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Monday, July 30, 2007

Fudge Magazine - August 2007 Issue

Check out the latest issue of Fudge MAgazine this August 2007.
as Fudge turns 3 years old this coming month.

check out the image above and see the details to win some cool freebies!

Also the initial coverage of the 6th Philippine ToyCon is included this issue. and more coverage will be put up next issue, So hurry ! Buy one now and complete your ToyCon experience.

- Thanks to Annie, Ana of the Fudge MAg for the feature and also the coverage!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Big Insult !


first,, I conceptualized and gather a group of people to form this team to organize an event
then they stole it from me, got all the credits and using all my concept and dream.

and then they approached me to help them re-organized and reformat it. I accepted it and began working and researching and gathering surveys to make the event more organized and well promoted.

then suddenly I discovered this press release floating around and it seems that they already organized in their own with another group. and didn't informed me about it.

Im mad and angry!

they should tell me before so that I wont become a total idiot asking, interviewing and entertaining people's inquiriy about this event.

well fuck that ! and God damn you all!

i'm starting to hate all people because of this,
I like to help and get back on something that I started and since they approached me to re-do things right.

parang hinalo mo yung sinigang na sabaw sa dinugan, tapos ipapakain sa akin then tatawanan lang ako... putang ina nila! alam ko may agenda sila against me

grabe...bastusan na talaga ito.

because of this, i will act something that I should have done it before, kahit na masira na name ko.. bwisit sila...fucking USERS !

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Iron Man movie Sneak Peak

thanks to MTV for giving us a short sneak peak of raw footages of the upcoming 2008 movie IRON MAN. Im having a little hype after seeing this and it drags me to search for some Dark Knight movie news and videos.

I'm wishing that this movie wont end up like The Hulk or Ghost Rider, I like all Marvel movies and for me a regular comic fan boy still likes to see this comic characters moving out of the pages of comics. Animation or Movie, it will still rocks!

Im not sure if they will follow the storyline like the Animated movie Iron Man, that animated movie has awesome action and the graphic of violence is heavy.

As I see some characters of Tony Stark under the arm of Robert Downey it brings some weirdness of it. He speak softly and not like more Christian Bale in Batman Begins, both are a millionaire, playbot and a superhero, but with same mission and different vision.

Im going to wait what will be the next update for the Iron man movie. I'll check whats the best of it that will make me wet my pants.

the Empire magazine cover feat. the Iron man image is a bunch of CGI images, Im not impressed to that, but I want to see is a real costume in action.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Life with Batibot

who would ever forget the educational kid tv show BATIBOT, every 20-30 yr. old knows them and Im sure you will get a big smile when you watch this youtube video.

and was surprise that Pocholo do the voice of Kiko Matsing hahhahaha.

do the evolution, life will be different without Batibot.
as the TV show said that many children are having a hard time learning the Filipino language because the Tv medium no longer shows Filipino spoken shows that will cater to kids, and the cable tv show is so big but has a small portion of Filipino language shows for kiddies.

year 2001, Batibot is gone, and now we are waiting for a new Batibot to come for our future younglings.

Can you still sing the Batibot song?

sa Batibot, sa la la la

The Transformation of Asian Comic Books — 1990s-2006

Im blogging this for now and its an interesting topic to learn that we should do something and not be labeled as nothing. And because of this, Im getting a new concept for a Comic event that will make sure tell these people that we have our own identity.. not a comic artist or writer, but my support for Philippine Comics is big and even that I dont publish anything , Im still supportive and giving a big assistance on what matter that we can do in order to maintain what we wanted to happened in this so called industry.

yup, as John Becaro said - its a big wake up call.

// surprised and mind boggled after seeing this posted in a series of Deviant art journals

read more here Dr. John A. Lent - The Transformation of Asian Comic Books — 1990s-2006

here are some snippets from the article

In the Philippines, there is even a genre called Pinoy (Philippine) manga. New companies are doing Pinoy manga, such as Culture Crash and Questor, and, artists are following the Japanese style. Although some commentators feel manga and anime have brought Filipinos back to comics, others think they have removed the Philippines’ illustrious history of komiks production from public consciousness. Filipino cartoon historian Benjamin Ong recently wrote:

Then you have the generation that grew up on Japanese cartoons on local TV, that were (to no fault of their own) never exposed to the old komiks legends, and never given a strong sense of what it means to be a Filipino that their version of a Filipino character is a Japanese looking, and Japanese stylized drawing of a Japanese character with a Filipino name. Again, I cannot fault them but fault society for caring more for what is “cool,” and “in fashion” than what is truly Filipino.

