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Friday, November 30, 2007

Bloggers' Meet-up in Manila

Sign up here!

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Bloggers' Meet-up in Manila
A "meet and greet" party.
Shai Coggins /
Time and Place
Friday, November 30, 2007
7:00pm - 11:00pm
Kape Isla, Serendra
(fronting Market Market) Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Philippines

Remember, only the first 50 guests will enjoy unlimited coffee and dessert for free!

The night will be a place where you can share ideas, insights, or just entertaining tidbits with fellow bloggers, and meet b5media’s Shai Coggins. It’s your last chance to do this while sipping and eating to your heart’s content.

from Bayanihan Blog Network

Shai Coggins, one of the VP’s of b5media is coming home for the holidays. We are organizing a set of two meets for b5media bloggers as well as for the Filipino blogging community.
from A Bugged Life

//we will be going and already signed up weeks ago.. im glad that they canceled the curfew tonight whew!

Good Morning Philippines

I'm just saying good morning to our great and wonderful country and even that there are lots of political drama happening 24/7, I'm still happy that I live here and love the country.

Im just blogging this just to put the stress away on what happened yesterday and also the massive traffic jam going home to Cavite. And the curfew declaration made people panic and go home early.
Massive checkpoints happening in our area, inspecting vehicles and people going to Manila. On the way home is not a problem, check point is not required, but the lane had suffer and been eaten by 2 more lanes going to Manila.

The traffic last night is a horror, we are unprepared and left tired after the long wait. We are thankful that Shuttle operators and drivers still continued to serve the commuters going home and they are sometimes getting rude for being so exhausted in the long line of traffic going back to SM Mall of Asia. and when we lined up for 2 hours just to take a ride, the Shuttle took the Fishermen's road going to Las Pinas. Then we witness the traffic horror.

did the people panic ?

or is it just another Friday-like rush hour ?

I don't know what will happened next after this curfew ek ek, but if the government wants peace and order, its fine with me. I know they are kicking a lot of bad asses lately but still the people want to know more about it and thanks to the media people who dedicated their lives just to deliver the big scoop.

I know the incident in Makati affects lots of business and also my personal agenda for the day suffers, after the drama ended, me and Lace went to Claw Daddy in Shangri La just to have a nice dinner and celebrated that the terror is fnished.

but getting a nice lobster meal and lots of huggings affects our trip on the way home.

it sucks di ba?

but still, i will be out tonight to attend an event
so bahala na si batman hahahahaa

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jelly in Manila - 1st meet up photos and video

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Andre Quintos, Ronald Guanzon and Azrael Coladilla (me)

Im here in Robinsons Galeria to attend the 1st meet up of Jelly in Manila, too bad that the Makati mutiny and coup attempt affects everyone and the attendees :(
but its okay, we will have more meet ups coming next week !

thanks to Andre Quintos for organizing the meet up here in Manila.
thanks to RG and Jaclyn Ting Lim coming here later

here are the photos.

i just uploaded the photos in my Facebook, because Multiply is having a server maintenance today.

and below is the video

Taking photos in Makati will suspect you as a terrorist - The AUDIO Interview version

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shirt designed by: parq17

hi everyone!

here's the audio interview version

read the peoples comment in my other blog at the link below
Taking photos in Makati will suspect you as a terrorist

Local Toy Stores began TF toy restocks

im reporting that all our local toy stores had just starting to restock lots of TF movie toys and Im happy to see it, and it seems that its an early Christmas to all TF fans. Too bad that I just bought a new toy last week and forgot to bring lots of cash to buy leader class toys. at the end of the video i'm shamelessly tried to activate that cyberstomping bumble bee toy ahhaahhaa

click here to see photos
Local Toy Stores began TF toy restocks

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pulot is now a daddy! wahuhuhu

im just happy to see Puteh's kittens and I just discovered it this morning.
and glad to know that Pulot is the father.

we can tell by the kittens features just like Pulot.
no DNA testing required, we can tell its from him because Pulot stays near the mom and the kittens.

congrats Pulot and Puteh !

and btw, thats the 2nd time for Puteh for giving birth, the 1st one was a mess and Puteh's to young to be a mom and didn't give too much attention to her kitties.

this time,we will be on the watch! because i want to raise these young Pulots !

more photos at Pulot is now a daddy! wahuhuhu

Earthquake today!!

minutes earthquake occur and we felt it here in Bacoor, Cavite

and the radio news reported that the ground suddenly opened up in Pasay City
i heard they mentioned a restaurant, that people went into panic afterwards.

according to the radio news
the quake was felt too in Baguio, QC, Laguna, Cavite and ofcourse in Manila too.
People into panic mode and everyone went out of the building, good thing that nobody gets hurt.
even inside the DOJ, people rush outside the building.

