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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Swimming in Laguna

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it was Lace's GLOBE officemates outing and we were invited to come and attend the overnight summer getaway in Laguna, and because that we dont have much time to plan for our outing because of work, we decided to join with them even that Lace is no longer working for GLOBE.

we rode a crappy Bus in Buendia, a bus line that I truly hate when going to Sta. Cruz.
and yes we expected a noisy passengers and we dubbed it a bus from hell.

Our photo for FHM and Valentino magazine hahahahha

group pic of the night

look who's sleeping. ahhaaha near her is my space for a short sleep.
then tomorrow will be back to work again,. I just hope that the web server will communicate with me.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Monday, May 07, 2007

Anime Convention SURVIVAL GUIDE

Im republishing this article from way back year 2001. and Its very funny that I made one and some convention goers followed it. hahahah. The article is for an event the AXN ANIME FESTIVAL 2001 that we co-organized with AXN.

so I smell ToyCon 2007 Survival guide

Take a peak at the 2000 Hong Kong Comics Festival

Here are some pics taken at the 2000 Hong Kong Comics Festival. And some survival tips for the AXN Anime Fest. A short guide to all first timers to attend an Anime Con

This will happened to you if your late in the Opening of an Anime Convention
Tip: Come early as you can, you can sleep at the entrance the day before of the Anime Con
Megamall Tip: line up at the main entrance of Bldg A before 10AM. 9:00-9:30 AM is a good start to fall in line. you dont have to worry to line up again because the entrance is FREE

Program will start on time. make sure you have taken your breakfast or lunch with you
Tip: Bring your own packed snacks. You dont want to line up at the back again when you eat
Megamall Tip: there are lot of Fast Food in the mall so you dont have to worry about that.
You can still climb up to the 2nd or 3rd floor to see again the event you miss.

because the entrance is FREE

Make sure that you dont feel to take a break in the Rest Room
Tip: Take the rest room first before you go to the dont want to go back at end of the line again because your tummy grimaces.
Megamall Tip: There are lot of Rest room in the area of Megamall there are 2 Rest Room at the ground floor near the Atrium. 1 at the basement near the Ice Skating Rink. 1 at the 2nd floor near the Parking Area. There will be no trouble for you again in lining up. because there's no line to follow and the entrance is FREE.

Contest Exhibit is one of the best attraction in an Anime Con.
Tip: you can freely see your friends artwork display, but dont ever touch the entry item. just follow the Rules and Regulation of the Exhibit, to avoid kicking you out of the Exhibit area if you dont follow the Rules.
Megamall Tip: Exhibit Displays of Final Fantasy Movie and other stuffs are protected by invisible heat lasers that will harm you if you get break out the perimeter line. You must contact Lara Croft to disable these Lasers. or you have to follow the rules to avoid being kicked out !

You dont have to worry being kicked out. you will never lose a single cent. Coz' Entry is FREE

Press and Media are Everywhere to cover the event
Tip: If you are camera shy just bow your head and let the people at your back give a chance be seen on TV. If someone interviews you just answer politely to all questions and comments given to you.
Megamall Tip: Make Sure you have ready your beautiful comments just in case someone interviews you. If you feel like to appear on TV, dress as flashy as you can. Media men might caught their attention. You can clown as you want. Coz' Entrance is FREE

Cosplay Forever !
Tip: Just act like your favorite character for a day. dont mind all those picking your costume. show them that you are a real or lose. the important is You are a part of the event.
Megamall Tip: Winner of the AXN Anime Cosplay will have a ticket for 2 to the 2001 Hong Kong Comics Festival.This sounds like a Bb. Pilipinas only the different is its a Cosplay Competition and you will represent the Philippines. if you won. just stand up there, act, and show the true blood of a Filipino. to all Cosplayers, Good Luck ! No registration Fee to all Contest Participants. Participants and Non-Participants dont have to worry Coz' Entrance is FREE

If You dont believe us just visit

We will update you more before the start of The much Awaited AXN Anime Fest here in the Philippines. So that everything are nice and cool !!

from my Omake News Philippines
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