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Friday, February 01, 2008

Sundot, Pindot Book Launch

got an invite for the book launch. click below to read the full details.

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Free condom with each book purchase.
(Totoong totoo, di nagloloko!)
Courtesy of IMDC

Attire: Nude.
(Loko lang!) It's casual.

Heto na… ang oras ng ligaya!

You have just been propositioned
to come to the booklaunch of

Sundot Pindot,
Hubo't Hubad
really, really green text jokes
collected by Jake Uichico
with drawings by Elbert Or

Published by A&S Books
Featuring San Francisco-based stand-up comedian Allan Manalo

Jaymi's Grill
802 Arnaiz Avenue
(formerly Pasay Road)
Makati City
Tuesday 5 February 2008
6.30–8.30 P.M.

Free condom with each book purchase.
(Totoong totoo, di nagloloko!)
Courtesy of IMDC

Attire: Nude.
(Loko lang!) It's casual.

We welcome you with open legs.
It's not how short or how long you stay.
What matters is you CAME!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cloverfield and other freaky monsters

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we watched the Cloverfield red carpet premiere last night in Cinema 1 of SM Megamall and at first I thought that everyone will be in Glorietta 4, so I take a great chance to line up late and get a great seating position in watching this movie. Me and Lace ate our dinner in Jollibee then proceed quickly to line up for the movie premiere.

you can click and read below my comments and experience about the movie - Cloverfield

We are so excited to watch this movie and waited since last year the trailer went out and just followed some cloverfield investigators in the net getting clues and taking a short guess on what's the monster's figure and appearance. Many people speculated and lots of images and fan art came out just to show what will the monster look like. There's an early illustration that the monster is like a whale giant monster, then someone in Youtube posted a video commentary that the monster is Manhattan itself, wow! these concepts are really great! but the main Cloverfield monster is still a mystery and we don't know where it cam from.

The movie
I like to post more about the movie, but I just don't want to spoil everyone about the story.
my tips will be, just sit at the back, because the videography style might get you dizzy. But for me I didn't experience any dizziness because I'm so entertained on the story line and some comedy during the disaster scenes. Just focus on the movie in order not to get dizzy, don't roll your eyes just aim your attention on the people being documented.

My review
This is the best monster movie ever! Wow! Godzilla will be so sorry and will be beaten by this unnamed monster aka Cloverfield monster. There's a lot of scenes of the monster and don't worry, you will see it all, not only the monsters (with an "s") and also the military fighting it.
The blaire witch project style had evolved into something and maybe in the future style of cinema, everyone will have a movie focusing only the human perspective view. The Cloverfield drag a lot followers and now a cult following. I just saw this George Romero: Diary of the Dead trailer in youtube and it has the same videography style for the movie. For a monster fan, Cloverfield is the movie that will erased other monster films. ( I love Godzilla, and still will be in my heart)

the rant
it seems that many are disappointed in the film, I was laughing inside the cinema to hear a lot of pissed off people. Many of them aren't aware about the movie, and about the movie style. Some of them didn't saw the trailer. the people at my back and my seatmate on the right sucks! they rant during the movie. which is very distracting, my seatmate always use his cellphone, they began to get bored before the monster appeared and also many complained that they get dizzy.

ahhahaah! i just wished that they leave the cinema right away, because they are expecting some hollywoodish cinema style and then they get a videocam style movie for 2 hours. many people rant on the characters, which is like they don't know that they are in the cinema and people there get disturbed in their stupid actions. feels like that this movie is not fit for ordinary pinoys.

funny to hear them, but i didn't take it anymore and then made a big "shhhhhhhhh!" to them.
at the end of the movie, they still rant ahahaha, and me...laughing at them! hahahaha.
its like the time were the Lord of the rings: Fellowship of the ring movie came out on its first screening, many of them are pissed to see that the movie is to be continued hahahaha.

The monster
Can't post more about it, just watch it later. think of the animated cartoons "Inhumanoids"

Easter Eggs
I know there are lots of it in the movie. During the end credits of the movie, just wait til it is finished and wait for the voice after the credits. There is also a scene at the end of the movie, some says that there is an activity or movements in the ocean, too bad didn't saw it.

also I just noticed that there are a lot of toxic waste or biohazard labeled canisters or drums in the public alley of Manhattan, I think due to the spills of toxic waste, it attracted the monster to Manhattan.