and another one

The old Philippine komiks scene was starting to die out already in the 1970s, with the onslaught of martial law and the migration of artists to the U.S. By the 1990s, when young Filipino cartoonists could no longer find publication outlets, they started small companies to publish their own comics and formed groups of independent cartoonists such as Alamat Comics. Among new companies were Mango Comics and Nautilus Comics; other publishers, such as Adarna (children’s books) and Visual Print Publications, ventured into graphic novel publication. Mango is a family firm, headed by comics artist Hugo Yonzon III, whose father was a prominent Philippine cartoonist. The staff includes at least six individuals who carry the Yonzon name. A main activity of Mango in recent years is the reprinting of the Mars Ravelo classic Darna comic book series. In 2004, the company also started Mwahaha Magazine.

The komiks movement of the late 1990s was composed mostly of young creators without much business savvy. The dilemma is exacerbated by the fact that the creators, first weaned on Marvel and DC comics and later influenced by manga, have no sense of identity as Filipinos.

and another

Finally, though not new to Asia, adaptations and spin-offs of the comics have changed in their intensification. For a long time, comic books featured in movie screenplays in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, India, China, the Philippines, and elsewhere; until recently, up to 50 percent of all Filipino films came out of the komiks. In the past five years, the Philippines have had a rebirth of komiks movies. Similarly, there have been many animation adaptations and merchandise lines of comics, particularly in Japan, but increasingly throughout East Asia.


All over Asia, comics and cartoon professionalism is on the rise. A few more examples suffice to make the point: a planned Philippine Comics Art Museum in San Pablo City; a comics fair in Taipei that draws more than 100,000 fans annually; a well-frequented, Taipei government comics library of more than 60,000 books, established in 1998; other comics conventions in Malaysia (Comic Fiesta), Indonesia (Komikasia), and the Philippines (KOMIKON, established 2005); and the appearance of books and periodicals devoted to Asian cartooning.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jonah Hex the movie

I just read this in another site while I browse some software. And Im excited to see this film, We know him from the comics and see him in action in Justice League Unlimited, now the live action is in the works. and the good thing is that our pinoy artists Tony De Zuniga co-created the comics for DC Comics.

Western Comic Book 'Hex' Comes to Big Screen

Warner Bros. Pictures is aiming to bring DC Comics' supernatural Western
comic book Jonah Hex to the big screen, with the writer/directors of the
thriller "Crank" on board to adapt, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Hex,
known for having the right side of his face disfigured and wearing a Confederate
army uniform, was a rough-and-tumble gunslinger and part-time bounty hunter
whose adventures always ended in blood.

read more here

Me at the frontpage of Simpsons MySpace

so thats the reason why Im getting a lot of messages and friend invites in my Myspace account. hahaaha, because my avatar is on its front page, the only Simpsonize Azrael avatar with a Decepticon Tshirt.

many people message me asking how did I Simpsonize myself, some of them have some problems in saving it and also making for themselves, and because that I can't answer all of it, I just posted a message in the bulletin telling them on how to Simpsonize theirselves in less than a minute.

maybe there are some web traffic happening during the Simpsonize factory hahahaha.

but if you are wondering that my Friendster, Myspace, Multiply, my blog and Deviantart are all Simpsonize, because, I like the cartoon Simpsons and it is a part of my childhood til now being a grown up. If I am right its in the middle of High school when I watch it and became a super fan, thats why my drawing style is like Matt Groening's Simpsons.

I remember too that there are Simpsons mini magazine given away free in some bookstores.

anyway. to Simpsonize your selves here are two sites to simpsonize your life.

go here

and here

but I like the most is from the movie website. it is very easy to use and easy to save.

er...I used print screen in order to save mine and edited the background using photoshop :)

me Simpsons version using the movie site

and here's a 2nd version of me using the Burger king site via uploading your photo.

G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Event

more info here

friend from a local toy group, TOY SOLDIER requested from me an event celebrating the 25th Anniversary of G.I. JOE. thats 1982-2007. The year the cartoon series and toys emerge during our youngling days, wow! Its like im going back to grade school I use paper and boxes as my GI JOE figures and later on Mr. Santa Clause gave me a big Cobra HISS tank during Christmas and then even before that one of my relatives in the states gave me my first GI JOE figure - Torch, then my mom bought me HARDBALL figure from SM toy store.

