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Saturday, April 18, 2009

*Exclusive* Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Footage

Check out this exclusive video that was uploaded 4 hours ago. Bumblebee inside the garage and looks like you'll see Megan Fox changing her clothes outside the garage.whoaaa.

Bumblebee is doing that R2D2 thing, but it is more funnier and still having some problems in its voice program. And looks like that Sam will be leaving BBee to attend his college.

also you'll see clips of...whoaaaooa... robots in actions
1. Sam screaming and it looks like Optimus Prime is seriously beaten by Megatron
2. Starscream cut the cars using a spinning gyro cutter, while Sam and Mikaela is inside
3. Sideswipe close looks and Arcee robot's trio
4. Jetfire walking and talking... at last..a close look
5. is that an insecticons? or maybe a small version of Laserbeak that Sam broke it in to two.
6.A close look on Devastator!
7. and final part that Optimus Prime punches Megatron in the face.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Babble Merryland post

My whole day is very tiring, I walked from Starbucks, HV dela Costa up to Starbucks 6750. I just realized that I walked that far and took a wrong path going to 6750. I went back to take the Ayala road and instead of the Makati Ave road which is more nearer to 6750. I was walking in Ayala and imagine myself in another place, it was windy and the weather is fine, it was 6:00pm and I'm very relaxed after an hour meeting about a upcoming project.

Walking in the busy street of Makati with lots of people going to the under pass and bus terminal. In the middle of the walking crowd I saw 2 fish ball vendors running and pushing their karts, it seems that they are running away from someone, and at first, I thought that it was going to rain. I see the skies having some lightning and so I started to be alert of the rain and move fast. Then the 2 fish ball vendors still runs and will pass infront of me, but then the vendors seems not to care as they nearly hit a lady walking and the other one is me. I got lucky not to be hit by a fish ball vendor, with a boiling hot oil in their pan and sticky hot sauce. Then a Makati police man riding a motorbike appeared behind them and it looks like a side walk chase.

then I complained after and mind my own business. I rant to myself for crossing all of these under pass going to 6750, it kinda suck that I must use all of these underground bridgeway just to cross the street, I think it was a 4 under pass. The last under pass is the most controversial to me. When I was walking, I heard a surround sound whirling in my ear, so I look around to my left and right, just to see the source of that sound, and then I saw a floating head of a guy to my left shoulder mumbling something and then when I look to my right and back, there's no one is following me. Then I turned to my left shoulder and the head is gone. It was freaky and it looks like a ghost just came to me and said hello, maybe its just a warning that I should be more careful because I still have a long journey ahead. I didn't got scared, but its a funny experience to tell to my friends as I posted it in my plurk, and yeah, everyone got scared and crazy about it hehehe.

I arrived in 6750, and met Rowena, Fran and Trixie of, and then Nelz of Weewilldoodle, Mark of Why noy Forum, and Zara of Starbucks, theres this One Tama event happening inside the Starbucks, and the place is jam packed by people who were there to attend this Dialogues at Starbucks, its a monthly event and they have this regular discussions and when I went there and landed at nearly 7pm, the event is about to end, but it was a great time to hang out with friends and great talk to cool people about doing something that will help change the world, and that is being a One Tama person.

I rode the bus going to Megamall, and I love staying inside that Jayross busline, they got the coolest aircon and cleanlinest bus ever, they also play a pirated dvd of this recorded movie from the Sci Fi channel, and its that giant snake movie attacking people in the jungle. I rested and dried myself from a big sweat in my body, it was funny to see myself enjoyed the cool air and dried myself from sweat, and when I arrive in Megamall, I was so comfy again and felt that I took a bath from home. It was a perfect condition and was ready to attend another meeting with my orgmates for Toy Con 2009.

