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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Friday, May 18, 2007

TransFormers movie : NEW TRAILER

Thanks to Yahoo! Movies for that update, Its just a big surprise while I take my morning Ice tea,
its cool to see these bots in action, especially when they mentioned transformers from the TV SPOT trailer.

Its good to hear the old transformer sound and Michael Bay didnt let us DOWN! hohohohooh!

Is that Megatron smashing Optimus Prime on top of the building?



Youtube Links:

Watch out for the HI RES of this trailer which will be shared to us soon by the officials.
we will place a download link here soon.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Star Artist Will Conrad Cheats Death to Live His Dream

Written and Interviewed by David Lawrence

PR release by Azrael Coladilla

Will Conrad works hard on a sketch for a lucky convention goer

It is 270 miles from Belo Horizonte to San Paulo in Brazil, and the road from aspiring fan to top comic book artist is longer than that. For artist Will Conrad, a journey that began in the mountaintop city he calls home nearly ended before it began, in a calamitous bus wreck on the road to San Paulo. In the end, not even that derailed his life-long dream.

Watching the joy as Will draws you would never suspect how close it came to not happening. At a convention as he does sketches with a smile, jokes as he takes fans requests and seems genuinely happy to answer their questions. He works at the drawing board twelve hours a day or more, and when he takes breaks sketches to relax.

It’s hard to believe but the mega-star artist, currently hard at work on Conan for Dark Horse and The Freshmen for Top Cow, never thought a career in comics was possible because of the low page rates paid by Brazilian publishers. “In Brazil, drawing comics was asking to starve,” he remembers. “They paid $10, maybe $20 a page. If you got paid at all.”

Things changed in 1997, when comic book legend Will Eisner paid a visit to Will’s hometown. The legendary comic creator was participating in a seminar and Will signed up. “One of my first comics was for a contest at the seminar.” Will Eisner was a judge. Will won, and as his prize got to spend five priceless minutes with Eisner, who critiqued his work. He considers the storytelling tips he received that day a key moment in his career.

Inspired by the meeting, Will worked every spare minute to improve his craft. He called the Brazilian publishers of American comic books, but they published only reprints and had no art jobs available. Fortunately though, through his inquiries Will learned there was a studio in San Paulo that kept artists on staff, producing artwork for the American market.

Will called the studio on a Wednesday to see if they would review his portfolio. They told him to come in on Friday, two days later. The average annual average income in Brazil was about one-tenth of that in the United States, but without hesitation he plunked down $45 dollars for his bus ticket.

It was pouring rain when Will climbed aboard the bus with his backpack, portfolio, and 100 other passengers. An hour into the trip, the bus was still navigating treacherous mountain roads only one lane in each direction.

“Most people on the bus were sleeping but I was awake,” Will recalls. He saw the semi come barreling down at him, the driver going too fast to hold his lane in the winding, narrow roadway. The truck driver veered to avoid the collision, and the trailer jackknifed and slammed the bus. “I covered my head with my arms.”

On impact, Will was thrown into the bench in front of him, cutting his head and bruising his arms. Most of his fellow passenger weren’t as fortunate. The man in the seat next to him, who was asleep, hit his head hard and was bleeding badly.

For the driver and the passengers in front it was far worse. They were killed on impact. “It looked like a war,” Will remembers sadly. “The roof of the bus was opened like a convertible.”

He climbed out a window, clutching his portfolio, and tried to help the other passengers till the ambulances arrived. A passing trucker stopped to help out, and when there was nothing more they could do to help Will hopped a ride with him, covered in blood, the rest of the way to San Paulo.

The next day, with his one change of clothes and very little sleep, Will made it to the Art & Comics studio in San Paulo. The reception didn’t exactly make the trip seem worthwhile. A long wait for his portfolio review finally ended when he overheard the secretary talking about the bus accident. He began to fill them in on the details, and after the secretary realized he had been on board, she took pity on Will and cornered the office manager to make him look over Will’s samples.

Told his work wasn’t quite what they were looking for, Will asked what he could do to improve. He got a few suggestions and when he got home worked on more samples whenever he could find the time, getting enough done in his free time to send off a package every few weeks. Unfortunately, he wasn’t getting responses, and couldn’t get anybody but the studio secretary on the phone.

Many aspiring creators, perhaps most, would have been discouraged enough to give up. But Will, who did his first artwork on his mother’s clean walls, learned how to draw Superman from a soda bottle at age eight, and crawled out from under the wreckage of a bus clutching his portfolio, was not the type to surrender.

He learned that Art & Comics had a partner in the United States, and sent an e-mail to Glass House Graphics. David Campiti quickly responded he’d be happy to review Will’s work. David quickly recognized Will’s talent and dedication, and before long found him regular work, beginning with a long stint inking Cliff Richard’s pencils on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

As Will’s stint on Buffy finished up, he was ready to move on to penciling. His first job was in Rob Zombie’s Spookshow, and before long he was penciling three issues of Elektra for Marvel.

Today Will draws in a neat studio not far from his home, with walls covered with his original art. Though he long worked at home, the arrival of his second daughter a few months ago forced him to find another place to practice his craft. One of his current projects, Conan and Thusala Doom, is especially close to his heart.

If a bus crash couldn’t stop Will what hope does Thusala Doom have?