COBRA H.I.S.S. tank, i still have this at home and now the one missing is the HISS tank pilot

wow! I can still remember it all,
and also that my classmate in UST during grades chool gave his this GI JOE part of the vehicle that looks like a anti tank.

ok here goes the ball for a triple point shot for the 25th anniversary event, I just talked to one of the biggest toy store here in Manila and they are game for the concept, but we should ask first the toy distributor on when will they release the 25th anniversary GI JOE toys, and I heard that it is one cool collectible, with new molds and it is still on its same scale size.

After Transformers..comes now GI JOE....yo joe!! cobra la la la la la.!

Birthday series

Its food time here at home every July, and we just celebrated 3 birthdays and Its a very tummy full day for all of us.

special palabok

2 pizza boxes started and heated our birthday day.

we got a yummy palabok from Amber, me and Lace went to its restaurant to pick up our phone order for Mama Sally's birthday. One of my favorite there is the food Pichi Pichi. and then we ordered tru phone in Pizza hut while we are on road, then before we go home dropped by to SM bacoor to pick up the Pizza. our food list is successful and after a few much we got tired and our stomach were full of food again hahhahaha.

and then last weekend we went to Seaside foodmart near Hobbies of Asia, we dine out in Lace's friend Thill's restaurant, there you have to buy your food in a nearby wet market, you can buy sea foods and then bring it in the restaurant in order for them to cook it for you, with your own style of recipe or request.

we got lapu lapu, prawns, and maya maya fish for our food that night.

our pilot, kuya bernard is happy for the taste of the food, and also we are happy too! hahahah

I won a free Transformers shirt

I just won a limited edition Transformers movie Tshirt, and it was funny when I claimed it and the people inside the office told that I should win in that raffle coz Im a big Transformers fan and also they know about that I run a local premiere fan club of Transformers, er...Transformers Philippines that is.

the front shirt

the back shirt

Many asked me where and how did I get this shirt, as the people see me wearing it in public.
And I just told them its a goodie from the local movie distributor ehhehhe.

Now, i have 2 version of the Transformers movie, too bad that the Optimus Prime shirt that I got it for free in is too small for me. my belly burst out whenever I wear it.

rock and roll out !

this item adds to my exclusive movie merchandise collection.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007

How are you? I'm fine, Thank you!

Az and Lace will replace Piolo and Claudine's TV soap series next month

been busy lately and now Im sick and resting here at home, me and Lace been going out since last week, sending some stuffs for our small Transformers tshirt business, which is one hot item for this month, orders are getting huge and we try to accommodate each paying customers everything they want to order, also been accompanying Lace to her series of job interview and Im glad that this afternoon she got a good deal in a new job and Im happy to was now about it.

txting me, I got a new job!

hahhahaha, that was funny and while I drink the last drop of the not so good yucky flavor of C2 Lychee's , and its my fault for picking that up in Mini Stop, mistaking it for a Peach flavor.

Mama Sally celebrated her birthday and everyone here at home got busy and me with Lace decided to buy and grab lots of food for everyone. it was the empatcho day again for all of us, yesterday was the worst of me, getting sick and i think hypertension is going back again.
now time to be safe and do a lot of Se...exercise hahhaha.

theres a storm here and the thunderstorms sounds so weird, it is like a sound of a machine gun coming from the sky, very weird... then later on a big lightning zap behind our backyard, shutting down our electricity for about 5 seconds, its very dangerous here in our place, coz couple of months a kid was hit by a lightning near the house and we are very scared of it.

we turn all electrical items here, me turning off the internet and wifi, and me hides down the living room with lights out and reading stuffs in my laptop. im a bad boy, but i need not to stay out of focus on reading some.

damn! while I type this, I saw something familiar on TV and the peoples reaction here..
damn! damn! I think I've been here before

in this timeline..

damn! another dejavu!

i think I traveled in the future again and back here..

I'm serious!

my mutant and so called HEROES power is back!

What happened to Yahoo ?!!!

Im trying to log in and surf its site at 6:46PM July 20, 2007 and all i can receive is an error message, all network with Yahoo! never works, even my mail and messenger failed to connect properly.

am I the only person who got this? if you experience it too, just let me know coz Im getting crazy already~!

I can't check my Yahoo! mail :(

even Yahoo! Answer is offline.

wow! yahoo!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

CGSociety features Transformers’ Visual Effects Art Director Alex Jaeger

He designed the robot characters for the Transformers movie, he explains also about that why they removed Bumble Bee's horns and replace it with so called emotional fins, he also narrate his story on how he started working as a design artists for movies Star Trek, Star Wars, Pearl Harbor and Transformers.

