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Friday, November 09, 2007

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Gathering of Dreamlings and Nightmares with Neil Gaiman

just got this info from Budjette Tan at the Alamat Yahoo! Group


click here for the large version of the poster

A Gathering of
Dreamlings and Nightmares
with Neil Gaiman

Where Neil Gaiman reads from his latest works &
answers your queries

Only 1,000 tickets available
Includes an autographed Beowulf manuscript

The first 100 attendees to register at the venue get
to be part of the an exclusive book signing hour with
Neil Gaiman.

El Centro Subic, Subic Bay
November 24, 2007, Saturday, 9am
Tickets at P1,500 (cash basis only)

Call Lucre Mae Villaluna at 09156436040 or (02)7518152

meeting and mobile officemeeting and mobile office

im here today in gloria jeans coffee in Shopwise in Araneta Cubao, just finished a great lunch meeting with KC Kordero, one of my most valuable sponsor for the comics seminar and a cool friend too in the industry hehhee. just learned that we were officemate years ago when the time I was working for ABS CBN publishing and its funny to know that we run around in this little building and never met, ahahah what a small world.

its Christmas already here in Araneta Cubao and the giant tree is almost up and i was thinking when will they put lights for the tree eheheheh.

im here running a deadline to finished and im using airborne access net service, although it is limited for 1 hour im now rushing all things just for the deadline whew! glad i finished it...
now i wait for another batch of meeting today and if they didnt reply i will go home now.

after the deadline... comes the revision mission hahahahaha!

WarRock World Championships: Road to Korea Finals

Who will emerge as the first WarRock Philippine Team?
Every battle must come to an end.

After several rounds and explosive matches during eliminations in the past months, Amped Games’ nationwide tournament “WarRock World Championship: Road to Korea” will finally see through its efforts of finding the top WarRock team in the Philippines to represent the country in Korea for the WarRock World Championship Finals during the prestigious Game and Game World Championship Finals on December 1, 2007..

Eight teams from all over the Philippines will battle it out on November 10, 2007, from 11AM onwards, in Station 168 Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City for the title of the first WarRock Philippine Team.

Read more here at WarRock World Championships: Road to Korea Finals is now a Kapamilya ( ABS CBN)

wow! great news and great work for ABS CBNi. and i mean that its the first time i hear a local company teams up with online giants like, hehehehe.. so it means that are we going have ABS CBN ads? which is more better....than seeing adult oriented ads (semi porn ads) which is im glad that they removed it already after complains. hehehee.

congrats to ABS CBN and Multiply hope you can throw a party and launch this tie up.
and invite us too hahhaaha.. add me as a friend contact!

Today, we're proud to announce a partnership with our friends at ABS-CBNi, the interactive division of media conglomerate ABS-CBN, based in Quezon City, Philippines.
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

For those unfamiliar, the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation is the largest media company in the Philippines, owning and operating dozens of television and radio stations. This deal, through ABS-CBN's connections, means better, more relevant, local advertising for Filipino Multiply users.

According to Multiply CEO Peter Pezaris, "Partnering with ABS-CBN, and having access to all their top-flight blue chip advertisers gives Multiply a strong competitive edge in grabbing an early and large slice of the online advertising pie while extending our brand in the Philippines, the Asia Pacific, and worldwide."

For more details, why not have a look at our official press release?
source : Multiply & ABS-CBN: A match made in Quezon City

more meeting today

i'll be having a series of meeting this day and it seems that i can't attend one meeting in near Eastwood City, my time is just went to fast and i woke up late with a very heavy head and it is another stress from another episode last night. i may take a rest tonight and proceed again in the friday morning work load.

some of my meeting is still about the comics seminar, which suppose to be done weeks ago hahhahaa. but its fun talking to people and meet up with them. so far events will be out for me in awhile. neeed to reboost and study more.

while i type this, im waiting for a massive photo uploads in our FTP to be finished. its a series of photos from the comics seminar that are needed by magazine publisher for their article in their next issue, so im rushing all things again hehhehehe. will write a post event coverage article too. which is the most important of all after an event.

