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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Toycon Prod. Note 18

Im done! listing all contest participants for toycon....

Battle of the Tribute Band Finalist

1. Himitsu Heiki
song title: A Tribute to Otakus
tribute composition to : Otakus

2. Kite
song title: Cat Eyes
tribute composition to: Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko

3. Deadend
song title: Soaring High With You
tribute composition to : Badluck (Gravitation)

4. Aquajuice
song title: Fairies
tribute composition to : Tinkerbell (Peter Pan)

5. Armada
song title: Possible
tribute composition to: Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist)

6. Ducklings
song title: Super Duper Songtribute composition to: all of the underdog heroes out therelike Naruto, Rock-lee, Al and Ed (full metalalchemist) and Sakuragi

Schedule of Live Performance

Day 1
June 17th
Aquajuice - 12nn
Deadend - 1pm
Himitsu Heiki - 2pm

Day 2
Kite - 12nn
Armada - 1pm
Ducklings -2pm

Guest Performers update

We like to inform everyone that the indie band SOLACE will not be around this Sunday Toycon as guest perform ,an unexpected emergency came out this afternoon cancelling their live act.

And now filling their slot on June 18th at 4pm is FUSEBOXX, the champion of the Red Horse Beer Musiklaban , band competition 2003. Also on June 18th Musings of the Cigarette smoking man will be performing that day in line up with Neotaku, Do Ahou and Mini Moni Philippines.

The Akafellas

and addition for the Saturday guest performers are the HUBRIS band and the AKAFELLAS.
they will be performing on June 17th in line up with The Late Isabel, Etherial Anthem and Rotshreck

1st Philippine Fan Film competition

1. STAR WARS: Twilight Jedi, directed by: Adrian Arcega

2. Kujuu Mutsu, directed by: Ronald Guanzon

3. Battle Garden R (Episode Juan, Lugi ako may sword ka), directed by: RH Quinlantang

4. The Love of Red Mask, directed by: Eman Zubia

5. What if..Van Hellsing, directed by: John Wong

6. Green vs. Green, directed by: John Wong

7. A moment like this, F4 Forever, directed by: Daomisyel

8. Stay, directed by: Rai Zanders

Art Asylum's Digger Mesch schedule

June 17 - Portfolio review (11Am-1Pm/2Pm-4Pm)
Autograph-signing (4:30Pm)
Radio Interview at NU107 (6:30 Pm)

June 18 - Panel Forum (3:30 Pm)
Special Recognition (4:00 Pm)

Video Game Tournament

Game: Tekken 5
Mode: Versus
Format: Challenge the Winner

Tournament: day 1 and day 2

Tournament is hosted by: GAMES MASTERS MAGAZINE
visit their booth for more info

Tournament starts at 10AM and ends at 630PM
Best 2 out of 3 rounds per match
Most # of consecutive matches by the end of the day wins
Handicap should be set to 0
Only default characters are usable
Gamers can join as many times as they want

For the Voltes V SOC GX 31 raffle,
all they have to do is the following:
Buy a June issue of GamesMaster on-site , and receive a raffle stub. People can buy more than one issue. Readers have to input their e-mail address Official raffle will be on June 18th, 6:30PM People need not be present during the raffle in order to win.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lake House

hot steamy scene of Az and Lace imitating the movie LAKE HOUSE

we will be watching the Premiere of the movie of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.
this is not SPEED or the MATRIX.



i got the tickets and they said that some movie got the same story

like SKY OF LOVE of Ken Chu of F4
Moments of Love the rip off movie by our locals

and they added a korean movie titled "Il mare"

Toycon prod. note 17

Superman Returns billboard is now up here in Manila. while staring at this, I feel so excited to watch the movie...err...have to check IMAX theater for the schedule.I heard that there is this 20 min. add in for the movie that requires you to use a 3D glasses for better view.

aahahahha this is located in Gate 5 in EDSA before Ortigas.
you should see also the board of HANFORD Briefs hehehehe

My award.
after delivering all those layouts in 3 publishing companies , from the last deliver I dine in at Kenny Rogers just to award my self for a job well done and a mission accomplish.

got already the fan film and demo cd for the contest.
all of it are great!!!!
i really enjoys watching their entries..
and also battle of the tribute bands contestants are so talented..

you got to see them all this sat at the toycon

Onslaught ML 13

must have!!!!