After the meeting, I waited for my sister in Mcdonalds, I began to check my email using my laptop and enjoy free wifi in Mcdonalds El Pueblo, but after some 30 minutes, my laptop's battery juice went off and it sucks that I lost a lot of battery from the whole day of my adventure, then my sis arrives and told me that we transfer to Yellow Cab to eat there with her friend Crissie. I told her to buy me a meat ball pasta and after serving it to us, I was surprised to see that they gave the biggest serving for a meat ball pasta. I am so happy that the pasta is so good, the 2 meat balls just made my day and I didn't even finished all my food. I got tired of eating and already full.

Then after the meal, I went home.. the tiring part is that I rode the bus going to coastal rode and then another jeep going to Cavite. Then after arriving home, I hug my towel and ran straight to the bathroom to have a coolest shower ever.

whew..whatta day..

Jack Daniel's Global Music Tour (Philippines)
Friday, April 17, 2009 at 8:00pm
up to Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 2:00am
NBC Tent

Entrance by invites only!

Featuring collaborations of Nyco Maca+Playground and Cynthia Alexander

Plus explosive sets from Razorback, Urban Dub, Taken By Cars, KO Jones, Highway69 and Corporate Lo-Fi

Party together with Jack Daniel's models, Playboy Bunnies and Hooters Girls!

blogger's commentary:

I love this event!!!! Thanks to Playboy Philippines for the coverage gig and passes
hugs to Jeman! hehehe

thanks to Cris Ramos for the event invites too.

Maxim Magazine April 2009 Autograph Signing Party with Mocha

Friday, April 17, 2009
8:00pm - 10:00pm

Join us in the party and get a chance to have you Maxim April 2009 signed for FREE of Maxim's cover girls - the MOCHa Girls!!!

RSVP now here at


bloggers commentary:

yup, see you all there!
I will be there and got a great gig to interview Mocha for my blog. hmmm lets do a video blog to add more fun.

image source:

Panel Collective Exhibit by comic artists and illustrators at Vargas Museum

You are cordially invited...

Panel Collective opens at The Edge Gallery of the UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum on 22 April 2009, 6 PM.

The exhibit features the group known by the same name, Panel Collective, composed of young and maverick comic book illustrators and cartoonists who have created a major portfolio in local and international comics. While their works are distinctive of each artist's vision, these are connected by the visual narrative and sequential format comic illustration and cartooning has to offer. Featured artists include Melvin Calingo, Joanah Tinio-Calingo, Michael David, Gabriel Dela Cruz, Gilbert Monsanto, Jhomar Soriano, Elmer Damaso, Jerome Jacinto, JM Valenzuela, Keso, Chong Ardivilla, Albert Rodriguez, Syeri Baet-Zamar, Jon Zamar and Robi Villagracia.

Panel Collective offers different ways and mediums of telling a story or a situation - be it in pencil rendering, t-shirt printing, digital editorial cartooning, or traditional painting. The exhibit aims to give viewers a prismatic take on the art form of comic illustration as more than just punch lines. In some countries comics are venerated as aspects of their national identity. They provide indelible images that define a culture and keep national pride buoyant.

For more information about the event please visit:


bloggers commentary:
I got this invite from my friend Syeri Baet-Zamar. I know that there are lots of fans who will be interested to check this exhibit.

Plush doll making workshop

Plush-making Workshop
by Pergylene Acuña (

April 18, 2009
UP College of Fine Arts
For kids aged 12-99

Workshop Description:

Plushies are for kids of all ages!

Learn to make your own plush dolls, keychains, pins, and other plush
products in a 3-hour workshop that will teach basic plushie design and
construction, based on a drawing of a creature from your imagination!

Workshop enrollees will have at least one finished product to take home,
as well as creative ideas for more plushie items.

Basic sewing involved, materials included in the registration fee, but
bring your own pair of scissors!

About the facilitator:

Pergylene Acuña, member of Ang I.N.K. since 2008, is a graduate of the
Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Bachelor of Arts in
Advertising and Public Relations. She is also the illustrator of "Ang
Ampalaya sa Pinggan ni Peepo" (Lampara Books).

