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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Goodbye to Studio 23's Digital Tour

I was shocked to read and receive a text message from Arvin David, Executive Producer of the tech show in Studio 23's Digital Tour.

i just felt it again, the shock and the sayang moment. The first one was from Games Masters Magazine and now Digital Tour. sigh! just like what happened to "F" too.

It is sad to hear from the officials with their message that their show will air its last episode on July 22, 2007. And I'm glad that Arvin texted me and informed about it.

here's his sms message.

After 6 years and 9 months, DTOUR logs off for real on July 22, 2007, Sunday at 8pm. Thank you for your support. And here's hoping to work with you again. thanks -arvin

Thanks to Digital Tour for bringing us the tech news and web news for pinoys, I just hope that they still make more of it even in the internet. Its a great experience too with them when they do coverages in our events and having me first aired in Digital Tour in an interview is a great dtour experience. for a tribute to Digital Tour try watching some of their episodes here in Digital Tour in Youtube

thanks again guys!! mga Dtourista will live forever.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

for sale! Authentic Transformers Bag

Autobots - Blue color only
Decepticon - Black color only

Polycanvas bag
Transformers faction symbol in high density print (embossed)
bag size : 8.5" x 9"

price: P295

email us at for inquiries, we can ship this item anywhere in the country. email us for shipping rates and payment.
you can deposit your payment tru our Banco de oro bank account.


my YM is like Silent Hill

It was very freaky!!!!!

I was about to open my Yahoo!Messenger and after logging in, it was very weird
all my contacts are all offline!!!

and it was weird because It happened again for the 2nd time. Is there a YM connection problem?

or maybe my account just landed in the wrong portal? it was creepy, I felt that Im all alone in the world :(

Now im here sitting around in the middle of the room, with lights off and no one is here.

I feel like that Im alone again.
but its okay, being alone means that I have to make my brains working again hehehhhe

im trying to log off my YM and will scan my laptop for virus presence.

for those who will contact me using YM, don't dare use it for now, because I'll go offline.
if you want to message me, best way is to SMS me or email me.

Puta!!!! nesca!
After eating some putanesca at Planet X comics grand opening day, I successfully convinced Lace to cook one for me, and besides I will eat anything that is Pasta or Spagetti. even if it is Pasta Dinuguan or Apdo Spagetti.

trying to cut those olive fruits made my tummy rolls hhahahaha,.

after one cooking experiment,, it takes like that i feel i like to die
coz its so yummy and napa puta ako sa sarap!

thanks to Lace for cooking,
Liza for the olive jars
Mama's cook book
kalan at kaldero

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Pinoy Shaider update

I just got some juicy info about the local remake of Shaider. Im not yet sure if this is true, but I'll be sharing you all something that I read in the wonderful world of cyberspace.

-the Japan-owned series didn't like to sell the rights for Shaider

- "Kapangyarihan ng Araw" I'm not sure if that will be the working title for the local Shaider, if they didn't give the rights of the title or the entire character.

* this is only a rumor or we can say that this is an invalid information circulating the net. lets wait for proper press for the local release.

my only suggestion is: try not to copy the originals and have its own version of it.
lets say, one of the remaining soldier of metal hereoes (roster of gavan, sharivan and shaider)
and the last metal heroes was here in the Philippines, I think that one will work and will sell outside the country too.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

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