“It was Conan that first made me want to draw comics,” Will remembers. “It was drawn by John Buscema and Alfredo Alcala. It was just…”

Words failed Will at that point, as he puckered his lips, put his fingertips to his lips, and kissed them loudly. If his finished the sentence, I think he would have said “perfection.”

Besides Buscema and Alcala, along with Will Eisner, Will considers Neal Adams and Frank Frazetta to be the major influences on his work.

But no matter how good Will’s work gets, or how popular he becomes, there is little danger of him getting a swelled head. He has his family to make sure of that.

They were never quite sure what to make of the son who wanted to draw for a living. One day, he was picking up his mother from church, when the pastor asked what Will did for a living.

“I have one son who is a judge,” she explained, “and another one works for the government. One is an accountant, and my daughter is a nurse. This one…” she paused.

“This one draws comic books,” she finished, sadly shaking her head.

The pastor rested a friendly hand on Will’s shoulder. “Don’t feel bad son,” he advised. “I know life is hard!”

Not much danger of Will becoming a conceited superstar with that sort of encouragement.

(Will is represented by Glass House Graphics. To inquire about availability and rates, contact David Campiti via

28 weeks later at worlds end.

I've been waiting for this movie and Im happy that I convinced Lace to watch the movie with me yesterday. The movie is not creepier than the 1st movie, 28 days later. In this new film, Danny Boyle, the director of the 1st movie, is not the main guy for the sequel, but the good side is that it caught the style and essence of Boyle's style from the 1st movie.

the people infected with the rage virus are less seen here, but the action and killing and running are present and youre blood will pump in the middle part of the film.

I want to watch it, Im just curious on what happened after the 28 days later.

its a good movie! if you plan to date a girl, make sure you buy tickets for this movie and prepare for a big hug and screams from your date hahahaaha. (logs to nextjam)

my takes : the 1st movie still rocks!
it is weird , because the last film we watched is SUNSHINE, another Boyle masterpiece, which has some weird stuff again that add surprise to viewers.

Pirates of the Carribean at worlds end

here's our photo session Pirate style!

yeiheeee!! we were invited for an advance screening on May 25th for the Worlds End movie!
astig !!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The 6th Philippine, Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2007
production note 8

our meeting is now heating up and every update are very exciting in each of our part, its good hear lots of good news for ToyCon and its getting better every year. My new gadget got its first appearance in public, and it is very useful and good tool for visuals idea and layouts for the event.

poster is now in the making, just submitted an ad and it will come out in a mag next month. Also Hero TV just aired the ToyCon teaser TV spot ad, and I was bombarded by text messages saying that they liked the ad and it made them excited for the event.

Now that we got 2 halls for ToyCon, now I know it will 6 times more a blast than our previous.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Allspark Event
production note 2

I just sent the allspark in the far reaches of cyberspace, the funny thing is that I'm 2 days late for the deadline.

also saw a video transmission of the B man, but the only thing I can hear is his voice.
but I know the visual will be amazing.

visualizing is fun.. its like that Im transporting myself 2 months in the future.

also got a wet dream a few days ago. oh yeah! and it involves car turning into cute big fairies.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Blogger dies of stress

Worked Up, Stressed Up, Crashed DownApr 21, '07 10:08 AM
for everyone

I never know my limits til now... Getting a job was never ever easy and having something good sure have a sacrifice for something else. Coming a long line of different jobs and doing different things have got me realise just 1 thing - I could never stay too long in a job now. The longest would be in LTA for 7.5 yrs, that was my 1st job as a clerical officer. After that, it was all sorts of different jobs in different industry facing all sorts of difficulties. I came to HP started as an Admin Executive in Sep last year & changing to a Partner Support Manager in Mar just this year.

i just a news at that the blog entry above was the last post before she died.
read the whole journal to see and read all the comments of people who just surfed in and read her story in the newspaper.

Im glad that Lace resigned from her last job, coz I see her stressed out and getting sick everyday during her working days and people in there thought that she can work like a carabao.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

tomorrow will be the day that people will choose who will be responsible for taking care of our nation.

I'll take coverage tomorrow the voting system here in our area, and since that I'm not registered here, I'll just observe and see how it will go.

We are watching the news and it seems that the news and media are more excited in this nationwide event.

we did not write this : ) happy elections!

that's a photo theme for today,, we found that vandal in EDSA while waiting for the bus.

below is an artwork made by Richie "the jedimaster richie" Mendoza.

Senator Candidates Caricature art by Richie Mendoza

Happy Voting....and vote wisely.....wisely!!!!!

TransFormers movie poster spotted in SM Mall of Asia, Philippines

The movie poster and standee are already here in Manila. Mark recently posted his mighty photo with the standee, while yours truly spotted the theatrical poster in SM Mall of Asia. The poster in real life is soo cool!!! thats why I drooled for a moment when I saw that.

check it out here

Optimus Prime movie Lunchables Wallpaper

posted by skywalker from the Pinoy Toy Kolektor Forums

there are 5 BG's for each character, just change the number 01
near the end of the file name to get all of them. you need to
play the puzzles to unlock these, but here you are bro's,

other characters are: megatron, starscream, ironhide,
blackout, bumblebee, barricade and ratchet.

again, just retype the names and the numbers. these are the
biggest wallpapers. to get the smaller ones, replace the 1600
with either 800 or 1024.

enjoy, fellow PTK bro's!

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