Registration fee:

P150 for INK members
P200 for non-INK members
inclusive of materials

To reserve a slot, email Ang I.N.K. Secretary Gigi Lapid at or text 0917-4605150.


bloggers commentary:
if you wanna learn on how to make plush dolls of your own, and then this workshop is for you. Making plush dolls is fun and cute, and if you have the knowledge of making it, you can make an entire plush dolls of your friends and family ahahah.
btw, this is ME, I call it the "Az doll", it was made by an old friend, this doll is 5 years old, Lace owns this now, and it was supposed to be a sample prototype for my blog merchandise 5 years ago, but then Lace decided she owns the Az doll exclusively, so I stopped the production of it ( seriously)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Terminator Salvation - new poster
The end begins..... and time for a new poster

I know the movie will be showing before Wolverine, I think the movie poster and standee displayed in all movie theaters has an April 26 play date for the Philippines. hmm. I'm not yet sure,but will double check it tomorrow.

As Arnie said to John Connors in Terminator 3, Judgement day is inevitable, and because of that line, it creates a tv series that will be canceled after 2 season and a movie (final?) about the war vs. machines that they want to avoid since the 80's, its the future setting of an apocalyptic drama.

Canceling the tv series is a great move, but it still a rumor and I'm sure everyone will miss Summer Glau. I stopped watching the series after a few episodes of Season 2. I'm no longer interested to watch it, because the movie is coming fast and it is more interesting to see it than watch the tv series that we didn't know if it will tie up with the Salvation movie.

The only reason that I will watch season 2 is that, if I saw Summer Glau in the Salvation movie.'s new icon


I just saw this new icon sitting near my blog title in my blogger's dashboard, its an icon for you to set up a mobile blogging and email blogging. It's very new and my main blog only have the features of sending blog posts update via email and mobile phone. My other blog under has the same icon too, but you can click it and apply an account to activate the mobile blogging feature and sending an email as a blog post.

I haven't tried using two more mobile blogging account for my, I'm not sure if it will work or if it will cross post one article in two blogs that shared the mobile blogging account, or if it will generate a new account and instead of sharing one accounts for two blogs. Its kinda risky and I don't want to try it yet, because I'm already comfortable mobile blogging here in my main blog.

Afternoon Tea at Bizu Patisserie and Bistro

A date for two were given to us by Bizu, Greenhills Promenade and it was a first taste of their Afternoon tea summer menu. Me and Lace enjoyed the tea for two at their alfresco dining area, and were taken care of Audery and Karen of Bizu, and also Paul. The day of 4:30-ish pm is a good hour taking some afternoon tea and meal. Below are the towering sweets of joy that made us ready before trying their Summer Sorbets and Yoga Cake ( which will be included in a diff. blog post)

Salmon with Dill Pistachio, Mousseline on Pate Brisee and Caramelized Apples with Brie on Croute.
The Salmon and the Mousseline is my top pick, because it is perfect for the tea, and it will not break down my sweet tooth so early. I suggest that you eat the sweets at the end. Sip a tea, it will erase the remaining after taste of every sweets you eat. ( read more below)

Mushroom Duxelle in Vol-au-Vent, Peti Herbed Chicken Feta in Ciabatta, and Petit Croque Monsieur
My top pick is the mushoom and the herbed chicken, the croque is okay,but I prefer sandwich-like meal for my afternoon tea.

Salmon with Dill Pistachio

Caramelized Apples with Brie on Croute

Macarons de Paris, Chocolate Truffles, Opera cake and Mango Chiboust
and of course, the sweets must go at the end of all your meal, the choco truffles and the mango chiboust will make a big "bitin" of you, but follow it with a macarons de paris and you'll love the crunchyness and end taste of it, then followed it with that chestnut milk chocolate

Bizu never fails when it comes to season dessert and meals, for me the fruits in their desserts are always a star to me.

afternoon tea will be great with a ceiling fan above us, to beat the heat and enjoy alfresco dining :)

Bizu Patisserie and Bistro
The Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center
Tel. No.: 724-2498 • 726-2496

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm inviting you all for the Why Not Forum 6.0 event


I'm inviting everyone to join and come at the Why Not Forum 6.0 event on April 25, 2009 at the Alchemy bar, Silver City in Pasig City at 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The forum talk event is entitled : "Why not be True? A tribute to Pinoy Sub-culture Tribes.