--added news
Intensity 4.4 in Ilocos Norte and 3 in Manila

-added news
earthquake occured at 12:30nn

Electric cable in Aroceros Manila has snapped and the post exploded.
People in the LRT/MRT went out immediately and people into panic and staying away from high buildings and structures. - radio news

- reported by: JC John Cuneta: Mass Message via YM
PHILVOCS: Metro Manila Intensity 4. Epicenter 77km West of Lingayen, Pangasinan (South China Sea). Felt up to Ilocos Norte... felt up to Cavite and Laguna. PHILVOCS still gathering additional data. No Tsunami alert.

- added news
it was a Magnitude 6.0
read :
thanks to neutronjammer for the news

JellyInManila is forming. Tara lets!

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What is this “Jelly”?

Jelly is an every-so-often casual coworking session. Anyone is welcome to come, bring a laptop, and work alongside other creative, fun people. Hope to see you there! See and this blog post for more background.

Email if you want to start your own!

The 1st JellyInManila is on Thursday, 29 November 2007, 10:30am.

visit :

// I'll be there and Im going to have an office mate ! yey!!! just for a day ahahah
everyone can participate! even if youre working at home as an IT, call center, comic artist, or if you just want to hang out with other people and channel and feed creative ideas with each other. astig yun! cool di ba? you can also bring your laptop.

I might broadcast this mini event via video streaming :)

Investigating something

Im investigating something and it involves my name and a local magazine.

they published my name and used it as an interviewer to a person who is in the same field of industry I'm into. I was shocked to read it. It started when I googled my name, just to check some tags, blogs, and articles written about the events I attended.

then I saw this blog post, quoting me and my question and the answer of the person.

and just registered to my mind that I didn't recalled any published interview or article last year.
Because if there is, I have complimentary copy and also a paycheck for that writing gig.

So I just got the magazine issue and month, I'll go out today to check if it is true. I hope that there's an available issue of this magazine.

Because I just found it out only in a blog post. and thanks to that blogger.

For me, using my name and publishing it ,is a serious case, I must protect my image and also i have my rights to demand and seek the publishers explanation about this, also they mispelled my family name.

i dont know what will i do next, so im here blogging it and seek some advice from my blog readers.

I wont mention any name, or the magazine for the moment,
for now i'll just need to find evidence.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Neil Gaiman in Manila 2007 update 5 - NEWS FLASH !!!!!

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from left to right
Jaime Daez (Fullybooked)
Mike (Son of Neil Gaiman)
Azrael (thats me! )

a quick update!!!!

and yes, the event is finished..and for those of you missed the event, i have uploaded 4 parts of photo album covering the whole event and the dinner with Neil Gaiman.

thanks to my partners in coverage the event - Marc Cerbo, RG Guanzon and Erving Go.

thanks super to all bloggers and multiplyers

and also thanks to Fullybooked ! Rhea! Tals! and Jaime!

whew! I still have my hang over.

we dont have anymore updates today..

Check out Charles Tan coverage of the event via audio recording, the table of contents of EXPEDITIONS and also the list of winners

Even More Graphic/Fiction 2007 Updates

Neil Gaiman Graphic/Fiction 2007 Recordings

Expeditions Table of Contents

but let met show a Quick update from NEIL GAIMAN himself.

Gallivant's travels

It was fun.

(I'll do a slightly dessicated version here, because I'm in the lounge at Narita and don't have long before my plane boards now...)

I was brought in for the Ad Congress -- I gave a talk about the imagination and why it is a good thing, and then, on Saturday morning, did a reading of the complete first chapter of The Graveyard Book, an interview and a signing for about 200 people (it was only meant to be for the first 100 in the line -- some of whom started lining up at midnight -- but I added in about an extra 45 minutes signing at the end). Then to Manila -- on the way I read the finalists for the Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards, and was really impressed by the quality of the prose stories. Fully Booked runs the awards, and on Saturday morning I found myself sitting in Fully Booked while stacks of copies of Expeditions were put in front of me to sign. These were the two collections (prose and comics) of winners and runners-up from the first Award, last year. Many interviews followed, and a mass press conference. And then, in the afternoon, I had the odd experience of being a magicians' assistant (for local magician Eric Bana) and awards presenter, in front of a large crowd (and despite the rain), and I announced the thing we're adding to the awards for next year (a short films category), and at one point I dragged Mike up on stage with me (when I was asked about being a children's author and having children), and I sort of promised I'd come back for the third round, and that I'd do a signing if I did...

