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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen special screening (TV5) @ GB3

This is my 3rd screening of the movie and it will be also my last screening, no more movies for Transformers and I will save more of my viewing pleasure when the original DVD arrives. Thanks to much to Myk and TV5 for another movie bloggers night treat, we love the free pop corns and pepsi drinks and raffle giveaways. It's fun to hang out with the movie bloggers group/club and it looks like that Harry Potter will be our next screening.

I just watched the film again and focuses on some other elements of the film, so sad that I didn't saw R2D2 in the film, as there are confirmation from ILM that theres an appearance of R2D2 somwhere in the Egyptian ruins or at the aircraft carrier. Also great to see Autobot Jolt in the last part of the film, and glad that I'm with my Transformers Philippines buddies who help me notice the one scene robot h ahahaa.

more photos in my album in Facebook at "Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen special screening (TV5) @ GB3"

FAKE YOU!!!!!! (fake money in the Philippines)
image from tsikot forum

This struck me and it was painful to discover that I carry a fake P200 bill in my wallet and it's a big loss for me that night when the tollgate operator in coastal road confiscated it and now I don't have any basis on how to detect if the money bill is fake or not. I paid my jeepney fare that night and used my P200 to pay 2 seats of the ride and then the driver paid the tollgate fee using my P200 bill just to get some coins and bill change for my money. Then the driver told me that my money is fake.

I was nearly sleeping that night at 1am in the morning I suddenly turned horrified and shouted "huh?! fake!" and then the driver told me that the tollgate operator confiscated it. I'm glad that I have extra money with me that night and I'm almost running short and glad that I got some hundred of bills kept in my pocket.

I wondered and tracked down where I get that fake P200 bill, then I remembered that I paid a P1000 bill to this steak restaurant in Metrowalk before we watch the Fete dela Musique 2009 that evening. I remember that the waiter gave me some change of 100 and 200 bills plus coins, because its the only P200 bill that is present that's why I remember it.

It's kinda sucks that this steak restaurant has no equipment on how to detect fake money, I know every cashier in the metro now uses this portable UV ray money bill detector thing, and looks like that this restaurant has no knowledge of how important to take care of people's money and avoid fake money coming in to their cash register.

I still have the receipt of that steak restaurant and I'm planning to call them soon and report this incident, this should be avoided and protect their customers in receiving or giving bill changes of fake money, this is one serious case and I don''t want to experience it again, I just heard that there are P1000 bill fake money are circulating now. I learned a lot from this incident and I'm now very cautious and hope that this blog post can alert everyone that the fake moneys are very active in the market.

I don't know how to detect the money if it is fake,but if you look closely to it and you might tell the difference, I searched on and found some interesting tips on how to detect our pesos bill or coins if its fake, and there are lots of blog posts sharing their experience about the fake money, you can read all of it here in the fake 200 pesos bill google search

here's what we should do if to avoid this

1. check the money bill if you receive it as a change, look at the money from back and front and observe if there are some signs of fake prints or ink glitches

2. if you receive a fake bill, report it to the restaurant or cashier and told them that it is fake, demand a replacement and tell them that you will not honor it

3. if you paid something and used a fake bill, the cashier person should have a UV ray detector, ask them to show you if it is fake, and make them sure they placed a pen label with the word "FAKE" in that fake money so that you know that it is really a fake money.

4. if it is indeed fake, accept the truth and I know it is not our fault, its kinda bad of luck, but we should be thankful that it is only a slight small amount of hundred of pesos. Pay your bill with the right amout and authentic money.

5. if you possess a fake money, rip it and throw it away, or you can write a label fake and keep it at your home, so that you can have your own reference and show it to your family or friends that they should be aware of the signs embeded on the fake money.

6. if you have other tips, feel free to post here in my comments board.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day! - Rockwell Presents : Focus on Toys and Cosplay Fusion

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From masked heroes to vintage robots, the first leg of the collections series will transform the Power Plant Mall into an exciting carnival of colorful costumes and interesting exhibits for a weekend for both the young and the young at heart!

