Buhay Coke Bloggers Party 2 - I won the video blog contest

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Video Blogging made me take home this 32 inch Toshiba Regza LCD TV, I just won 1st place for the Buhay Coke video blogging contest and I didn't expected that I get the 1st place trophy,I was hoping for a lower win, but this is the coolest part.. having a new tv at home! wohohoh.

bloggers, video bloggers, twitters, multiplyers, plurkers, Coke drinkers assembled at the Taste Asia in SM Mall of Asia for another round of the Buhay Coke bloggers party, same procedure for those who want to attend, register your name during the pre-registration period and then you got to enter now for an exclusive party by Coca Cola and SM Hypermarket.
(read more below for full stories, photos and videos)

About the party
The party started minutes after the Olympics 2008 in Beijing and everyone went inside to watch and see the opening, and during that our videos were playing on the bamckground, and I was too shy to see my face on the big screen. There's this weirdness feeling and difference of letting people view your videos online and seeing them view it in a public event. We got treated again for an open bar by Taste Asia, and its big buffet of food and drinks for us. After entering, I just grabbed my name tag and signed the guest list and then I didn't that I just grabbed a Coke Zero at the beverage counter, then I started to look for my companions and then greeted some of my online friends, I feel like I'm celebrating a debut ahhhaa, because I'm doing this table hopping and talk to them one by one, because I see rarely these people and its a great talk even we see everyone online via blogs and plurks.

After the meal, the beer bar opens, and then the awarding ceremony for the contest started. All participants were asked to come infront to talk about the video entries, I'm getting nervous already and I hide my feeling when I started taking photos and video of the event. Then our videos were played one by one and the participant in front being interviewed by the event host. I just met the video bloggers who joined the contest and I asked Raredog on how did he shoot the Coke he's handling while riding a motorcycle, and he's answer is... magic! ahahaha. and then he told me its about a production thing.. I just started to think, and then said that, why didn't I think of that.. ahhahaha. ( I wont reveal that magic thing, just ask Raredog personally via his blog), then got a busy chat with Gerry Alanguilan during the awarding and I did that just to make the excitement wears off and be normal, then the winners were announced.

4th place -Dcoyexo
3rd place - Cokskiblue
2nd place - komikero
1st place - popazrael ( thats me!)

I just got the weirdest goosebumps of all, after hearing Dcoyex to receive a ipod prize, seeing Coksiblue receive a digicam prize and hearing Gerry will have an iPhone which made me scream "whoaaaaa!!" ( you will see that in the video later) and then I just felt cold and turned my back away to shoot that LCD TV and maybe I just lost my feeling that I will not win, but then before the host and Marcelle mentioned my Youtube username, I just read Marcelle's lips .5 seconds before the word "popazrael", then 1.5 seconds, I didn't know that it was me! hahahaha

after the party, Lace called a taxi cab and Jaydj helped me carry it outside the party venue, and then me and Lace went home to Cavite carrying the big TV. And the excitement turns around again and waited for a day to assembled it after attending another event for my blog assignment coverage.

the video concept
Congratulations to all winners and participants, all of the entries are kick ass and awesome! been amazed on how they edit it and shoot the video for the theme Buhay Coke. Everything is all original and if you're going to ask me my video concept, I just think of it after getting the idea from comics and sentai villains - " we need to attack them in the heart in order for us to win" hahahah, well its just a crazy concept and didn't know that it worked.

thanks to my friends and family who helped me in shooting some footages, and also having a 2 year old of stock videos is very difficult to back track just to make it fit for the video, and during my sorting of videos in my library, I was surprised that there are some cool footages that we have a Coke on the table. I will upload later on in my youtube and post here some behind the scenes of some shots of the Buhay coke video.

It was a big prize ever for me to win in a contest, I usually win in some online contest, like we got this DVD player, Olympus digicam, Ipods, Mp3 players, DSL router, and other cool items, but the LCD TV is one of the biggest and expensive trophy of all. wow! o wow! o wow!

In joining the contest, I just didn't expected to win, but It's just a big challenge for me to be creative and used some of my skills, because at work I started to become rusty and needed to release this creative juices because all of it will block my mind.. but now! whew!!!! finished at last!!

super many thanks and big virtual hugs to Coca Cola Philippines and SM Hypermarket

here's the video coverage of the event

and here are the photos
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more event photo coverage at Buhay Coke Bloggers Party 2 @ Taste Asia, SM MOA

and my new TV set up photos at Toshiba Regza 32 inch LCD TV

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will update more links later

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JayDJ said…
congrats ! ang laki ng prize ! literally ! wohooo!!!

at transformers pa ata unang pinapanood dun ha ! hehehehe!
ahhaha...Tf animated and Spawn tv series..unang buminyag for the dvd-thon
HelloKit said…
Wow, congratulations! I'm jealous! :oP

I'm holding a contest on my blog to celebrate my 300th post. Nothing as fancy as a TV in the prize bin, but it's a lot easier to enter... no video-making necessary! I'd really appreciate if you'd enter and help me spread the word around!
wowwww congrats!!! ang saya saya!
Admin said…
Galing congrats...
philos said…
Congratulations! :)
Tom said…
Congratulations for bagging the First Place and bringing home the LCD TV. Ang galing mo!