(I loved the whole trip but it was made much more fun by having a son with me.)

Then dinner with the winners and judges from this year and last year's competition.

Back to the hotel, and up at 5.00am to leave Manila. And now I'm here.

Expect postings to decrease between here and Xmas. I have a book to finish, and I'm done gallivanting, I hope...


Transformers in Marikina City

Its a transformers theme, means a transforming city. Now I should see these 40 robots myself in Marikina City.


transformers is the theme for this year's marikina christmas festival. it launched on november 23rd. marikina's seven-week christmas festival celebrates the transformation of the once-backwater community into one of the most competitive and multi-awarded cities in the philippines.


this is just one of the forty robots that you will see in the city. this is part of the christmas festival with the transformers as its theme. thanks to the welders of the engineering department of marikina city

READ MORE AT the blog post of Biyaheng Pinoy - Transformers of marikina city

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Neil Gaiman in Manila 2007 - Live blogging

im here at the Fullybooked, 4th flr. at the forum.
Neil Gaiman had a presscon here and I missed it !
and people at FB said that there will be another press con and Neil aggreed to have another presscon. and FB told me if I want to have an interview with Neil, but i told them i'll just start at the forum aahhahahaha.

im having problems on the internet connection here and the wifi is low here at the 4th floor
im trying to resolve the problems now.

4:45pm - eric mana did a prediction magic trick, and neil gaiman was part of the prediction magic and thats one great entrance !!!

- the winners of the 1st graphic fiction were given a certificate and also a signed copy of Expeditions

- im seating infront of the stage, on my left side is Leinil yu and at my back is Mike, ..Neil's son

6:00pm - Leinil told me to give the ELMER 3 to Mike, who is seated at my back hahahaha.
but then we decided to hand it to him later, but then we were entertained by the ethnic arnis performance and Neil's appearance again hosting the show, just forgot to give him the comics and didnt know Mike left the event.

-will post more later. im here in starbucks and waiting for a text message by the FB, because i didnt got a chance to interview Neil awhile ago and the dinner upstairs is exclusive for the winners and shortlist members of the contest. I'll be handing a copy of Gerry Alanguilan's ELMER 3 to Neil personally.

- the crowd is big and it rain a little... im glad that its not a super typhoon

more PHOTOS and also VIDEOS to be posted later !

Taking photos in Makati will suspect you as a terrorist

It happened to my friend last night, and Im here talking to him via IM.

My friend is a photography hobbyist and also loves to take photos of everything around as ART. On his way home, he took pictures of a night scene of Makati and also with the lights and the effects of the dark night reflecting in some buildings in Makati. He always do that whenever he goes home and I like his photo art seeing Makati in a different nature.

but the worst part - he was detained at the Makati police precinct last night and he just told it to me this morning. He said that the police rounded him up at 10pm after a bus ride, and on his walk home he took one photo of a subject and then the police came and detained him for questioning.

All of his stuff were inspected and he receives a lot of questions about his actions of taking photos at night and he was suspected as a TERRORIST. A lot of questions were asked to him and he said that he was detained at the police office and they check his status and ID for verification. He called his family to pick him up and he got home at 1AM. And now totally pissed off on what happened.

Unaware that taking photos in MAKATI is now prohibited, because insider reports said that theres this building in Makati is now in a high security level and in also everyone in Makati is in red alert after the Glorietta 2 bombing incident.

so if you are a photographer, either a hobbyist or a professional or a journalist, it is better to bring your Identification Card anytime and anywhere. In order to avoid the police to suspect you as a SPY or a Terrorist.

Last year, Even me was suspected too when we went to Pampanga for a school tour in Don Bosco for promoting the course offering of a certain institute, lucky me that I brought my ID anywhere I go, because that time NPA were reported going to Manila.

or dont take photos in Makati.. because it will sucks big time when the police caught you and all of your plan for the day/night will be cancelled. and bring your ID !!!

and also, taking photos inside the mall are BAWAL din
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