here's a deadline ym chat ahahahahahah

Magazine man : hiya may PR ka na for the seminar?
pogiazrael: ginagawa ko pa lang
pogiazrael: send ko this afternoon
Magazine man: ahh mahaba ba?
Magazine man: para gawan n lng namin ng template yung layouts habang wala pa hehe
pogiazrael: ah sige.
pogiazrael: give me how many words
pogiazrael: di naman mahaba
pogiazrael: short lang
pogiazrael: 2 pager ba ?
Magazine man: bka 3 pages mga 300 words ok na sayo?
pogiazrael: ok na ok !!!

ok 300 words is cool ! and im shocked that its a 3 pages post coverage! coolnesss!!!!
im writing this because someone here doesn't believe in what i write in my blog hhahha.
just to give update and read it during lunch break.

new friend.
yesterday i just met a friend and we went home together...
too bad i can't play with them today, coz il be out and they will still sit inside their plastic bags.

his gray colored brother can wait next month

im looking for his Girlfriend.. and if theres anyone has a Witchblade extra.. just message me!

Gerry Alanguilan's Elmer #3 Preview

titilaok ! kokokokorkok kok.. kokkokokoooo prokk prok rpok pok


Here’s a few panels from Elmer #3. I’m sure some of you may have already seen the last one below. It’s the demonstration page I used for The Making of Elmer article for Sketch Magazine a few months ago. - Gerry Alanguilan

korokokokokok kok.. (means click link below to read more)

Elmer #3 Preview

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

busy body az

il be busy for a while and need to work on the website job that im assigned to finished this week, been restoring an important site and im so happy that saw this internet way back machine who had save 70% of the content that we lost during a massive server crash and the content are so precious dated back more than 6 years old. and now im in hyper mode in collecting all those files and put it back in our server and lastly do a back up of it.

its good that the internet gods granted my wish hehehe thanks !

im on a hibernation mode so i guess that there will be no events for this month and im now concentrating saving some money and also gear up for next year, because i know that there will be more events for me again and its a yearly routine for me. writing concepts, researching and studying the target market and also human behaviour in the internet, whihc is so funny that i just discovered and read some funny blog wars somewhere.

during the ben templesmith event, i just talked to ariel and elbert and told them and released a short verbal teaser of my upcoming event that involves web comics. i just got the idea years back about having a web comics convention , and it will be an online thing and because that the technology today is more reliable, having an online convention or festival will work even you stay at home. im still researching for more ideas and also got a lot of exciting activities in store for everyone.

yeah. just like that, my mind is like a roaring volcano, ideas and concepts are popping from nowhere and this time i take my time to relax and rest for a moment. even that i dont want to blogged it here,because many can copy my concepts and use it for their own benefit, but thats how the wheel of ideas go. you can get a new concept from others, and it will depend on you if you want to copy it or make a new one out of it.

just like this saturday we will be having a jokers gang photoshoot, that to be submitted to the dark knight website, a viral activity for everyone and we just saw that there are no pinoy representative for being one of the joker gang. pretty funny and crazy, well if theres anyone is interested in joining feel free to message me here. me and adrian are talking about this since last night and just hope that he got some recruits.

ok ok just end my blogging habit today and will go up stairs to have more hugging nights with lace., because i stayed all night last night working and recovering all files from the way back machine. and surfing from it is cool aahahahaha..

tomorrow il be getting my Optimus Prime Voyager class in Festival Mall. a great location near my venue today and i just won that for P1900 in and was surprised that an old friend is the seller and just got a great deal from it. maybe after that i might watch 30 days of night in Festival mall, since the movie hall in SM bacoor totally sucks!.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ben Templesmith and vampires in CSB

just met Ben Templesmith yesterday during his workshop in DLS CSB. the workshop was great and got a learn a lot of stuff on how Ben do those designs and comic craft in his own style. it was amazing and the people liked watching him do an artwork made from traditional pencils, photos, image references, layering and then graphic designing.

