Partial solar eclipse of January 26, 2009 Manila, Philippines

A partial solar eclipse has been experienced here in Manila, Philippines and below are more of my photo coverage taken using my Olympus SP 500 and 3 sun glasses to act as my filter to block away the harmful rays of the sun.

I was observing the sun since 3:55pm and I'm checking if ever I can see some abnormal appearance in the sky and the color of the clouds, but then I took some photos and compare it on what will happen next.

then at 4:47 PM, I went outside and prepared my stuff standing above the terrace of this house just to have a great view of the upcoming sunset that will be partially covered by our moon.

more photos below

at 4:59 PM, I can see the deformed shape of the sun, the moon starts to cover it from below, and it was a great result to see it as the partial solar eclipse begins.

then at 5:02 PM, the sun starts to look like Pacman ahahaha, and looks like a cookie as the partial side of the moon covers it and we can see it under the filter.

at 5:22 PM, a big cloud covers the sun and it ends my eclipse observation, because we can no longer see the sun behind those clouds, but the good part is that I saw the partial shape of the moon coming in and starts to cover the sun.

it was a great sight! and fun to cover it, heard that there will be another eclipse next month and a total eclipse on July 22. We will do another coverage for everyone and will post pics here in my blog.

I have more photos here in my blog at Eclipse of January 26, 2009 ( added new photos)

here's a video simulation on how partial eclipse look like