead of making her a cosmic entity, in the movie she becomes a 2nd personality (or so called dark side). At the end the display of her power is not to the fullest....but I really like the effects! and the windy party of her in the comics...minus the flaming phoenix.

minus action to Cyclops and Rogue, its so sad that they we'rent part of the action.

the story is not that bad, but a good content that will end its trilogy, having a cure to all mutants and the humans can now live with them. But the sad thing is that we haven't seen any Sentinels... I think that the movie is not yet ready for this anti mutant robot, the only sentinel we saw is from the danger room training..and for me it is very creepy...seeing only the eyes in the dark and it shoots laser.. at first I thought it was a story line from the Days of Future Past, after reading the subtitles "In a not too distant future", I thought that they showed the future of the Xmen ahahahaha.. but only a danger room exercise, there you'll see Kitty Pride and Colossus mutant power.

at the end, the mutant cure failed and it shows that Magneto now recuperates alone while playing chess and his magnetic power had lessen, after being injected by the cure during the battle with Beast and Wolverine. the cure is not temporary, but they can use it to cancel their mutancy in a given time,but they still need to inject some of it if ever their genes came back to mutant mode.

At the end of the credits, they showed Professor X in a hospital, I dunno how did that happpend, coz during the 1st battle with Phoenix, he was defeated and eaten by the Phoenix power. but I dont know who teleported him to Dr. Moira Mctaggert's place.

I think Ill just wait for the video relese of this movie, and i hope they put alot of inserts and deleted scenes,coz I wont watch the movie again, even that Kitty Pride rocks and no Jubilee in action hahhahaha.

thanks to my Lovely Lace hahhahahah for the movie go go!
and Happy Anniversary to us !!!!! muah muah muah !!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

osus Kemalataslatchi tside

its Xmen 3 baby!! hohoho Lace will treat me to watch the movie this evening, and Im so happy that I can watch this! sorry to those people in my YM list for reading my YM status " I want to watch XMEN 3, namatay si Wolverine sa huli at andun si Apocalypse at the end of the film" hahhahhaa, I was laughing when my gf,her officemate Chong, and the others thought that Wolverine died and Apocalypse enters at the end. ahaaha... sorry but that was a big joke.

i was lonely a while ago coz I might fail to watch the movie, my money from the bank haven't yet arrived, so i expected that to arrived yesterday but it failed to re-update the dollar to pesos transfer, so I guess that I wont be watching it tonight.

but to my super girlfriend Lace Llanora, the girl who came from the world of Suzaku, uses her magical butt shake and appeared in my head and she said that she will treat me a movie coz I look like a goner hahahahahah.

I told her last night that I always watch movies that came from comics every 1st day showing or premiere night, but I told her last night that i want to watch it on the 1st day coz its like my "panata" hahahhaa.

I think I'll pass on the Da Vinci movie, my sister said that the movie is not that good. well il just wait for the home video release of that film.

This is me and baby Anya

playing and watching Barney everyday, geez I am now convince to this purple gay dinosaur, he can sing, dance, jump and even change its costume. been looking to that mascot dinosaur, how did the person inside see under that foamy costume.?

I just saw a movie in the net and thanks to ED TV LIVE, another webcam show of Edgar Tadeo and it features a very educational movie that lasted for 15 minutes. He was about to play the twins but I disconnected from the internet coz there might use the phone here.

Toycon Prod. note 10
yesterday I sat down and finished the 2 day programme for the event, and i was totally black out after listing and imagining the outcome of the event, yeah I do that everytime I start to create a program schedule of the event, its a 2 day so I used my time machine to go to the future in order to see what will be the outcome of the event and all I can say is that we did a kick ass convention and next year will be bigger than ever.

ToyCon 05 was a big leap for all of us for 2006, the preparation was like a one year war with our imaginations, forming this event is not like a highschool dance contest but its an event that showcases all our talent and popular culture scene. If the foreigns do it, we can do it too, but Im still dreaming of having our own San Diego Comic convention.