June 26-28:
- Collectibles Display by Maxiworks and Fat Boy Studios at the South Court
- Revenge of the Fallen and the Audi R8 at the Cinemas and the North Court
- Vintage Toys and the LEGO Darth Vader at Archaeology

June 27
- COSPLAY FUSION Cosplay Competition at the South Court
- Maid & Butler Café at Press Café

June 28
- The Marching of the 501st Storm Trooper Battalion at Archaeology

For Cosplay mechanics and more info, please visit

Witness amazing cosplayers all in one arena! With great prizes to be given away, band performances and a special appearance of Dokissaten Maid and Butler Cafe, this is one event you shouldn't miss! FREE ENTRANCE!

See you all tomorrow!
(read more below)

Cosplay Fusion
June 27, 2009 (Saturday), 4pm
*South Court, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell

Cash Prizes:
1st Place – P12,000
2nd Place – P8,000
3rd Place – P5,000

Special Awards:
Best Male Costripper
Best Female Costripper
Best Kid Costripper

Special award to the **Best Costripper of the day!

+ prizes from sponsors: Powerplant, Maxicollector, etc.

Also presenting the third appearance of Dokissaten Maid and Butler Cafe in partner with Fully Booked's Press Cafe! The cafe has been present at Kourtyard Caffe (along Katipunan Ave. – last March), at the Shizen Orchestra convention (at SMX last April) and will now be at Powerplant. With new additions to the cast, a wider variety of butlers and maids, there’s a lot more to look forward to.

*South Court is located within the Power Plant Mall in front of Zara.
**To qualify as a costripper, you do not have to register and perform. Just dress up in your funkiest get-up and you may win a prize on-the-spot!
***Registered cosplayers will receive free prints of their pictures taken at the photo wall.
****Free food for registered cosplayers.

:bulletred: Cosplay Fusion Contest Guidelines
:bulletred: Cosplay Pre-Registration (FULL)

:bulletred: Special Awards
:bulletred: Dokissaten Cafe Info
:bulletred: Schedule of Activities

For inquiries, kindly email us at

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Globe launches RUN FOR HOME: The Globe-Ayala Land City Run for Habitat for Humanity

Press Release

Globe opens the registration for its first ever running event that is seen to attract runners and health enthusiasts alike, as it features use of the disposable electronic timing chips to track running time during this fit and fun activity.

The RUN FOR HOME: Globe-Ayala Land City Run for Habitat for Humanity is slated on July 19, 2009, Sunday at 5:00 AM at the Bonifacio Global City. It offers 3-kilometer, 5-kilometer, 10-kilometer and 21-kilometer runs that will make use of the new Bonifacio Global City to Makati Central Business District route. This run will support Habitat for Humanity to benefit the Kapit Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig Project. (read more below)

Assembly time for the 3-kilometer run is at 5:35 AM and gun start will be at 6:00 AM. For the 5-kilometer run, participants must assemble at 5:25 AM in time for the 5:55 AM gun start. The 10-kilometer run’s assembly is at 5:15 AM as the gun start is at 5:45 AM. Runners joining the 21-kilometer run must assemble by 4:30 AM for the gun start at exactly 5:00 AM.

Globe brings the disposable electronic timing chips to the Philippines to track the running time of participants to the RUN FOR HOME – a first for a running event in the country. The disposable electronic timing chips are miniature transponders in a specially designed plastic housing. These are used in popular international marathons where the chip is attached to a runner’s shoelace and in triathlons where it is placed as an ankle bracelet.

Registration is from June 19 to July 3, 2009 only, through the Globe website or at participating Globe Business Centers and Fitness First branches in Metro Manila.

To join Globe’s RUN FOR HOME, new Globe Prepaid subscribers can purchase a Globe Prepaid SIM for P45, load P300 worth of credits and register to Unlitxt All Day for P80. Existing Globe Prepaid subscribers can load P300 worth of credits and register to Unlitxt All Day for P80.

Globe Postpaid subscribers and Globe Platinum members need to pay P300 as registration fee and register to Unlitxt All Day for P80 to join the run. Otherwise, anyone can opt to register to the 3-kilometer, 5-kilometer or 10-kilometer run by paying P500 and P700 for the 21-kilometer run.