Bumblebee has the basic design elements of the cartoon with a silver face, yellow helmet, and the Autobot logo on his forehead, as well as shapes like the scoops on the side of his head resembling the ’74 model Camaro headlights. “Michael [Bay] didn’t want to see any stretching metal. He thought that was cheesy, a little too Terminator esque. The idea was we would have all these little mechanical pieces that would slide and move, little tiny pieces that fit together to create a face that you could connect with.”

read more here

Monday, July 16, 2007

WASTED comics goes Online!


Lets go back to the time of revenge and lessons of love, Gerry Alanguilan's most critically acclaimed comics WASTED is now back with a big vengeance, it goes ONLINE! and it means its FREE to view and to read. The evolution of web comics is now happening and it starts with the independent artist and publishers, and thanks to them for delivering their message and the share of art and culture tru comics.

go wasted here

are we eyeing for a Wasted sequel? or a prequel of the series?
lets not wait the official answers and head to its blogsite and webcomics link for a revelation on the original series of WASTED.

Pinoy Shaider no more... at last!

thanks to Japan for not giving the rights! wohhohoh!! fushigi shigi wa fushigi shigi u wa.

"Shaider" will not fly on Philippine television anymore

Napag-alaman ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) na hindi na pala matutuloy ang paggawa ng Philippine version ng Shaider, na matagal nang nababalitang gagawin ng Kapuso Network.

Ang dinig namin, hindi pumayag ang may-ari ng rights ng Shaider sa Japan na gawin ang local version nito sa Pilipinas.

Una na ngang napabalita na ang StarStruck 3 Ultimate Sole Survivor na si Marky Cielo ang gaganap sa lead role na Shaider, ang pulis pangkalawakan, at ang StarStruck 4 winner na si Kris Bernal naman ang gaganap na Annie.

"Shaider" will not fly on Philippine television anymore

(From left) Marky Cielo, Dennis Trillo, and Raymart Santiago are reportedly in the cast of Pulis Pangkalawakan, the show inspired by Shaider.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Goodbye to Studio 23's Digital Tour

I was shocked to read and receive a text message from Arvin David, Executive Producer of the tech show in Studio 23's Digital Tour.

i just felt it again, the shock and the sayang moment. The first one was from Games Masters Magazine and now Digital Tour. sigh! just like what happened to "F" too.

It is sad to hear from the officials with their message that their show will air its last episode on July 22, 2007. And I'm glad that Arvin texted me and informed about it.

here's his sms message.

After 6 years and 9 months, DTOUR logs off for real on July 22, 2007, Sunday at 8pm. Thank you for your support. And here's hoping to work with you again. thanks -arvin

Thanks to Digital Tour for bringing us the tech news and web news for pinoys, I just hope that they still make more of it even in the internet. Its a great experience too with them when they do coverages in our events and having me first aired in Digital Tour in an interview is a great dtour experience. for a tribute to Digital Tour try watching some of their episodes here in Digital Tour in Youtube

thanks again guys!! mga Dtourista will live forever.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

for sale! Authentic Transformers Bag

Autobots - Blue color only
Decepticon - Black color only

Polycanvas bag
Transformers faction symbol in high density print (embossed)
bag size : 8.5" x 9"

price: P295

email us at for inquiries, we can ship this item anywhere in the country. email us for shipping rates and payment.
you can deposit your payment tru our Banco de oro bank account.


my YM is like Silent Hill

It was very freaky!!!!!

I was about to open my Yahoo!Messenger and after logging in, it was very weird
all my contacts are all offline!!!

and it was weird because It happened again for the 2nd time. Is there a YM connection problem?

or maybe my account just landed in the wrong portal? it was creepy, I felt that Im all alone in the world :(

Now im here sitting around in the middle of the room, with lights off and no one is here.

I feel like that Im alone again.
but its okay, being alone means that I have to make my brains working again hehehhhe

im trying to log off my YM and will scan my laptop for virus presence.

for those who will contact me using YM, don't dare use it for now, because I'll go offline.
if you want to message me, best way is to SMS me or email me.

Puta!!!! nesca!
After eating some putanesca at Planet X comics grand opening day, I successfully convinced Lace to cook one for me, and besides I will eat anything that is Pasta or Spagetti. even if it is Pasta Dinuguan or Apdo Spagetti.

trying to cut those olive fruits made my tummy rolls hhahahaha,.

after one cooking experiment,, it takes like that i feel i like to die
coz its so yummy and napa puta ako sa sarap!

thanks to Lace for cooking,
Liza for the olive jars
Mama's cook book
kalan at kaldero

related post :

Pinoy Shaider update

I just got some juicy info about the local remake of Shaider. Im not yet sure if this is true, but I'll be sharing you all something that I read in the wonderful world of cyberspace.