Partly happy coz the Philippine ToyCon is now being a reference guide to new conventions that will rise in the future and yes, some local organizers here admitted it and when I heard that to us, i was laughing at the back of my head, and said " we did it"I know that some rumors are already spreading, and these rumor mongers still continues their damage to us. i dont know why, but my assumption is that they try to keep the sponsors away from us. but for me its okay, Im really glad that some sponsors approached me and told me about this rumor, and then I clear it out and told them the real deal. and again .. I was laughing "who are these creeps"

but then the saga continues...

I was so excited that Digger Melsch, President and Founder of Art Asylum will be one of our guest of honor this ToyCon 2006. I began surfing the net to read some articles about Digger, and just read that he is a nice guy!, well if you saw his pictures you might get intimidated with his rocker attitude and fashion and he was dubbed at the Wizard world convention as the Bad guy in the action figure industry. Well for me he is cool! and damn I didnt know in the first place that he sculpted my favorite "Venom, the symbiote figure under the Along came a Spider Toyline", yeah if you can image a monstrous Venim symbiote that looks like an alien and it can stand to 12 inches.,

i remember when me and my brother bought that in Greenhills Best Toys, my mom scolded us in buying toys that are demonic hahhaha, we were laughing but from that figure we started to lighten up and the art appreciation occurs.

thanks to mom, we suspended our plan to buy a biggie size Malebolgia, from the SPAWN movie series, if you look at it you'll see its more demonic hhahahaa.

You just saw our guest band performers this year, and thank God that we will be having a full band set up for the first time, as we started having bands performing we were stuck in acoustic and electronica music. but then we decided that to fulfill everyone's request for a band performance. This year SOLACE will join the event, and thanks to Rodney for the interest in performing for their album tour, and just talked to JP Agcaoili of The Late Isabel and he said that their schedules are free and they will play at the event. i invited The Late Isabel to perform every year for the Toycon but the 3rd ToyCon, Wawi Navarozza, vocalist of TLI, was sick and then last year they were unable to perform coz we only have an acoustic set, but this year I hope everyone will be happy to see that The Late Isabel will be in our event.

For the Anime and Jrock bands, Neil messaged me and told me that they are willing to perform, he suggested the bands, Do Ahou, Rotschreck, New FAllen Snow, Trance and 100 Percent off. But they are too many and I need to give way a reserved time for our Battle of the Tribute Bands so I choses 3 bands instead. Then Neil told me that the New fallen snow band backed out and was replaced by the NEOTAKU. I was laughing that my old boys want to play in my event, but then I told Neil that pass on the message to my old boys about their proposal, Coz I romised myself not to let them play in my event due to past issues during year 2001 as a former anager
of the band, but i already moved on and let these boys, now adults, to play and have fun at our ToyCon. I know that they are already responsible adults and musicians.

Last week, Christian Alcala phoned me while i was at the party and i was surprise that the Legacy of Alcala will be exhibited and they will have a booth at the event, now his brother ALfredo Alcala Jr. txted me and told me to call him, but unfortunately Im still here in Cavite and I haven't visited my Home/Office/bedroom/kitchen house in Pasig were I do there all of my calls, i told him in an email that I will call him as soon as I arrived in Manila.

Been Thinking about our exhibit area, I requested a panel boards for the comic art exhibit and for the character creation contest, Im still waiting for a reply for an art group for their participation but for now I havent received anything yet from them so I might decide on something.

Superman Memorabilia, all I know that we will be having an all Superman collectibles displayed and I haven't confirmed to my co organizers about my idea of having a Superman comic art exhibit by our pinoy comic artist. I still haven't sent them my proposal, maybe I'll try next week, coz I know everyon is busy in their works.

