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Saturday, June 24, 2006

WAA! Blog

at last!!! I waited.. RG has its own blog.. and now it seems to be updating daily.
hyper techie guy and pop culture resident Ronald Guanzon, known as the founder of We Are Anime, web developer-programmer and photo enthusiat.

check his blog at

updating about tech, events, photos and having his very own RG's Merryland hahha

tnx dude for being one of our official photographer @ toycon
congrats for winning Best Original Story @ the Toycon's 1st Philippine Fan Film competition.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Toycon prod. note 20
the final note

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Azrael Vs. Tickets
the event is one successful convention of the year, and congratulations to everyone for making it inside the hall. I was worried when I saw the long line during day 1, and they already stop selling tickets after lunch time, the capacity of the hall has reached its maximum level, and the megatradehall staff delayed the selling of tickets so that the hall wont be crowded to the max.

This was the first concern we had during our security meeting and so we already expected it and did a fast solution. But during day 1, they let people in once again and the next problem we got is we RAN OUT OF TICKETS!!!.

I can't release how many, but after the day, I went home and did an extra ticket for printing for day 2.

Azrael Vs. Prints
I failed to fix the Superman exhibit on day 1, most of the artwork prints were'nt produced, so during that day I immediately went to Netopia to download and print all Superman artworks from the artists. It was one of a hell of last minute Az-Superman job. Going down the hall.
and going back to that crowd. It was already the ribbon cutting and too bad I missed that.
But its okay. I managed to take a quick lunch with Lace and Mark during my printing time.
and Mark was a big help to me running fast errands for the event. and also to Lace for helping me sell my stuff and to Henry and the rest of the marshalls in assisting me with the event

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Azrael Vs. the schedule
This is one big challenge for me, during Day 1, I lost 2 hours out of schedule for the program, and the battle of the tribute bands performers failed to come in on time. but its okay I still managed to reset it and reschedule the bands, but the contest and the guest performers are still on sched.
the only problem on Day 2 is that I lost 4 hours of schedule and it seems it was so hard for me to catch all of the activities. it was a last minute change and the other activities were super delayed, and the other stage activities that I didn't know consumed a lot of time. Its okay, because its one of the highlight, but I can't do anything to make the time slow. TransFormers Speed contest was rushed on stage and did a less than 30 min. on stage.thanks again to Mark for sacrificing that SITTI concert for TOYCON., and another thing is that we have performers and also additional guest performers for day 2. I over under estimated the time and the activities. I know it is a fun filled activities of the day, but I almost forgot that we still have fan film screenings and the last 3 batches for the Battle of the Tribute Band. Good thing is that I showed everything I want to show on screen...

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Azrael Vs. Techinical Problems
This is one problem that I really hated !!!! last year it was the best technical hardware we got and I am super comfortable in using it. we have a good soundsystem, good projector, good laptop and also stage. But this year I encountered a delayed on the laptop set up and the projector, but thanks to the owners of the equipment I am happy that they assisted us in putting up those stuff for the event. But the problem I got in Day 1 is that the Plug for the laptop was 3 plugs and the ordinary socket has only 2 plugs, so what I did is I told Mark to help me buy that while I do printing in Netopia. then the next thing for Day 1 is that the laptop has an old codec for the videos. arghhh! it was really a pain in the neck, I didnt notice already that I am already biting my finger just to let the anger and panic after seeing that. and on Day 2 was okay. I got a good laptop. but another problem is that I can't fully take control of that laptop,. I talked to my co organizers to do something about it and find someone who has a good laptop, but then theres no one available. my only chance is using RG's laptop, but unfortunately my txt message came in late and RG was alread in the event with out his laptop. So I dont have a choice but to use someone';s laptop..... very iritating coz I dont have total complete control of it and I cant do whatever I want to do for the stage. so after the fan film screening...I booted out of the sounds area and went back on stage and dragged Lace out of the convention and took a short break.

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Azrael VS. Marshalls
this is so bad that I got it, I shouted already a friend who is also our marshall, she requested something to me, and its about the schedule and I was already wasted and almost crying because we already out of schedule and because I cant grant her request... I didnt know that I already shouted at her.but its okay..she knows how I feel.but later on I apologizes and beg for forgiveness......and also outside..while taking a marshall approaches me and told me something..and then I told him that its no longer my control..Im outside and Im taking a break.
but then after that...I emailed him and told everything and I say sorry. I told him that I went out for a break only to find a way on how to manage the schedule. And finally the marshall that got lots of complain.. I dunno why...maybe she think that she's the boss...anyway...I will be removing her from the list as one of the complaints request....... and all in all.... our marshalls at Arch Guardians are respectful, skillfull, helpfull and also responsible. I can;t blame them sometimes if they are not in there post.. but all I want is that they must take a break sometime and enjoy and be prepared whenever we need their assistance.. to our marshalls...thanks so much and with out you guys... the event wont be successfull as we expected.

Azrael VS. the scandal
well i guess I survive. I just cant let that idiot get out of my head..
and pack!!!!! another scandal arises....and this mean big business.

and then...after the event...................a super headache..

this is my last post for toycon.
i will be posting soon my thank yousss! to everyone who participated.
just let me take a break muna.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

$99 !

I got this poster from the toycon 2006 it was a token gift from Warner Bros.
and while ago I was browsing in the net..and I was shocked that this teaser poster
is priced at $US 99. in near mint condition.

holy!!! mine is mint and in super perfect condition.
damn!! i need to frame this poster before someone accidentally damaged it inside our room.

Superman Returns review

hmmm..i just read it...and thanks to for the update.

now im excited if this is true or not..but who cares...i want to see superman in the big screen once again.

"This a great movie for kids, real young kids. In fact, I'd go so far to say that, 11 year old kids will think this is possibly the best movie ever. It's also great for anyone who really loved the first two Superman films and thought they were perfect renditions of the Man of Steel.
Everyone else will hate it.

Where to begin? The acting is weak, Brandon Routh has all the emotional range of stone. Kevin Spacey has a jolly time camping up his character. And don't get me started on Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane.

The story is weak, to put it mildly. At one point, there was a germ of a fascinating idea that was just overwhelmed and destroyed by ridiculous execution. "

read more here

image from

review from

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Toycon prod. note 19

we ran out tickets!!!
im here at home printing the ticket layout for day 2
this will serve as an extra ticket if ever the ticket will be sold again

time for day 2!

see you all later

The Toycon host-organizer Cholo and Az

the harrassed me !

free poster for every purchase of Fudge magazine

Star Wars Philippines

The crowd and the long line that stretches from 5th floor to 3rd floor

Ricci Chan and Joseph Bitangcol, dubbers ofr Hero TV's Voltes V
ribbon cutting


Azrael and Lace on event set up

Suzaku Lace, Spiderman and Wolverine
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