MOVIES: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (greedy review)

douglas_shia WALLSTREET2
I saw the movie last night in a blocked screening of MAXXX channel in Powerplant Mall, thanks to 20th Century Fox Philippines of inviting me and the movie bloggers for another round of movie screening for us who went to Baguio last week during its red carpet premiere. The Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps is a sequel movie of the 1987 film "Wall Street", and it star Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen, but the focus of the story in there is Charlie Sheen as Buddy Fox, and Douglas as Gordon Gekko, this movie continues after Gekko was thrown in to jail for doing illegal insider trading and business. This movie will be shown in all Philippine theaters this September 29, 2010.

This movie started the release of Gekko out prison and served 8 years inside, the story follows in present time of 2008 and he released a book about "Greed is Good", and the story started with new characters out from the 1st film, Winnie and Jacob (Carey Mulligan and Shia Lebouf), and the busy office of a banking inst. and trader office. (more notes below)

I'm not into stocks or business, I don't even know how does these things works, maybe I fell asleep when this was taught in college, but that's only a part of our accounting class that I took two times in one year, but this movie explains everything on how money revolves and the importance of their roles in the economy. I just wished that I have some text books with me, but theres no need to read a book or bug your seat mate and ask what are they talking about.

I focuses myself on the characters more and waited how will the situation be resolves, there are lots of shocking moments and the feel of each character's emotion will be felt, Wall Street :Money Never Sleeps movie will require you think and react while watching it, calculators or watching the stock exchange is no longer required, but you start to observe why they are so concern that they needed to be updated in the newspaper, radio or even in TV. I just experienced that when someone here at home needs to watch the stock news every night and then calls on a phone in a regular basis to get update and sign lots of papers, when I saw that on the movie, It reminded me this person and I know how its hard to work or even be involved in this business, the movie says it all.

I'm very much interested in Gordon Gekko's character, on how will he rise up and take back what was loss during his time in prison, and its like the slave of today being the tyrant of tomorrow, one of my favorite quotes of Jose Rizal, And here I love how Gekko talks and how he speaks and he hooks up with Jacob and plan on getting back together with his daughter Winnie, but there's a back side story behind that and everything will be revealed in the mid part of the film. There are a lot of unexpected incidents happening in the film, that's why I call it a thinking movie, because you need to focus more on the character, watch out on their dialogues and see who's the good or the bad in the film.

I just read somewhere that this film is the first ever movie of Oliver Stone that has a sequel, I'm not sure about that but it sounded like that it is, but let's leave that now and head on to technical stuff. I noticed that they toy around with the editing and added some classic cut of frame editing, its like those circle cut outs from Star Wars and Ang Lee's splitting scenes in the Hulk, I think Oliver Stone tries to add new and old frame editing techniques, which is sometimes hard to ride on, especially to others who are not comfortable on the style or not familiar with the technique, but I find it enjoyable and funny, its a classic style and I think it is a tribute for the Wall Street 1987 film.

Over all, I like the movie, I give it a 4 dancing bananas out of 5, because it is an Oliver Stone film, I know it will be good and better, There's no need to watch the 1st movie, because the focus of the characters is focused on the new ones and one old character that is Gekko. But because of this I really want to watch the 1st film, because I started to like Gordon Gekko in the film, and it reminded me in my life that I need to be financially secured and most of all GREED is GOOD!!!

greed will bring you to success! ha!
and my favorite quote ever is - "stop telling lies about me, or else I shall tell the truth about you"