I was planning to invite Sitti Navarro to perform as special guest, but Mark told me that her manager asked us if we have budget for her performance, I told Mark that we dont have any budget for a talent fee, Im guessing that her talent fee is now increasing due to her Golden Record Album Award last week. but then they told me that she can sing without the band, so for now still hope if she can come or not, its up to Mark the stuntman Cerbo to invite her.

we're having an Artist Booth and this booth will be used by our artist, they can use it free of charge. I haven't invited them all yet, but the first one was Gerry Alanguilan, but then he told me that he has a booth already invited by a friend, then he told me to invite the others, so I think I'll invitw Budget Tan, Carlo Vergara, Arnold Arre, then later on Gerry said that I try to invite David Hontiveros,. I haven't started anything, maybe I might compose an invitation
letter and send it this weekend, and btw, I already talked to Edgar Tadeo and he will try to look on his sked and he adviced I should try to invite Dennis Crisostomo, CArlo Pagulayan, Wilson Tortosa. geeez..that will be a lot more fun!

also I will invite them to participate on the day 1 event for a panel discussions about pinoy comics and also for the mark of giving a COMIC posthumous award and tribute to Alfredo Alcala Sr. for his great contribution.

whew!~ still have a lot of jobs to do and more exdeals to deal and more crazy ideas to release.

btw......again..the booth babe contest will be pushed through hehheehehemy co organizers really like my visit our event website for more infoon this


Monday, May 22, 2006

caught with no pants

our sunday is not that good, coz some intergalactic from the planet Y invaded us with out any notice, so that time I forgot to put up my armor and reload my big gun. so being caught with no ammo leaves me helpless and no time to call the justice league. but im glad that the invasion is smooth and quiet. I blame it all for the cold morning, sunny sun, quietness and the scent of morning glory.

Im stuck here at home and because my OJT is finished so no school for me and no allowance hahahaha. so Im afraid that I'll miss the movies - MI:3, already on its 2nd week I think, hoping that I can watch this before Xmen 3 comes out, i heard the Xmen was shown last sunday in Mall of Asia for a gala premiere. boo !!! boo !!, I missed that part ahaahahaha

Da vinci code mania is here, every talkshow and news in cable tv has a topic of it, its kinda boring to hear that news about a foul attack on one's religion, but all i can say is that its only a fucking movie... who ever believes in fiction, believes in Santa clause and the tooth fairy.
and the existence of Merryland ahaaha.

I want to watch it coz Its a great challenge to one's faith (ewwww..)

Lace is at her work, and me left behind here at home, just like a little boy watiting for his mommy to arrive with "pasalubongs" and dunkin donut treat,. I missed her super! even that we stayed on the same roof I always tell her that I miss her, kahit na naka hug na sya sa akin aahahaha, ang weird !

X-Men 3: the Last stand,

poohh!!!!! Star movies featured that movie and holy golly! they showed some clips of it
running a total of 5min free clip ! hhohoh.. I just saw a cameo of a SENTINEL, the head fells down and suddenly Wolverine pops out of the back smoking a cigar.

then I saw Juggernaut versus Kitty Pride. oh yeah! Juggernaut tries to attack her and then Kitty Pride grabs Juggernaut from the ground, resulting to Juggernaut falling half of its body on the ground like a shadow

Angel escaped from an experiment, spreading its wings outside flying

Beast and Wolverien first meet up -
Wolverine : "Whos that furball"
Beast: "Listen here boy, I've been fighting for my mutant rights before since you got a claw"
Wolverine:"he just called me a boy?"

and then Magneto destroyed a bridge.

Professor X showed Magneto inside the Mansion the result of Jean Grey.
which I think that Jean Grey as Dark Phoenix choses to side with Magneto coz he taught that Prof. X might cure her out of mutancy and Magneto disagree not to.

Magneto speech with the Morlocks

Wolverine and Jean Grey hot kissing, legs spreading inside the X-mansion infirmary ohoohh

Colossus tossing Wolverine with great strength during in a battle

and Storm, (at last) displaying all her powers, like flying, power storm and fighting with tornado.


X-Men 3 is coming
and I cant wait it !!!
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