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Friday, June 02, 2006

Do you want to Volt-IN ?

Games Masters Magazine are cooking up something that every collector and fan will love.

Volt in this June 17-18, 2006 and Visit the Games Masters booth at the 5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Colletibles Convention in SM Megamall B, Megatradehall 2

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bahay Kubo (hed panti remix)

Bahay KUBO
kahit munti
ang mga tao doon ay sari sari
may payat at mataba
may matanda at bata
at saka meron pa
dalagang nakatunganga

nagsisigarlyo at nainom
natawa at nakahalumbaba

(ah ewan.. na mental block na ko.hehhehe..Im listening kasi dito sa music ng hed kandi, and oh my gosh..ganda ganda pa din ng ever after. grabe..we want to watch the bonnie bailey gig here, kaso aion. wala kame pera to buy that mataas na entrance fee, haller?! P1500 ata yung ticket..and grabe sumali na lang ako sa myx promo at baka sakali ay we might won pa tickets ..goodie gosh..saya noh" )

this is my gf's new house and lot, we are so happy that it stands right in front of their house, Lace is s happy to have her own house hahhahahaha, the house is hi tech, its naturally airconditioned and you dont need to walk around coz the kitchen, the bedroom and even the bathroom are located in one area. hahhaha

the most hi tech is that light bulb that always turned at night.
astig....bahay kubo hi tech hahhahhahhha.

you can see to my blog post that im already partly insane. geez.. the toycon event is getting to my nerves, ahhah..its fun but we have to take care of this baby event of ours, and our event group is starting to evolve. yup yup yup

someone offered me to organized their COMIC book launching in SM MALL of ASIA. I wont tell it yet what comic book, but as far as I know its not an indie and all pinoy they want me to produce a bikini open event for their magazine....ops.....gotcha!!! hint hint hint..

ok il shut up now.

i'm still thinking what stuff to sell im my booth, but im glad that my sister will be there to occupy half of the space and my horny av idol gf will be there selling her stuff and fashion items for jpopinism. still hooked to this one song hed kandi mp3

hmm i have a bad feeling that i won't get that LAKE HOUSE premiere night, still praying to have it coz its a good thing that we wont pay anything except for the fare and food and pure fun at timezone.

we just watched a nice movie and the title is "DOT THE I", its one of those canne's film awardee ek ek, and i recommend it to grab it to a near video city store. I think I saw that in cable tv, i guess its in Cinemax or some french cable,. here are some short notes of the movie.

"A sexy love triangle forms on the eve of her wedding when Carmen (Verbeke) recklessly kisses an attractive stranger named Kit. Having recently fled a violent and volatile relationship in Spain, Carmen has found comfort and safety with her adoring fiancé Barnaby; but her passions are aroused by one kiss from Kit and she is immediately torn between her emotions and her loyalty to the man she is to marry.."

well its a very fine drama and i think its like a psychological thriller with that blended with M.night Shamaylan. me and lace burned that vcd and kept a copy for us. and yeah! there's a one hot sex scene in the middle,.

last couple of nights, it was our hentai anime night, Lace got up and we worked converting Edgar's download of Immoral Sister series, it was a good convert. we transfered a quick divx file into mpeg and straight to the cdrw disc adn later on played in a mpeg friendly dvd player. hehehehehe..tnx to promac.

and after watching...este..during pala.... the song Cold Summer night played in our ears. tra la la la la la la

i still lack 2 production note for toycon ehhehehe ok i promise that i will upload it ...tomorrow morning or tonight...

see you all folks!!!

dont watch Capt. Barbell
the fucking tv series sucks!!!
its a fucking SUPERMAN and SMALL VILLE rip off.. so ashamed to our tv producers and writers...
fuck you GMA 7 for bastardizing our pinoy superhero icon.

ok lang sana na sabihin nila na si Darna ay pinoy na Wonder woman, pero kakaiba naman yung story...pero heto naman...Capt. Barbell...pinoy na superman na may barbell? i dont think so....

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Juujiro's Nihonggo Workshop

every Saturdays, 1:30-5:30pm
at Crisanta Towers, Pasig City
starting July.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis only.

For more details, email us at

Juujiro's Nihonggo Workshop is a project that aims to teach basic level of Japanese Language to prepare those who are planning to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 4 (entry-level) by applying different methods of teaching for easier and better learning the Japanese Language. Also it helps in the promotion of Nihonggo to the Filipinos.

The criteria for the JLPT Level 4 is the basis for the lesson plans and teaching methods of this Nihonggo Workshop, requiring the mastery of the following: 1) the basic elements of grammar; 2) knowledge of at least 100 Kanji and 800 words; 3) the ability to engade in simple, short conversations; and 4) to read and write short, simple sentences.

Before the workshop ends, a mock exam will be given to test the learning capability of the participants.

The workshop runs from July 1 until November 25, 2006, 1:30-5:30pm. Handouts and worksheets will be provided. Refreshments/snacks included.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Superman Taiwan and Trailer

I just saw this poster version of Taiwan, i hope that we can have our own version of the movie poster.


also during the day 1 of Xmen3: The Last Stand.
I almost cried in seeing this international trailer of Superman Returns
the gun shot to Supe's eyes is one of the best tease!

and another one that i haven't seen
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