Im a super fan of this mighty villain hehehehehe
I got the 1st figure from Marvel: Onslaught line up, and I got it in Best Toys in Greenhills for only P500. I was there to buy the Dark Beast figure then I was surprise to see the Onslaught line. my budget for the Dark Beast is P300, and all I got is P500.

to complete my collection, and my collection of my brother.
I bought this figure and didnt worry how will I get home.

im glad that we have a landline phone. (sms is not yet developed that time)
phoning in our driver to pick me up in Greenhills is one bright idea.


toycon is coming!!!

and i will be a damn kiddo for 2 days.

mess with the best, die like the rest

im disappointed super, Edgar Tadeo keeps on being the innocent boy after the scandal he just made. Me super dissappointed that he deleted all my reply post to his blog

so he already deleted it
but im now posting it here.

you see

you respect girls as you said in your blog.
but no dude.....respect my FOOT !!!

you didnt respect my gf.
and you didnt respect me.

its your fucking fault...
me and my gf are not that comfortable anymore..

and don't call me immature.
Lace is the love of my life.
so thats why I act this weird, coz you busted me big time.

I dont care bout you and your gf.

just stay away

and fuck your own girl ok?!!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Toycon 2006 prod. note 16

Im almost done in the layouts of our collaterals. All i need is to download that Level UP Games, FREESTYLE Logo and add it replacing the OZ world logo,.

New Worlds 4 logo will be printed in the ads section of the Souvenir Program. the logo is rocks!,
its like a Back to The Future theme, nice work Aids.

Right now, im acting event organizer, graphic artist, program director, exhibitor, and emcee. our group we consist of only 5 members organizing the event, Im glad that there are lot of people who are helping and coordinating with us just to make the event one boom bastic convention of the country.

I've been fixing the Superman ART WORKS exhibit and memorabilia, Im still looking for Filipino artist who drew Superman as fan art or being part of history that has been part of the Superman pop culture in different fields.

I found this on the net, his name is Roland Mechael Ilagan, and he got credits in the videogame developing of Superman Next Gen for PS2(Concept Artist), Superman for PSP.
I just saw his name in this blog

and heres his conceptual art

and from the deviant art community. volunteer to exhibit his art. a 16 yr old artist who did a kick ass Batman vs. Superman Fan art

next is independent artist of , a nice guy
who I didnt know that is now working full time to this American indie comic publisher.
he volunteered also and created this Superman Returns spoiler hahahaah.
art by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

also other artworks will be exhibit, artworks of Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan from Superman :Birthright , Gilbert Monsanto's Superman and Batman fan art, Carlo Pagulayan Superman digital paint art, Ryan Orosco's Smallville art,

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Toycon 2006 prod. note 15

we have 6 days to go! and its toycon day!!
Im still here at home doing lot of toycon chores, you see we dont have a graphic designer and layout artist, so in this run Im doing all of the layouts for the event, its very hard to do the job, but im glad that my Gf's PC can do it with me,
transfering the 300 dpi to cmyk took a lot of my time, yesterday suppose to be my deadline for all the tarps and souvenir program, and because added jobs came in, I decided to call all the printing press that I will submit it on the other day,

but im glad that they allowed me to submit it on monday and tuesday, problem is, the one who will do the souvenir program didnt responded to my request, i do hope they read my blog (they read it I know), and read my emails re: my request of extend my deadline.

my cellphone is busy for now, lots of phone calls, and txt inquiry about the event and also Im so happy that many joined the fan film and the battle of the tribute band contest, I already got one fan film entry, and its soo good and I watched in my DVD player..astig!!! Im so excited for this, and also saw a good clip from a battle of the tribute band entry..

more stuff to finished, im happy that i already moved on after the thursday night incident. and thanks to toycon for making me busy and forget the bishie bashie moment. for now i can forgive but the pain will heal too long.

and now! check the Fudge Magazine and ToyCon 2006 exclusize.
buy a Fudge magazine at the Toycon on June 17-18
and have a SUPERMAN RETURNS Philippine-Toy con exclusive for FREE
500 limited posters will be given at the event.

