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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hit by Lightning

this is the 3rd time that me and the lightning in a middle of a war again. 1st was that I was nearly strucked 5 feet away, then our house was hit by lightning destroying our PC and burned our caller id machine and for the 3rd time the Taxi that Im riding in EDSA was hit by a lightning. Being hit by lightning is one scary experience, I just hop on to this taxi and the weather is cloudy and dark in that afternoon, then several lightnings are visible in the sky.

Riding for almost 1 1/2 minutes in EDSA, this public bus stopped in front of us then started to unload their passengers, so the taxi driver slowly turns and decided to over take the bus, but then when we reach the middle part of the bus by overtaking it, We heard a big bang, like a gun fire, and then we saw the flash or spark in my passenger side window. the flash spark almost blinded us for a few seconds and the driver looked at me seriously and he thought that I might got shot by a gun or hit by a stray bullet.

we began to speculate many things after that incident, and started to analyze if it is a gun fire or stray bullet, but then we found out that the window is clean and no bullet shard or window shrapnel.

the taxi driver is puzzled more than I am, he told me that for the past 10 years of driving the taxi, he said that this is the first time and weirdest incident that he have encountered.
so If you asked me.. yes..first time in that taxi, but 3rd time for the lightning incident.

so scary, thats why sometimes I'm a little bit scared when walking outside during a rain or thunderstorm, because Im a lightning prone person. the lightning likes me and its always say "hello" when Im around.

If I get hit, i wish that I turn into this super powered being hahahah.. more powerful than Doctor Strange and Superman.

Hello Kitty Cosplay for Pet Cats

I wanna have one! hahhaha, I will dress up our pet cat "Puti", and it will be perfect because she's white furry and will be a great costume for her, and if my other pet cat "Pulot" do bad things, I can wear this to him as punishment hahahaha.

read more here

A Japanese pet apparel company is selling a special edition costume that they guarantee will make your cat look like the spitting image of Hello Kitty. The official Sanrio-approved costume includes a hat and “blouse,” and it only costs 18,900 yen (160 US dollars). Is it worth it? has conducted a study on the value of this costume and we are now prepared to share it with the general public so that we can conduct a poll on what you think of it!

TransFormers Philippines MEET-UP 08.04.2007

series by

What: TransFormers Philippines MEET-UP!
When: 4th August 2007
Time: 2PM to 5PM
Where: Compass Internet Cafe, Level 1, East Wing of Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas City


The first TF MEET-UP for 2007 begins here and now, since the TransFormers Merchandise Launch of June 29th. Bring any stuff that is Transformers!

See you all there!

Text or call 09179493307 for any inquiries about the meet up

Friday, August 03, 2007

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Needles and Match sticks

This one is freaky, and its about my dream the other night, and I have lots of nightmares and adventure in my dream, but sometimes when I wake up in the morning it seems its a normal day and never realize or remember any part of my dream, but if I saw something that can remind me, the dream will surface again in my head and its like an instant replay watching it inside my head.
My dream is about myself being a victim of witchcraft or Mangkukulam, Im not sure why I got that dream, its a little bit freaky and scary but for me its like a movie and Im like Ramon Revilla with a magical powered amulet. I just found out that Im a victim of their evil spell or kulam, I sense that my stomach is heavy and then when I dissected myself and not feeling a thing. I saw lots of needles and matchbox sticks inside my body. No intestines and lungs, just pure needles and sticks. And then its like a movie, I went directly to the witches hideout and confronted them.
I dont know what happens next, and You see Ramon Revilla is a hero in the movie and I acted one hahahahah. I dont even know what I did to that witch. It looks like the good wins over evil.
Im still analyzing what it means, so after that nightmare or dream, I went to the cinema alone and watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie

Band is back.. nuff said

heheehehe my old band called up and they want to have a reunion and play again this generation, whoa! and I said yes! ahhaahaha

above mtv is one of our cover song, and Im glad that if ever we break down again we will be making original songs and music after this reunion. now we have to call Maxie our vox and John Taruc our super guitar man hahhaha. i dont know yet whats next, better practice fingers again with the Bass.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Iron Man Movie trailer

taken from the Comic Con 2007
and thanks to for hosting the video for everyone to see.

It was saturday and day 1 of the Comic Con when they showed a big crate of Stark Enterprise and they informed the crowd that the crate will be opened on Day 3 of the convention at 1:30pm.
then everyone gathered around the Marvel booth and waited and there it unveiled the Mark 1 armor of Iron Man, which was used in the movie.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Fudge Magazine - August 2007 Issue

Check out the latest issue of Fudge MAgazine this August 2007.
as Fudge turns 3 years old this coming month.

check out the image above and see the details to win some cool freebies!

Also the initial coverage of the 6th Philippine ToyCon is included this issue. and more coverage will be put up next issue, So hurry ! Buy one now and complete your ToyCon experience.

- Thanks to Annie, Ana of the Fudge MAg for the feature and also the coverage!

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