From July 16 to July 18, 2009, exactly three days before RUN FOR HOME, registered participants can pick up their race kits which include the official race number, safety pins, route maps, singlet and the disposable electronic timing chip, at the Bonifacio High Street (in front of ROX).

Log on to or visit participating Globe Business Centers and Fitness First branches in Metro Manila for more information regarding RUN FOR HOME.

The technology that cares for your health

Every year we experience the rapid changes in our environment and because of our planet is now polluted and we are now conscious in caring for our health in every possible way. LG Electronics just launched LG Health+ here in the Philippines, a campaign with the slogan “Caring for your Health in Every Way”, other Asian countries also launched their campaign last April 2009. I'm very convinced to the way LG introduced to us their new technology that will help our environment and also for our health, with these new technology placed in their new set of appliances, we will no longer have the bad polluted effect from outside our house even we are inside of our home. The washing machine, refrigerator and microwave ovens now have this health caring technology that is very helpful to us humans. ( read more below)

Taking away germs, harmful microbes and allergens can now be filtered by their new air conditioners which we can now experience to breathe a cleanier fresh air at home and thanks to the advance filtration system that blocks viruses, bacteries and dusts that is harmful to kids and to people who have asthma. This is very useful especially this generation as we experience a swine flu outbreak.

Washing away those harmful detergens in our clothes and filtered the chemical away from our baby's shirts can be done by using LG's washing machine, and their new technology in washing machine has this smart cleaning mechanics which uses a sensor called I-sensor, the one that measures detergents residue and it adjusts the duration, temperature and water level.

Energy saving is now important to our appliances and this new LG refrigerator saves less energy due to its door cooling, a 3 way cooling system that makes the flow of air from the front door and circulates it to the door. It can cool the food faster and it preserves the vitamins and nutrients of fruits and vegetables, thanks to its Vitamin plus technology.

I also saw the new microwave oven, and yes it is the 1st circular shape microwave oven inside it, and the flow of heat is much more easy to hit the food and its more easy to clean it, as for experience in cleaning other microwave, I have this hard time in cleaning edges of the inside of the microwave and sometimes it can rust easy due to dirt and hard to reach edges in cleaning. The new health technology in LG Health Plus also have this steam and UV tech for dish containers, I'm very impressed on the technology it can kill germs and protect those plates and metal forks from rust and birth of germs.

watch above the video of their TVC

tvc video of the LG Health+ air conditioner

All appliances bare the logo of LG Health+, you can also look for that logo, and the stylish design also has this image of the flower that embeds on the new appliances, as a label for the Health+ design technology.

All of this was well presented to us in their visual presentation and got a close look in one of their appliance trade show. I really love that new microwave and refrigerator.

During the launching even, Angel Jacob, the host of the event, announces the Eco-mom award to Angel Aquino. We know Angel Aquino as a mom, tv host, magazine celeb, and also an eco activist, she went on stage to share her experience as a big supporter for saving mother Earth, she is also the Eco mom and endorser for LG Health+.

At the middle of the event, we got treated to try that yoga style and it was leaded by a Korean yogini expert and thanks to the visual presentation that I got the moves correctly, it was a fun activity and its my first time to do yoga in public. Then Korean boys went on stage to do some dancing and break dance stunt. It was a fun launching in Makati Shangri La hotel, and glad that we have LG here to save us and be healthy in every way.

and yes, LG life's good!

more photo coverage in my blog at LG Health+ Collection launching event

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Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen special screening (Jollibee) @ Gateway Cineplex 6 (Philippines)

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I watched the movie again last night and it was the special screening of Jollibee for the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen at Gateway Cineplex 6. For me it was the best screening ever, because Jollibee treated us with burger yums, drinks and lots of pop corns, they also gave away their kiddie meal Transformers toys to all kids, unfortunately the crew attendant doesn't allow us adults to receive the toys, I even beg to have Optimus Prime toy buy they say its only for kids awwww.

They raffled off some cool gift certificates and a set of Transformers tumblers, I feel like a kid again and got too much excited to see Optimus Prime flying off out of that cargo plane, that was so beautiful! and his apperance at Egypt near the Sphinx is such a classic. Im now excited to watch it again for the 3rd time this coming Friday at Greenbelt 3 and that will be my last screening hehehehe.