-the Japan-owned series didn't like to sell the rights for Shaider

- "Kapangyarihan ng Araw" I'm not sure if that will be the working title for the local Shaider, if they didn't give the rights of the title or the entire character.

* this is only a rumor or we can say that this is an invalid information circulating the net. lets wait for proper press for the local release.

my only suggestion is: try not to copy the originals and have its own version of it.
lets say, one of the remaining soldier of metal hereoes (roster of gavan, sharivan and shaider)
and the last metal heroes was here in the Philippines, I think that one will work and will sell outside the country too.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Friday, July 06, 2007

Win! a Dig Deep Entertainment exclusive
BLACK WOLVERINE statue figure

Hello Merryland blog readers!

Just to keep the Toycon fever burning, and looking forward to Toycon 2008, we the organizers of Toycon would like to announce a contest. The mechanics are simple:

Create the 2008 Toycon Logo!


1. The logo should reflect the theme for next year's Toycon. And the theme is...up to you! Since it's too early to think about it, you will be instrumental in helping us lock down the theme for next year

2. The logo should integrate the words:
Philippine (or Phil.) Toycon 2008 or if you see fit the whole name of the event, The 7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2008

3. It should be original (please no plagiarism, because we'll take the heat, if ever) and eye-popping!

4. Try to limit to 3-4 colors only, and prepare a 200-300 dpi hi-res version in layer PSD (Photoshop file), we will need it when you win this contest.

5. Submit entries by deadline: August 26, 2007

And the prize:

user posted image

Whatever is in this. Very Happy

Dig Deep Exclusive "Black Wolverine" Limited to 20 pcs Worldwide

Please submit your entries to, in jpeg format 100 pixels

Ok, get to work...

-Collectibles Unlimited

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Busy bees


I just saw this photo of Jollibee mascot in a local forum and I my tooth just fell off when I viewed this, i never saw Jollibee in a group photo with all the same mascot at the same time. Im just wondering where and when this photo happens.

If ever I can rent them all, they will be marching down in my birthday party.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

For sale! Authentic Transformers movie shirts

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
For sale! Authentic Transformers movie shirts

Php 500 each

Autobot - blue color shirt only
Decepticon - black color shirtonly
(front embossed design)

Sizes available
Small - chest measurements of 34-35 inches
Medium - 36-37
Large - 38-39
XL - 40-41
XXL - 42-43

made in the Philippines

Limited quantity available

for interested buyers, pls email at

we can send the tshirt to your doorstep
email us for shipping rates and payment details.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
First 5 buyer and Transformers Philippines member will receive a FREE Authentic Optimus Prime Poster

Az and Lace pics video montage

You can add the song "Through the years" hahhah, its like watching a Coney Reyes on Camera.

Thats us, through the years of life, blogs and transfor..opppss... Pizza monsters hahaha

video created by the super lovable Lace Llanora

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Planet X Comics Shop Grand Opening Day - JULY 7, 2007 !
located at Trinoma Mall
Level II, M2 S-2140e, EDSA Corner North Ave., Quezon City


Come meet Special Guest Artists:
*Lan Medina - Penciler (Fables, Punisher, Silver Surfer, Spawn, District X, and more)

*Mico Suayan - Penciler (Moon Knight, Trakk Monster Hunter)

*Edgar Tadeo - Inker/Colorist (Wolverine, X-men, Iron Man, Spawn, and more)

*Carlo Pagulayan - Penciler (Incredible Hulk, Elektra, Emma Frost, Fantastic Four, and more)

*Jeff Huet - Inker (Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four)

*Wilson Tortosa - Penciler (Battle of the Planets, Tomb Raider)

Artists will be signing from 1pm-5pm. The first 50 people in attendance will receive a special print created just for this event. Due to time and space constraints, sketch requests from artists will be limited. Full mechanics on sketch requests to be announced at the grand opening.

For more info, please call 536-8070 or 914-0040.

You can also e-mail us at

comics people will have a grand meet up too at the opening of Planet X Comics. Also will serve as a Comics Appreciation Day too ahahahah.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Transformers Philippines event in Megamall VIDEOS

I got 2 videos here especially made for the online coverage.

Here's the video footage that I shot and edited, to catch all the Transformers Ph moments and also it shows how successful the event and how happy the people in there.

A music video montage of the whole event, featuring the organizers, staffs, friends and supporters and also the Transfans!
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