I will be there also as a guest speaker and will talk about Pop Culture mania in the Philippines and other speakers will be there and they are:
Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet blog
Bong Rojales of LomoManila
Gabby Dizon of Flipside games
Phil Caliwat of Level Up for Gamers
Rej Layug of New Worlds Alliance
and many more

There's an entrance fee of P300 per person, and it includes one drink, and limited to 300 visitors only. For reservation of slots email them at

The WhyNot?Forum is inspired by TEDTalks (, wherein leading thinkers and doers around the world share their thoughts, ideas, dreams, and experiences, which are then posted on the web for free for all the world to see.

We envision the WhyNot? Forum as the Filipino version; It is a smorgasboard of great, brave ideas, an open-source innovation soup that will hopefully inspire other Filipinos to connect adjunct thoughts, take impactful action, and weave together new breakthrough ideas — redefining and challenging the inertia of the status quo;

All in the spirit of positive change for the Philippines.

more info and watch their Why Not Forum videos of events at

Viral Marketing (Online Marketing) in Cosplay events

Here's an interesting material from an interview conducted by Bea to me for her school project last year, and its a Q and A about cosplay and using viral marketing in events. You can understand more why I use the internet in promotion and also my short history of cosplay in the Philippines.

1. How do you define Cosplay here in the Philippines?
Cosplay in the Philippines is a part of a hobby of an anime, manga, movie and video game fan were they wear costumes or make up and act as the real character.

2. When and how did it start?
There is a big debate during the early 2000 on where it started, but according to some local anime group, the 1st anime cosplay gathering was held in some orgs and clubs in UP Diliman. One of them is in UP Tomokai and Anime@ Arki (Animersion), then followed by a small cosplay exhibition at Oracafe monthly anime film showing by Anima Anime, which I’m part of it and I remember that we have a cosplayer first to show up dressed up as Heero Yuy of Gundam Wing. Then we introduced to the public and bring Lea aka The Anime Seamstress to be our guest that night, showing some Rurouni Kenshin and Shinsen-gumi costumes for exhibition.

Then the cosplay scene went to the mainstream at the AnimeXplosion 2000. The first anime convention was conceptualized by me from a piece of paper and after sharing it to Mina Caliguia at the Artfarm studio, they organized it and used my concept for having the 1st anime convention, were Yuu Watase, creator of Fushigi Yuugi was invited.

Then during the production meeting of AnimeXplosion 2000t, Sherwin Nones of Anima Anime suggested to have the first cosplay cosplay/gathering at the event. But then Artfarm didn’t know how to present the Cosplayers on stage or how will it be executed, I suggested and told them to have a “catwalk” on stage and do present like models and act like the anime character. At the event, I managed the stage direction and music sound after some production staff walked out minutes before the main event. Then the cosplay event was followed a year after, Cosplay in Manila was held in Megatrade Hall 3, and followed a week after the AXN – Final Fantasy event at the Atrium of SM Megamall.

3. Who was the first group or organization that started placing “cosplay” in Japanese Anime events?
It will by the ACPI ( Animation Council of the Philippines) they materialized my event concept of the AnimeXplosion, and since the 1st mainstream cosplay was introduced that year of 2000, I consider that the ACPI as the organizer of the event who made it first in public to introduce the art of anime cosplay in the Philippines. But for the fan base edition, credits will be given to Anime@Arki, UP Tomokai and Anime Anime for having it first introduced in a small scale for anime fans before year 2000.