Ultimate guess
hmmm, I think the monster is like a project save Earth animal hahahaa.
think of why it destroyed the ship near the statue of Liberty and the Chuai station.
hmm maybe the monster doesn't like toxic wastes.

yeah! I got a theatrical poster of Cloverfield movie! wohohoho! i little stuff to add my movie poster collection.

the photos.

here we are in random order hahaaha

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Google celebrates Lego's Birthday

If anyone didn't know it is the Lego company's 50th birthday

I remember playing with Legos when I was a little kid, I had a lot of containers full of Legos I used to build stuff with all the time.

this was emailed to me by my sister misyel


and now! try

Monday, January 28, 2008

3rd Jelly in Manila meet up

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A casual work event where everyone's invited

Everyone is invited to come and participate a jelly networking, if you are a freelancer and like to meet people and work together in one venue, then bring your work with you and lets start a little head to head working session. Bring your laptop or your work. its free and a good ground for breeding your creativity.

Thursday, January 31, 2008
11:00am - 5:00pm
Travel Cafe, GB5 or Starbucks VA Rufino
Makati, Philippines

you can email me or contact for some info about the event meet up.
we will be creating a big gathering and networking event soon for Jelly in Manila

You bring your laptop and some work, and Jelly provides wifi, a chair, and smart people to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with.

you can email or sign up also in our Facebook page at

Aliens and Predators are inlove to each other

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Just watched AVP2 and I blew all my afternoon task at home and work, because of too much excitement I'm getting excited to see the 3rd installment of AVP. The movie is great like in the Dark Horse comics. read below on some of my comments about the movie

The movie is not your ordinary sci fi movie or a monster movie. For me its a horror movie. The 2nd movie is very much different from the 1st movie or their other movies. Its like reading the Dark Horse comic books, for a fan and reader of Aliens vs. Predator, the movie for me is like a dream come true. The Killing never stops and more blood were put on. I just don't know what the writers think of when they create this story line.

Its very freaky to see some part of the scene were Aliens and the Predalien landed in a community hospital and there they continue to slaughter and then multiply. So freaky and a little bit disturbing. I know an Alien lover or fan really likes it, but for me it is too much already.
One scene a Predalien attacks and planted eggs to a pregnant lady and theres a scene were a nurse was eaten by an alien near the nursery. so freaky and I'm glad that they didn't showed it.

the ending of the movie opened up for another possible movie 3 and I like the idea that the future for AVP will be reshaped, now I'm wondering that the future marines will be more powerful than the marines in Aliens. While for the Predator world, they became much more stronger and also a real hunter.

Seeing a Predator hunts the Aliens was great. seeing all those gadgets and weapons really amazes me. But for part 2 we see one Predator only in a mission to avenge the death of his comrade and a mission to take home a new breed creature - the Predalien.

AVP movie is a big dream during my high school days, now I wish for a Robocop versus Terminator movie. or Jason Vs. Ash vs. Freddy.

Sunday, January 27, 2008 owner clears that their site is not a scam

The owner of the website messaged me and said that their website is not a scam and it says that theres a person who blackmail them and spread the news that they use the site in order to steal private information and use it for online fraud.

This was reported recently to our previous blog post which can be read here

Russel M. David, the owner of will explain more of the issue soon, because I sent some questions regarding site TOS and why is it there's no contact details in the site.

hi sa palagay ko po na misinform po kau ng nag bblack mail saakin. hindi naman po pwede na masira reputasyon namin dahil sa isang balck mailer. pinag hirapan po naman yung site namin. sana naman po i reverse nyo yung snasabi saamin i beg you! thank you po
if you ever have comments or suggestions po email me or ym me
thanks you po ulit
more power to your site

my msg to all
Dear StorePH Users, Obviously our site has been shutdown due to certain blackmailers. It is not true that we are a scam and getting your passwords. Bakit naman magiging scam kme at kukunin passwords nyo for fraud or stuffs like that hindi po kme ganung tao. Pinag ipunan namin para gawin tong site na to, pinaghirapan at pinagpuyatan, masisira lang dahil sa mga blackmailer. Sana matauhan kung sino man nag bblack mail saamin, as you can see we have atleast 4000 hits per day, at sa palagay ko naigit lang cla saamin at na gain namin yun per day. Thank You! Hope you stay with us. - StorePH Team

storephuser sent via PM to me
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