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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Az gag video blog - Lyndon Gregorio Birthday hey!

We used to surprised the birthday boy, but then last night, I am the one who was surprised. hehehehe its a dinner out in Max! Happy beerday to the Beerkada man!

starring in this video gag blog.
psycho cow, lico, ryan, ariel, me, lyndon, sandy, patrick and megamall mall goers.

The 6th Philippine, Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2007
production note 13

Its June! and it means ToyCon season! there are lots of stuff needed to be done for the event and Im still stuck in the part for creative and designs, marketing, programming and developing.
Im still glad that all things are going good, They say that cramming is good ! but hey! Im used to it and been doing it every year hahahah, well not only once a year.

tomorrow we will be on a journey outside Manila, we will be borrowing Mr. Floro Dery's artwork and with his permission it will be used for an exhibit for ToyCon.

For designing some stuffs, I'm happy that Im using Google Sketch up, it is very helpful for my side when designing layouts for stage, booths, exhibits and the whole event venue.

and the great side of Google Sketch up is that you can measure your design in correct scale by using a digital tape measure, it is a tool in Google Sketch up which I really like the most.

Im still surfing the whole software and been using it for 2 months already.
I have DAZ studio and Blender, but I think studying for 3D will eat a lot of my time,so that I skip the self learning for a moment.

I guess this saturday night will be my good night sleep. I think I'll retire tomorrow coz its a Sunday, need to recharge my energon before proceeding to the creator of G1 TF's

Friday, June 01, 2007

Az gag Video blog - Giant Mosquito inside the Bus

its a shocking revelation to everyone, Me and Lace were riding this Bus from Cavite going to Lawton, we saw a giant mosquito hanging and walking in the aircon slot of the Bus. It was very creepy and I think its the largest mosquito I ever seen in my life.

Its not a spider, but it looks like a spider. but when you look closely.. you'll see its wings, legs and its killer blood sucking gear.

we told the bus conductor get rid of it. but he just ignored it and wowed too that he saw a giant mosquito.

Really hate that kind of reaction when you ignored someone's request, especially when we are the passenger and need a good treatment..

damn! forgot to get the name of that busline!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

If you missed it. here's your chance to watch it here

here ya go mate!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End
2nd ending, 10 years later.

dont watch this if you haven't seen the film.

just dont get up yet off your seat, wait til the credits roll out at the end.

The Allspark Event
production note 3

In Manila ???

I think its up to me if the big guy will make it as I planned.
the messengers from space are avoiding this meteors who likes to punch some holes in our moon.

Its hard to get rid those meteors, coz they attack you whenever they want to.
the rule of the stars are unpredictable.

Also i just discovered some workers who helped in creating the 1985, I just hope that their boss will coordinate with me and Im running out of time in dealing with the cosmos.

Also one of the creators from the Diaclone just created another lifesize model,
is that cool ?! and its a surprise coz I didnt know he is involve in that time co creating.

The 6th Philippine, Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2007
production note 11

Everyone will take him home, wear it and feel it!

Our mechanical engineer are nearly finishing the last overhaul.

Monday, May 28, 2007


boy agimat just send us this invite for his latest exhibit..



Thurs May 31 - Monday June 11 2007

opening reception May 31, 2007 6pm National Art Studio
Goyang, Korea

Thanks to:

IASK Changdong & Goyang, NCCA, UST Graduate School


Now Im getting crazy on these Mugen games, first i downloaded a TransFormers mugen game, I discovered it when I browsed it in and thank goodness that theres a download link that I can play with.

an example of mash up battle of Transformers

Now I've learned on how to make your own ultimate battle video game.
and Im trying to build my own Merryland fighting game ahahaaha
check out these crazy video game cross overs, maybe in the future we can have our own Pinoy Super heroes and villain in Mugen PC games

Homer Simpson Vs. Naruto
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