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Friday, January 18, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Entries invited for the 2nd International MANGA Award

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Entries for the Second International MANGA Award are invited until February29, 2008.

The Award was established in May 2007 to honor MANGA artists who have contributed to the promotion of MANGA overseas. In the First International MANGA Award competition was held last year, two Filipino artists, Elmer Damaso and Jhomar Soriano, creators of Ravenskull and Mr. Grieves respectively, ranked among the top 19 brilliant MANGA artists, having been selected among the 146 nominees from 26 countries and regions all over the world.

The Executive Committee members of the Second International MANGA Award include the Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs and the President of the Japan Foundation among others.

The Golden Prize of the Second International MANGA Award will be given to the best MANGA from all the entries and the Silver Prize to the three distinguished works. In addition, the Japan Foundation will sponsor a ten-day trip to Japan for the winners to attend the award ceremony. Winners will also have the opportunity to meet with Japanese MANGA artists and visit publication companies during the trip.

For application guidelines and entry forms, please visit:



This was given to me by the Japan Foundation - Manila Office last night. Good luck to all who will be joining in the manga award competition. Just visit the website to download the PDF guidelines, applicaton and award entry form.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Caparas Komiks will be in full color

from the blog pages of Randy Valiente, he just shared this scan advertisement stating that on Issue 7, the Caparas Komiks will be in full color.

I don’t mind getting a comic book for only P15. but i just hope that they improved the comics printing first rather than moving into in full color. Hmm. so what’s next? in glossy paper? Well I hope it will be in glossy paper. My money will test down the water first for supreme quality as what Caparas want his comics. I just wish that they release the comics in a regular basis, and I don’t want to be surprised that the comics will be available on the next 2 months or so. ok…. just surprise me! I thought at first that this will be a weekly comics. hmmm.. hope they get organized on this.

Rock Hard - the ramon baustista and asia agcaoili controversy

well ramon say's in his multiply page that this is the most talked about scandal that is now being pass on from cellphone to cellphone.

and now it is here in my blog! hahhahahahaha.


well, if you want to judge it. play it and watch it yourself. haahahahaah.

My little Pulot-lets

Puting, little kitty of Pulot and Puteh

Featuring here is my 4 little cutey and annoying kittens hahahah. They are from Puteh and Pulot. growing up really fast and also healthy. Although we already named the two.
Putol - a short tail gray cat that looks like his dad Pulot. (male)
Puting - white fur with a gray stripe on its head. (female)

while the other 2 kittens are identical, so i';; be putting them a soft collar in order for us to name them and identify them properly.

Mars Ravelo Marvelous Characters Inc seeking new talents

January 15, 2008

thanks to Raffy for sharing this!.

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Attention to all artists!

Here is a great opportunity for all aspiring comicbook artists to help revive the Filipino Comicbook Industry.

Mars Ravelo Marvelous Characters, seeking comicbook artists, illustrators to work them on rendering their characters for a new comicbook title featuring the Philippines' Classic Character - Darna, Captain Barbell, Lastikman, Dyesebel and Many more.

All Interested parties can e-mail their inquiries and/or send sample art to

Mars Ravelo Marvelous Characters, Inc.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Dark Knight Action Figures by Mattel

January 14, 2008

my tradition of posting a Dark Knight content starts now.
this photos is from this flickr of Shaun Wong. This is a fast preview of Batman's look on the 2nd Nolan's movie. No Batwing yet and no sidekick. My guess that this figure will be available one month before the showing.

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Monday maniacs

January 14, 2008

its Monday and it means time to get back to work. I'm busy since yesterday making these new layout for the website Im working, but there are problems and new ideas coming up forcing me to redo the page. Well it happens everytime whenever I look onto the web visitors or clients point of view. But the big story in here is that my internet is acting weird and can't upload stuff in our FTP, DNS server error and network problems is occurring once again, and its a big problem for me to reach an important deadline.

while waiting for the normal connection, I'll go to the mall and pay some bills. Im glad that gmail and blogger works, while other sites are in error.

got some invites for an interview and its like the old days when people are taking anime topics as for their thesis subject. But today its thesis season and many had taken komiks or comics as their topics for their thesis, got an invite for an interview, me as an event organizer for a comic event, I think they were referring to the Komikon : Philippine Komiks Convention, I'm glad that these unknown people credit me for what i had contributed for the komiks scene.