For more details, please contact COLLECTIBLES UNLIMITED / Mr. Cholo Mallillin at 0917-8248176 or Mr. Vic Yap at 0917-9802643

The 5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention is this year’s Super Event!

It would seem a childish thing to still be playing with toys and games even when one is already grown-up and professionally established. But a quick glance at the patrons of the annual Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention would show that, indeed, toy collecting is a serious and thriving hobby that attracts young and old alike. Those young at heart in particular, enjoy recapturing the joy of finding something unique, something rare in their oft times humdrum routines. It is a passion they support with their enthusiasm and their wallets, as these prized items can be quite pricey. As for kids, well, they simply can’t resist the rows and rows of toys from action figures to stuffed animals, cards, comics, die-cast cars and dolls of all kinds!

For those who haven’t yet been initiated into this yearly celebration of all things playable and collectible, this month of June surely holds a lot in store! Get ready for one of the biggest events of the year, as Collectibles Unlimited, in partnership with the SM Megatrade Hall, Globelines and HERO TV, bring you, the 5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2006.

What first started as a gathering of private collectors showing off and selling toys, comics and other collectibles in the austere confines of the Megatrade function room back in June of 2002, has grown into a full-fledged convention of international acclaim and proportions. This year, the fifth annual TOYCON, boasts of almost 70 exhibitors and merchants of major toy lines including Marvel and DC superheroes, Art Asylum, Mcfarlane, NECA, Sideshow and Gentle Giant Collectibles, Hotwheels and Matchbox, Japan imports including Bandai, Gundam, Zoids, Battle B-daman, Kaiyodo and Kotobukiya, Collector dolls like Tonner, Medicom, Hottoys and Pullip and of course, hot RPG card games like MAGIC, Hero Clix, War Hammer and Shadow Run. Also included in the mix of merchandise are comic books, graphic novels, original art, posters, prints and children’s toys of all kinds. The convention also attracts droves of online gamers engaged in the best of the virtual competitions like The Legend of MIR 2, Ran Online, O2 Jam and Oz World, RF Online, Dreamville, Rose Online and Ragnarok.

The 5th Toycon will be highlighted by the huge Superman exhibit put up by Warner Brothers in celebration of the year’s most anticipated movie, Superman Returns. Superman memorabilia and highly prized collectibles will also be on display. There will be a major presence of the anime fans as HERO TV celebrates VOLTES V: Evolution with the celebrities behind the voices of the famous robot’s exploits. HERO will give away a grand prize of a Red Fox gaming PC and an autographed collectible Voltes V T-shirt during the event. The Toycon also gives recognition to our rich artistic heritage, as it pays tribute to one of the greatest Filipino artists with the Alfredo Alcala Legacy Art Exhibit. And giving the Toycon an international impact is the talent search for comic and graphic artists, toy sculptors and designers, conducted by U.S. based ART ASYLUM TOYS. Art Asylum President and Founder, Digger will be personally handpicking a local crop of lucky artists to join his internationally-renowned team.

The event will also be the stage of exciting contests, like the Live Super Character Cosplay, Battle of the Tribute bands, Customized Action figure, Dress up Die-cast Cars, Fan Films and Create Your Own Superhero Contest. Globelines will demo the latest in their innovative VoIP SoftPhone service and their broadband internet service.

The 5th Toycon is super-powered by The Legend of MIR 2, SM Megamall, Fully Booked, Fudge Magazine, GLOBE, E-Games, Level-Up, Maxi Collector, Comic Alley, WACOM, Psicom, Bankee, BPI and Citibank Credit Cards, Warner Brothers Pictures, and media sponsors, Manila Bulletin, K-Zone, Games Master and RAVE magazine, Buy and Sell, Magic 89.9 and NU 107.

Check out the official website at for program details and registration.
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