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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pirates Night Out.

The Black Pearl in Walt Disney Pictures\' Pirates of the Caribbean: At World\'s End - 2007

A night out of fun and laughter together with the Glass House Graphics people and artist. We stormed to Greenbelt 3 awhile ago to watch and discover the weirdness and fun of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean :At Worlds End. All i can say about the movie is they got a really good special CGI effects, and as in said, it simply blasted Spider-man effects as an
antique CGI effect.

sad to hear that, but if you think of all the effects they have in movie, you will be amazed on how cleanly executed the effects.
Capt. Jack Sparrow leads them again into one ship battle, maybe it should be called the greatest ship pirate battle in movies, plus added with a malestorm (an ocean tornado, much creepier than tsunami)

and again...the final answer about the mystery of everything will be revealed here.

if you will watch it..dont get out of your set yet..coz theres a special epilogue after the entire end credits.

believe me, you need to watch that in order to move on hahah

Electronica gig live in stickam

I just received a note yesterday and it says that DRIP will be live in stickam and after i got home, I began to check out and its cool! they are LIVE! band that I caught is Flipperbaby performing live!

its great to hear people using stickam, and Toycon is already ready for a live webcast of the convention

and here's a video blog what happened earlier.

Az gag video Blog : Electronica gig Live

Thursday, May 24, 2007

HEROES - Episode 23 - How To Stop An Exploding Man

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fan artwork by Carlo Pagulayan

saw the season ender and thanks to for providing and sharing the videos to us. they are the coolest Heroes fan club and forum in the world ahhhahahaa.

Finally, it ended in a good way, I thought that the season ender will not take place in episode 23,
Its a head to head battle between Peter and Sylar, funny thing is that Peter is not alone in the battle. Nice to see Hiro's development as a true hero, but he completes his mission and got lost during his last teleportation.

And the last part revealed who truly is the exploding man, its a big guess on some part of the other episode if its Sylar or Peter. I thought that Linderman will have a big part of the season ender, heheeh but its good to see his end on the start.

more on Peter's power revealing which is much more shocking. I was freaking out while watching the episode in my laptop when I saw he dreams about the past, which will make me watch the old episodes to check out some continuity.

oh well. we have to wait till September 24 for the season 2, and i guess I will be digging more of the graphic novels at NBC because they have a store there where the last eps. kicked off.

thanks to Heroes!

were ordinary people can really do extraordinary things.

FOR SALE : L'Arc~en~Ciel Awake Official Band Score jrock

I'm helping my sister in disposing some of her cool anime and jrock items

Awake Bandscore in Mint condition
Purchased on impulse. Cracked open at least 3 times.
First when I bought it, second when I realized I even had it, and third to take photos. It's been in storage in pet free and smoke free home.

It also has photos of the band in the first few pages and in the last few pages.

List of songs:
1. New World
3. Jojoshi
5. Killing Me
7. My Dear
9. Jiyu e no Shotai
10. Ophelia
11. Hoshizora
12. twinkle,twinkle

for other info, visit her EBAY page here

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lifesize Silver Surfer and TransFormers in MEGAMALL

I was happy to see this live action figure and Im thinking of a way on how will I take it home and steal it hhahah joke!.

June 13 is the new date for the Fantastic Four 2 : Rise of the Silver Surfer, today people are still debating for the appearance of Galatus, they say that Galactus appearance is a form of a cosmic cloud, but there's a new image from the movie came out and its an image of planet Saturn with a shadow of Galatus' helmet. i just wish that it will be a real Galactus.

Here's a photo of us, showing how we are excited to the TransFormers movie. It is the 3rd standee as reported being sighted in theater lobbies.


We love mascots, here;s our photo again adding to our mascot photo collections.

more photos here. Zap through Lace's blog

No internet today

sorry guys, my updates are slow and also work is slow too. Our internet and phone line is disconnected, I think the fire near the village cause the glitch.

anyway, I will be updating this blog in the internet cafe and also do some part of my work uploads in the cafe too.

I think I'm sick today! after having a barber visit and a massage, I just felt weird

Monday, May 21, 2007

Heroes 1x23 - How to Stop an Exploding Man

Here's a 2min. preview of the season 1 episode 23 of HEROES

Season ender is tonight! here in Manila time ahahahhaa

check out your links for the download episode!

I just read in some sites that there will be spin off series.
and it was title HEROES: ORIGINS.

cool eh!?! just like reading comics! woohohohh!!
so whats next? HEROES zero? HEROES deluxe? or HEROES ANNUAL?

but hey! its not a bad idea noh?

see you all soon!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Attack of the killer Pizza!!!

If the movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes really made me laugh and also made me stay away eating tomatoes during highschool, this one - a PIZZA.. attacked me a while ago


it made our hot day more hotter when the delivery boy arrived carrying a big black squared box.

Its a break time for a whole day, eating pizza, watching that Ruffa-Ylmas Bektas issue in The Buzz and checking out the updates in Pinoy Big Brother. the killer pizza knocks us down and its already 10PM Im busy chomping this killer pizza.

while browsing the net. I saw this new RAMBO movie.
and the title is JOHN RAMBO. wow Stallone really revives his old movies, so Im hoping the movie - Over the top, will be revive too ahhhahaha.

its a brand new bratatatatat! movie for us.

Im having a hardtime typing in my laptop. the cursor always bugs me, placing my typing cursor out of the way
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