4. How many “cosplay-only” events were promoted through the past years?
For year 2000, there’s 1 event the AnimeXplosion 2000
for year 2001 there’s AXN ANIME FINAL FANTASY Festival, Cosplay Manila, Anime Atsumarou of FEATA bookstore, AnimeQuest
for year 2002 – 2008 events are rapidly promoted with cosplay themes. I think the number grew bigger this year 2008.

5. How do these events coordinate?/What kinds of activities are present?
Events with cosplay coordinates by having a good promotion and contest mechanics, if the organizers knew what they are doing and know about cosplay, it will be easier for them to coordinate this concept to all visitors and participants. Activities for cosplay are having a costume or cosplay contest, role playing or skit, photography contest and original costume designs.

6. Today, what are the major advances in cosplay? (Did the categories became broader? Or people became indept with their costume details? Etc.)
For my experience in handling and organizing a yearly Toy Con event and the OtakonEK, I try to make the rules much more simplier and easy to understand, I don’t like to post a long list of rules for the participants to follow, I just go straight to the point and add a little fun on it and I know everyone enjoys it. The costume is evolving, from sexy costumes to large and humongous costumes. Cosplayers are much now on the details and character, and not by just wearing it, they now know the character and genre they are cosplaying. Unlike in the past, people go in costume just to be in blend with the community, but they are not fans or anime hobbyist, sometimes they didn’t know what they are cosplaying. I’m glad that mentality is gone and the hobby of cosplaying is evolving as an art form and being done by real anime fans.

1. What cosplay event/s did you help promote/organized here in the Philippines?
I started in AnimeXplosion 2000 and 2005,
AXN Anime Fantasy Convention 2001
Toy Con event from 2003-2008,
OtakonEK 2008
New Worlds : Sci fi and Fantasy Convention 2003-2005
Cosplay Christmas Catwalk Show 2006-2008,
Cosplay Fashion Show 2007-2008,
And some other events like the MU Online Battle Soccer Tournament,
and other small events.

2. With the given events, what kind of marketing material did you use? And why?
I used the internet as my primary marketing material, well its email blast, forums, website and blogs. I used those because everyone now is using the internet, and it is very cheap but time consuming, the communication and feedback from the participants are fast, and I can coordinate with them much easy than having an office based for inquiry or telephone calls.

3. Did you ever use viral marketing in promoting these events? Y/N
Yes, I did use promoting the event in viral marketing. And its fun using it to tease everyone.

4. In viral marketing, what websites did you use to market the event? Own website or through others?
I used my blog website for the viral marketing of the event, use the social networking websites like Friendster, Multiply, DeviantART and many more, Youtube, mailing list. And also our own website too. It’s a best way to use them all, because the target market is already in there and much easy to connect with them, because all of them are already in my networks.

5. What drawbacks did you encounter from using viral marketing?
The drawback is that some corporate company see that viral marketing is not a very professional in approaching a customer, sometimes they call it spamming or viral spam messages, but if you deliver that viral marketing to a correct target market, then you are now putting it in a good side, and not consider it as a spam marketing.

6. In a general manner, what problems did you face while marketing the event?
Problems are that the information and details being delivered are being sent to others or posted in the forums and websites with the different information. The viral marketing stands for having a big word of mouth using the internet, but some people didn’t get the idea on the first place, and give it a bad impression on it.

7. Do you think that viral marketing is the best marketing tool for such a unique event?
YES! And I highly recommend it. Have a right viral marketing on the target market, this will create buzz and also grab attention. It can be funny, serious or weird. The most important is that.. you got their attention and they know about it just in a split seconds.

Monday, April 13, 2009

UNO Magazine April 2009 Issue "Food and Booze"

Food was never this yummy and sexy as Tisha Silang poses for the first time on the cover of UNO Magazine’s April issue. The former beauty queen and contender for Amazing Race Asia season 3, Tisha is the epitome of how a woman can be sexy, even in her kitchen clothes. Other UNO girls in the issue are courtside reporter.