I'm with my sis that night and after arriving home she gave me a gift and its the 711 Transformers tumbler for the Slurpee, and its a Megatron figure in a straw with Optimus Prime lenticular cover of the tumbler. And finally a Toy Garage magazine with cover of this Mazinger Z new series for the Soul of Chogokin die cast figure and plus a list of features for the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen toys and figures.

more photos at Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen special screening (Jollibee) @ Gateway Cineplex 6

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

coverage : Transformers Revenge of the Fallen movie premiere ( ASAP 09) @ SM North Edsa Cinema 4

Here's my small photo coverage from last night's premiere. All celebs and stars of ASAP 09 and ABS CBN were there at the premiere and I'm starting to love the cinema set up and sounds at SM City North Edsa THE BLOCK.

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more photos below

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more photos in my album at Transformers Revenge of the Fallen movie premiere ( ASAP 09) @ SM North Edsa Cinema 4

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen movie review ( Phlippines)

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I just came from the movie premiere here at SM City North Edsa, and I went there with Lace and RG, and I didn't know that the premiere is an event hosted by ASAP 09 of ABS CBN, so we expected lots of celebrities attended the movie night show, the celebs are more excited than me and they keep yelling that Kim Chiu's voice is a transformers after talking with a semi-low batt microphone, and then Rachel Ann Go wearing an Autobot tshirt looks more hotter than on TV, Gary Valenciano closes the hosting and announcing a raffle for us and talk with a voice of Optimus Prime. Btw, Lace won a The Fallen tshirt and me and RG got excited when they raffled lots of shirts, posters, Cd soundtrack and TOYS!!!!! too bad, we boys got lost hahha.

Okay, I almost wept after seeing that Dreamworks logo and the Paramount stars flying in with robotic sounds, a ruins and ancient times of Earth showed us a brief history and a good prologue of the movie. And if you watched the first movie, you'll experience a same treatment with the voice of Optimus Prime in the background. For Transformers fans they know what it means, and its a great intro for us and big revelation of the story in the middle.

For fans, it will make them believe that the 80's cartoon movie of Transformers had just come to life. I know its hard to tell on what's the story, but I'm now more excited to see the 3rd movie and I know Michael Bay is lying that he will quit directing the next movie. Something big will come on the 3rd movie, I tell you!.

The elements of the film is all Michael Bay, I was laughing at the moment to see all those elements, but for non fans, I'm sure they will love this and giggle with geekness because the film is so ACTION PACKED and sounds like that combined Combat the movie and Transformers. Add those 40 giant robots roaming the land and a big battle will be witnessed. All leaked images of the CGI robots that circulated on the net is really true, resurrected robots are there too, so happy to see them again,but major robots who died in the first movie is no longer expected here. But watch out for more surprises.

I'm still whacked out here by the cybertronian hang over. Will post more after I leave this cafe at Sky Garden in SM City North Edsa


I just woke up now and I still have a hang over, I just thought about last night that the movie has some timeline errors, but then a fellow transfans Tim, cleared to me some parts of the story that was mentioned in the movie, glad that he guided me on that, I got too much carried away watching giant robots come to life. Seeing lots of them on screen will make you awww and wow, Michael Bay really did a good job for the movie and must be for the fans, and yeah..those 40 robots in one movie is for us.

I'm now excited to watch the movie again tonight at Gatway Mall Cinema for another special event screening.

we have a plurk discussion of the movie here at
and photos from the premiere can be found here in my album at

Monday, June 22, 2009

Psylocke miniseries will be drawn by Filipino comic artist Harvey Tolibao

I was scrolling around in my Facebook and saw Budjette's status updates reporting that our very own Filipino comic artist Harvey Tolibao will pencil a 4 issue mini series of Psylocke. The comics will be out this November 2009. And I know that Harvey is now busy doing lots of script reviews and pencil jobs for the comics. congrats again Harvey!

the cover image above, I think if from another comics, not sure if it is a variant cover for the title, and art is by Campbell.