And not just komiks, someone sent me an invitation too for their thesis, they are in the study of the anime scene in the Philippines, well Im no longer that active, but as an observer I can share something that it may be a great start for the j-culture. Also a big boy also consulting me on his big convention thesis. Yeah! I really like his concept and a big candidate to bear the torch for the next ToyCon organizer, hehhee he can get it if ever we get old and retire. And lastly, an interview for a movie icon, as a big fan of Philippine movies, I mean the classic movies, this is a new thing for me to talk about movies and the movie icon.

I guess this coming activities might fire up some creative juices of mine, and it seems that I lack lot of juices lately after the holiday season. It means time to research and learn more to come up with great ideas.... crazy ideas. ehehhehehe.

might watch a movie today. National Treasure 2. Some says that the 1st movie is bad, but for me its a great tour in some hot spots in the U.S. , never been there but movies, internet and magazine open up a great doorway for us to see what's in there. yeah! lets learn more about America in watching National Treasure eehehhehe.

anyway, Im planning to buy a pitcher plant seed in megamall. but if i bought it and plant it, im not sure if it will grow here. placing the seed inside the freezer for 8 weeks seems a little hard to wait for it to grow.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dragon Wars, Heart Break Kid and Super Bad

January 13, 2008

Blogging about the movie Dragon Wars, Heart Break Kid and Super Bad.

Its a moviethon last week and last night, and here's my little takes for these movies.

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Dragon Wars
I'll start with this movie. At first Im just excited when I saw its trailer last year and didn't think about it afterwards and it was shown this week in Philippine cinema, the movie was supposed to be released on September and I don't know what happened on the late release here in Manila.

the title should be snake wars. All I see in the movie is the giant snake attacking the city of Manhattan, in search of this girl who possess the power that will turn the giant snake Buraki into a fierce and powerful dragon. There are some dragons on the scene, they battle with the military and the police, but not the powerful dragon we expect. The flow of the story is really fast, its like a compressed korean tv series and the story and the introduction of the characters just came so fast. Developing one character is gone which I didn't mind it or get any concern, I just waited to see this giant snake Buraki destroy everything and other dark creatures.

The story is from a Korean tale about dragons, which gives me interest and open a new cultural exchange about Korea. If you will be watching this, don't expect a great story and a great ending, but expect a great CG effects and kaiju madness. Im now starting to miss Godzilla and King Ghidora.

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The Heartbreak Kid

Ben Stiller is back again and another movie focusing on having a relationship and the ups and downs on getting married right after your 2 weeks date. I enjoy watching it and sometimes kinda felt sorry for the girl who got dumped by the character of Edward ( Ben). It sounds like a true story, but if you're going to watch this with your partner, just remind her that it is only a movie and it will be a good lesson for everyone on what happend to them on the beach. Try not to compare the beach honeymoon moment and meeting a new girl afterwards, guessing mr. and ms. right is hard but time will tell and you will find out what went wrong and learn your mistakes.

its a freaky movie for a guy! hahahahaha. the movie contains nudity and sex scene. Dont watch this with young kids, they might ask you whats that ring ?

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I've been waiting for this movie last year and I even joined this online contest were you upload your wackiest group friends photos, but too bad didn't win that special screening of the movie Superbad. I enjoyed watching it, it was like time warping me back to highschool days heheehe.
the movie is funny and will see more of people that goes into party, much different on what is going on here in the Philippines, but the movie still shows what's on the back of the mind of these kids. hehehee. you got it right!

enjoyed it! super laugh-a-thon and very nasty hehehe.
yeah! McLovin!

now on the next movie Im waiting is - Juno and Hard Candy :)

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