its a great experience as he say that his style aren't that traditional for comics but this is his style and he liked it the way it represented when turned into comics and after that turned into a live action movie (30 days of night)

the room at SDA bldg of DLS CSB is jampacked with crowd of students and professional, who went there to meet Ben and also listen to his lecture on how he do his style in comics.

also attending the workshop are our local comic creators and artists and it was like a comic convention for a day because everyone was there.

this is my photo printed desktop wallpaper that I grabbed from Ben's flickr hehhhe

the good thing is that the book was sold there at 10% off and Fullybooked announced that if you bought 2 books you get 20% off hahhaha, we grabbed our own copies, and all of the books has Ben's signature, but its cool to have him sign our copies.

Rhea Llamas of Fullybooked, Carlo Vergara, Ariel Atienza and me
cool to hang out with Carlo Vergara that day, and all of us ended our walkathon in Tapa King with Ariel Atienza, Jonas Diego, Elbert Or and Gilbert Monsanto.

our all cast group shot in a blurry way

Ben in his lecturing hour.

with Carlo Pagulayan, Harvey Tolibao and Jason Paz (near the door)

after the Ben lecture, Benjie Marasigan tour us inside the gigantic fortress hahaah, i just call it SDF like Macross and not SDA bldg. It was a one cool venue for arts.
we all drolled after seeing all this equipment. hi speed scanners, PC, Macs, digi video cam, and the humongous Green Room.

thanks to Fullybooked for bringing Ben here in Manila and also thanks again to them for making us read and go back loving the comics, and also thanks to the DLS CSB people, MCO, MMA and to Ben.

more photos can be seen if you to this link.

Digital Coloring Contest Submission Part 2 @ Komikon

Win a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet in two ways

Glass House Graphics, Studio Sakka and WACOM


Digital Coloring Contest Submission @ KOMIKON

1. Bring and submit to us a one page pin up of your best digital colored work

2. or Bring a 1-2 page sequential comics, digitally colored, with or without lettering.

entries should be printed in a size of 11x17.
with label of your name, contact, email at the back of your entry.

bring it and submit it to us at the Glass House Graphics / Studio Sakka booth
at the 3rd KOMIKON, November 17, 2007. 10am-4pm in Bahay ng Alumni, U.P. Diliman

If you don't have an artwork. You can download some pin up coloring sample in our website at

artwork can be in any style. Western, Anime Manga, Manhwa, Cartoon etc.

1 Winner for Digital Colored Pin up
1 Winner for Digital Colored Sequential Page

send your inquiries or questions to /

Monday, November 05, 2007

Neil Gaiman in Manila 2007

Neil in Snow

yes! the master dream maker will be back again here in Manila, and Fullybooked just gave a good signal for me to post this blog entry to inform everyone that Mr. Neil Gaiman will come to Manila after his Ad Congress guesting.The info was passed on to me during the Ben Templesmith event in DLS-CSB and we chatted about it.

Event will be in Fullybooked Bonifacio High Street. The event will take place on November 24 and 25. Although that the dates were released from me verbally awhile ago, and gave the go signal for this info.

They will be releasing an official press release and digital poster tomorrow or maybe this week, announcing the Neil Gaiman event book signing of the Beowulf, some (another) book and book launch of the Philippine Graphic Fiction and also in tie in with their event Unreality Bites : Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards 2

Fullybooked told me that the November 24th is might be a tentative date for his appearance since he will be coming from the Ad Congress and its a long way to Manila and the schedule for the event is having a concern if he can make it on time or not, but lets just wait and see for the final info of it. Still the main target of the event is maybe on the 25th.

The event will take place inside the Fullybooked Bonifacio High Street branch. and the target venue inside is on the roof deck, theater room, or a possible venue outside, fronting the bookstore. I just told them that people might camp out the whole evening before the event and we laugh out and just think of what happened from last year's Gaiman visit. well...its an awesome event and now people will be excited hearing this news.

hey rhea and tals! throw me that PR news anytime hahahaha

there are some juicy info here too at Master Jedi Meann;s blog
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