Psylocke, a four-issue miniseries beginning in November, written by Chris Yost with art by Harvey Tolibao. The storyline of the mini will flow from Psylocke’s recent appearances in Uncanny X-Men and her involvement with The Sisterhood. -

SHERLOCK HOLMES movie - New Teaser Posters

Here are the new teaser poster for Sherlock Holmes movie as it debuted over the weekend at UK's as well as on Yahoo.

and here's introduction of these new posters

Movieland's latest Holmes/Watson double-act will sleuth their way onto their screens this Christmas in Sherlock Holmes and, judging by these rather elegant new character stills, they'll be cutting a dash while they do it.

Set against a fog-stained Westminster backdrop, the eye-catching posters show Robert Downey Jr.'s Holmes carrying on the debonair combination of style and six o'clock shadow familiar from the trailer (still no sign of a deerstalker), while Jude Law's Watson has gone seriously Saville Row in an awesomely Victorian three-piece. The cane - traditionally Holmes' weapon of choice - seems to fallen into the good doctor's possession.

Holmes has traditionally spent a lot of time musing on cases from the velvetine comfort of 221B Baker Street, but Ritchie's reboot gets him out and about in the dark alleyways of 19th century London, meeting people and generally beating the hell of them. The sleuth, as they say, is out there.

SHERLOCK HOLMES opens in theaters locally on January 8, 2010.

( thanks to Warner Bros. for the news and high res photos)

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen - movie premiere (Philippines)

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen "It's On.." from Bay Films/Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

There's this movie premiere of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen tonight in SM Megamall Cinema, and it looks like a press screening by the MTRCB. I didn't got any invitation from it, but heard that the ticket invitations are limited and not sure if this is a red carpet premiere of the movie. There will be also a premiere night tomorrow at SM North Edsa Cinema 4 at 7pm, I will be there with Lace and my 3 friends and will watch the premiere there and that will sound like a red carpet kinda feel for the movie here in the Philippines.

I still also have a special screening on June 24th, at 7pm in Gateway mall, event by Jollibee. I'm not really sure if the movie is available in D-cinema or digital cinema, because I got a heads up that there's no available D-cinema screening at SM North Edsa, and I'm not sure if a digital hard drive is here for the D-cinema. And I just for a confirmation that there is no IMAX premiere for the movie, and it maybe that all seats and dates are reserve for the regular screening for the June 24th.

Everyone is already hyped about the movie, and some people are killing each other just to get the toys and a premiere ticket ahahaha, its so funny because fan boys are into that, and I'm lucky to have 2 screenings and will use it, and good thing that is FREE. I'm still thinking if ever I will wear a Transformers shirt or the official GI JOE movie shirt for the premiere tomorrow. I was wondering to see of my old Transfans friends there, but I'll just see that as a surprise on who will be at the premiere tomorrow night. A friend also went to the premiere tonight in Megamall, and wow he is so lucky to watch the movie first and I'm excited for his comments and review. I will blog and do a review of the movie as soon as I leave the cinema, will do live mobile blogging and will post my updates and also post pictures of the premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Above is a trailer that I found embeded at Michael Bay's blog, while photos below of Arcee and a movie still is from the fan movie blog site

Finally Arcee is revealed and it looks like the rumor of having 3 robots forming into one Arcee is only rumor. And thanks for the CGI leak images of Arcee. Transfans girls will sure love this. Also beware of spoilers of the films in some blog sites and youtube. There are final scenes of the movie and all of it are posted somewhere online, don't dare watch it and wait til the main show date.

Are you excited?

I'm planning to giveaway a premiere ticket for tomorrow. I just don't know how, maybe post a comment below and we'll see. I'm still going to check if we can score a ticket for you, but we are not yet sure.

Btw, check out the Jollibee Kiddie meals, they have Transformers toys now! oh boy! what a beauty, little toy transformers into vehicles and robots, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide and Starscream are available. I just saw this in Glorietta and the toys are so small.

kids, grab it while they are hot
adults, grab it while the kids are busy this weekday.

here's a photo from Boyet

check out above the sneak preview schedules in all SM Cinemas starting 5pm onwards

answer the simple question and WIN A Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Premium items!
visit for more details
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