Miakka Lim and TV host Cesca Litton (this being her second appearance in UNO Magazine).

UNO pays homage to the late Francis Magalona and his undeniable legacy. On the band scene, much celebrated rock band of the 90s (yes, we were in college that time) is in UNO Magazine. Are they back for good? Find out in UNO Magazine’s April Issue.

bloggers commentary
here's some information about the April 2009 issue of UNO Magazine. I've posted the cover of the magazine here at UNO Magazine April 2009 Issue "Food and Booze"

you can read more my story about my encounter with Tisha Silang during that tv interview 10 years ago.

I guess the issue is already available, so get your copy now!

Darkuscase Custom Gig Bags dares the limits this April 15!

Darkuscase Custom Gig Bags dares the limits this April 15!

Darkus Nights debuts with THE JERKS live @ Club Dredd in Eastwood City together with hot live acts from these great bands:


Gate: Php 300.00 / OPEN BAR - 9PM to 12MN on San Mig Lite / Pale Pilsen / Red Horse / Coors Lite; with freebies from Darkuscase for the first 25 patrons.

Save the date and join us in welcoming back THE JERKS at Club Dredd!

For more information, please call:
Darkuscase Custom Gig Bags - 4801617
Club Dredd - 421-2283

brought to you by:
DARKUSCASE Custom Gig Bags & Accessories
Club Dredd
Gweilos Bar & Pizzeria
Odyssey Live!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Toy Con 2009 Exhibitor/vendor booth now open

Exhibitor/vendor reservations are now being accepted at VTOYZ Hobby Shop, 3rd level Orange Lane Shoppesville Greenhills. Look for Tina.

Each table is a 4sqm area inclusive of 1 table and 2 chairs. Priority will be given to those who can give downpayment of 50%. Exhibitors fee is P7,000 per area for two days of the Toycon. Reservations without downpayment will only be good for one week, then reservations will be cancelled. You may call Vtoyz at 996-8414 for immediate reply of your inquiry.

Thank you and see you guys at the 8th Toycon.

for inquiries and sponsorship booths, email us at
Telephone number :

you may view the booth layout below

Online media coverage of Ozinefest 2009

Check out Kring of doing an online video coverage of the Ozinefest 2009.
You can watch the 6 minutes feature here at Flippish Special: Ozine Fest ‘09 . You can watch it in video streaming or download the flv video in your desktop.

Also RG did a video coverage of Ozinefest 2009, you can watch here in his blog at
myVideo: OzineFest 2009 (media coverage)

I now miss doing vlogs and online video coverages, hope I can get my time and do this again, and because I got sick and didn't made it to Ozinefest 2009, glad that there are online media groups who are covering events for us. Thanks to them.

Happy Easter Sunday!

The title says so, and happy Easter Sunday again to everyone!

I'm just here at home taking a whole day of rest and I'm trying to have a full recover from a flu attack that I got it last Friday and it stayed in my body and left me in bed yesterday for the whole day. I wish that I recover fast, but it seems that my body is still weak and not able to attend the Easter Wonderland event at Eastwood City today, but will see the event only in photos and blog post coverage of the Eastwood City bloggers, who will be there for the whole day to enjoy the event and do a blog coverage of the Easter Wonderland.

I'm not sure if I can go out tomorrow, I have this taping for a new show, but looks like that I will stay here at home and recover for Tuesday's Bloggers Merienda event at Bizu, Greenhills with the Food bloggers. I missed a lot of happenings since yesterday, heard that there's a party at Cerbo's house with the TFPH boys, but I know the boys have fun.

I have some deadlines today, like a script for a comic book project, Toy Con marketing, articles for a magazine, website design for an event, and prepare for my keynote for the Social Networking conference.

Okay, I think this is a good blog post for today, and Happy Easter Day!
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