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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007

How are you? I'm fine, Thank you!

Az and Lace will replace Piolo and Claudine's TV soap series next month

been busy lately and now Im sick and resting here at home, me and Lace been going out since last week, sending some stuffs for our small Transformers tshirt business, which is one hot item for this month, orders are getting huge and we try to accommodate each paying customers everything they want to order, also been accompanying Lace to her series of job interview and Im glad that this afternoon she got a good deal in a new job and Im happy to was now about it.

txting me, I got a new job!

hahhahaha, that was funny and while I drink the last drop of the not so good yucky flavor of C2 Lychee's , and its my fault for picking that up in Mini Stop, mistaking it for a Peach flavor.

Mama Sally celebrated her birthday and everyone here at home got busy and me with Lace decided to buy and grab lots of food for everyone. it was the empatcho day again for all of us, yesterday was the worst of me, getting sick and i think hypertension is going back again.
now time to be safe and do a lot of Se...exercise hahhaha.

theres a storm here and the thunderstorms sounds so weird, it is like a sound of a machine gun coming from the sky, very weird... then later on a big lightning zap behind our backyard, shutting down our electricity for about 5 seconds, its very dangerous here in our place, coz couple of months a kid was hit by a lightning near the house and we are very scared of it.

we turn all electrical items here, me turning off the internet and wifi, and me hides down the living room with lights out and reading stuffs in my laptop. im a bad boy, but i need not to stay out of focus on reading some.

damn! while I type this, I saw something familiar on TV and the peoples reaction here..
damn! damn! I think I've been here before

in this timeline..

damn! another dejavu!

i think I traveled in the future again and back here..

I'm serious!

my mutant and so called HEROES power is back!

What happened to Yahoo ?!!!

Im trying to log in and surf its site at 6:46PM July 20, 2007 and all i can receive is an error message, all network with Yahoo! never works, even my mail and messenger failed to connect properly.

am I the only person who got this? if you experience it too, just let me know coz Im getting crazy already~!

I can't check my Yahoo! mail :(

even Yahoo! Answer is offline.

wow! yahoo!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

CGSociety features Transformers’ Visual Effects Art Director Alex Jaeger

He designed the robot characters for the Transformers movie, he explains also about that why they removed Bumble Bee's horns and replace it with so called emotional fins, he also narrate his story on how he started working as a design artists for movies Star Trek, Star Wars, Pearl Harbor and Transformers.

Bumblebee has the basic design elements of the cartoon with a silver face, yellow helmet, and the Autobot logo on his forehead, as well as shapes like the scoops on the side of his head resembling the ’74 model Camaro headlights. “Michael [Bay] didn’t want to see any stretching metal. He thought that was cheesy, a little too Terminator esque. The idea was we would have all these little mechanical pieces that would slide and move, little tiny pieces that fit together to create a face that you could connect with.”

read more here

Monday, July 16, 2007

WASTED comics goes Online!


Lets go back to the time of revenge and lessons of love, Gerry Alanguilan's most critically acclaimed comics WASTED is now back with a big vengeance, it goes ONLINE! and it means its FREE to view and to read. The evolution of web comics is now happening and it starts with the independent artist and publishers, and thanks to them for delivering their message and the share of art and culture tru comics.

go wasted here

are we eyeing for a Wasted sequel? or a prequel of the series?
lets not wait the official answers and head to its blogsite and webcomics link for a revelation on the original series of WASTED.

Pinoy Shaider no more... at last!

thanks to Japan for not giving the rights! wohhohoh!! fushigi shigi wa fushigi shigi u wa.

"Shaider" will not fly on Philippine television anymore

Napag-alaman ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) na hindi na pala matutuloy ang paggawa ng Philippine version ng Shaider, na matagal nang nababalitang gagawin ng Kapuso Network.

Ang dinig namin, hindi pumayag ang may-ari ng rights ng Shaider sa Japan na gawin ang local version nito sa Pilipinas.

Una na ngang napabalita na ang StarStruck 3 Ultimate Sole Survivor na si Marky Cielo ang gaganap sa lead role na Shaider, ang pulis pangkalawakan, at ang StarStruck 4 winner na si Kris Bernal naman ang gaganap na Annie.

"Shaider" will not fly on Philippine television anymore

(From left) Marky Cielo, Dennis Trillo, and Raymart Santiago are reportedly in the cast of Pulis Pangkalawakan, the show inspired by Shaider.


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