The AXN Amazing Race Asia Season 4 Viewing Party at Embarcadero, Legaspi City
Me and Boy Kuripot are here in Legaspi City, we are here to watch and attend the AXN Amazing Race Asia Season 4 Viewing Party at Embarcadero de Legazpi here in Legaspi City. We arrived at around 11am here in our hotel and we're just charging up and ready to watch the Philippine pit stop of the Amazing Race Asia that will be aired tonight at AXN, also after the viewing party, rock icon Ely Buendia will do a live solo performance to all people of Legaspi, I was surprised to know that Ely will be here to play as himself and not for Pupil.

The fun also revolves when we rode the same plane with Ely and the rest of the celeb guest for the viewing party. I'm going to blog more about Ely Buendia's live act, according to manager Day Cabuhat, the live performance will be special, different and never before seen act by Ely Buendia. Now I'm super excited. To all people of Legaspi City, let's troop down to Embarcadero!!!

funny note: I'm having a lot of trouble pronouncing and remember the name of the venue, kaya bina blog ko na lang sya hahaa.