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Saturday, December 11, 2010

preview of GI JOE diorama and set up in Makati

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Glen of Toy Soldier 1:18 sent this MMS photos to me awhile ago showing their set up in Legazpi Park. I failed to attend this event and I'm requesting for a repeat act and I know many will be interested to see another diorama set up.

Panoramic photo shot of the Balangay in Sangley Point

a PC105452_stitch

a PC105562_stitch
I was there at Sangley Point in Cavite City to board the Balangay boat and meet its crew.
It's a great opportunity to be on board of the mighty balangay, thanks to San Miguel Properties for giving full support for the unity and voyage of the Balangay. I will post a story tomorrow about their voyage and the crew's story.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Largest GI JOE toy diorama in the Philppines will launch tomorrow in Legazpi Car Park Makati (Dec 11)

TS118 Diorama - SUPER-SIZED!
December 11, 2010 (Saturday)
Legazpi Car Park, Makati City

I'm inviting everyone to drop by and check our local GI JOE and toy soldier toy collectors event for they will attempt to fill the whole Legazpi Car Park in Makati full of GI JOE action figures, vehicles, toy soldiers, miniature army crafts, and many more. The Toy Soldier 1:18 is our top GI JOE and any 1:18 scale action figures and army figures and vehicles collectors, they are active and the only group in creating large scale dioramas in our Philippine Toy Con every year, and let's support the big boys and girls of TS 118 for making the biggest toy diorama in Makati.

start of the toy diorama exhibit is at 7:00am
and it will end at 12:00 nn
free entrance

drop by and have fun!

toy photographers, hobbyist, and everyone are invited!
kita kits!

check out their last diorama exhibit at ToyCon 2010

join their forum at
and visit their blog at

(more teaser photos of their collection below)

I'll meet and ride the Balangay boat later
photo source

The Balangay, a traditional and ancient boat used by our ancestors in traveling around the country and out to open sea during old times, the Balangay was revived by The Kaya ng Pinoy Foundation to sail around the Philippines, and this historical voyage will show that The Balangay's legacy of our ancestors being carried by the new generations and symbolizes the Filipino people's ingenuity, resiliency, strength, courage and unity.

I think this Balangay is version 2, and far more different from the 1st one I saw and featured in my old blog post last year - Historic event : The Maiden Voyage of the Balangay

I'm going to join in a tour and journey later, I just hope that I woke up early for our Cavite trip. And omg.. I live in Cavite, but I need to go to Manila for the transpo service. Im excited to meet the Balangay again and also ride in it, hope there will be a good weather and no big waves.

Visit their adventure log in Facebook "Balangay Voyage"

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (HD Teaser Trailer)

omg! the teaser trailer is here!
what can we see here?
hmmm.. The Ark
more robots
and could be... Alpha Trion and maybe a clue for Unicron at the end of the trailer

thanks to Cmaotaku for this tip, visit his blog for more screen shots
the showing of the movie will hit the date of my birthday July 1, 2011

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Entertainment redefined on the all new AXN Beyond

Phil Star HPFC 29.75x17cmH FA (Large)

Get set to be blown away by the latest drama and entertainment shows on an all new, all awesome AXN Beyond channel. More than ever, viewers from the Philippines will enjoy a fresh and unrivalled programming line-up across a newly-expanded spectrum of genres, as AXN Beyond refreshes to redefine the entertainment experience like no other.

Turning into a ‘super-sized’ channel, AXN Beyond will serve up more monthly premieres from many more genres than before. Taking the definition of ‘entertainment’ to the limit, AXN Beyond will go beyond fun, feisty and fabulous with its variety of shows. These range from mystery and suspense, fantasy and science-fiction, paranormal and supernatural, fashion and design, to lifestyle and romance, across drama, variety, reality, sitcom, comedy, talk shows, movies and even music concerts. (more news below)

The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 Finale this Thur at 9pm in AXN

tara finals
TEAM Indonesia
Natasha Sutadisastra, 24, Legal Admin | Hussein Baron S., 53, Educator
Father and Daughter

TEAM Singapore
Claire Goh, 21, Musician | Michelle S. Ng, 22, Actress
Rebel Pals

TEAM Philippines
Richard Hardin, 34, Pro Basketballer | Richard Herrera, 31, Actor

I'ts time to raise our Philippine flag once more and let's cheer to our dynamic duo team of the Richards, for representing our country on the grand finals of The Amazing Race Asia Season 4. I was surprised last weekend that they made it to the final three when I watched that massive replay recap of the whole race, I know our Philippine team can do it, so let's support it and watch the finale tonight, December 9, Thursday at 9pm only in AXN.

check out more news below

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

My Christmas shopping list and date with Mr. Claw

Baltan Custom by Koji Harmon
I'm going to have a date today with Mr. Claw in SM Mall of Asia, I'm preparing and accept to be annoyed by Mr. Claw. I just hope that I will finish the shopping challenge and never go home empty handed, I want to cheat and plan to buy a set of Guitar Hero for Nintendo Wii, but it will not be fun, I want to hang out more with Mr. Claw and see if I can survive the day with an annoying giant claw in my neck.

here are my list

Grimlock vs Starscream
1. my toys

16 / 365
2. baby stuff

Kawaii Hello Kitty Mascot Plush Puppet Novelty Rare Cute Japan
3. gifts for family and friends

4. my gadgets

Long Champ Le Pliage BD
5. stuff for my wife

Soundwave and Megatron
6. my toys

Sheldon's T-Shirt ♥
7. my shirts

8. food

DSC_8813 - espresso maker
9. items for our home

[Wii] Guitar Hero III "Legends of Rock"
10. my toys

all photos from

Robot pet bird and my 30 minute shopping finds @ Tiendesitas

a motion sensor Robotic pet bird that activates chirping sound and bird actions (P300), I bought one for baby Ashton.

I participated in a 30 minute shopping challenge last night in Tiendesitas, I was with other beauty and fashion bloggers to take a test on that new Rexona Clinical Protection, it was a tough challenge because I need to test it myself applying 2 clicks of the under arm deo at night and then never apply a deo in the morning, I didn't even take a bath just to test it. Well I'm glad that my under arm is still fresh and has no bad odor after the whole hot and sweaty, and its cool because Rexona didn't let me down. That's my short story today, and here are some interesting items that I saw in Tiendesitas.

I'm still arguing with my internet connection here at home, and still beating a design deadline, nursing this painful plantar fasciitis and taking care of my little boy with colds, these are some reasons why I can blog more this week. I promise I'll post more na after this big activity in SM MOA.

I bought this Mazinger Z shirt for only P280

more features below

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The 5th Christmas Toy Fair is back! (December 17-19, 2010)

xmas toycon 2010 poster (Large)
Also known as Christmas Toy Con, me and the big boys of Collectibles Unlimited Association, organizer of the annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention and in prelude for our 10th year anniversary next year 2011, we bring back the largest and grandest toy fair and convention this holiday season.

Save the date!
December 17-19, 2010
at the Megatrade Hall 1, 5th level, Mega B, SM Megamall

Its a 3 day of toy bazaar, live toy auctions, collectibles treasure hunt, annual grand sale and bargains, Christmas cosplay and parade, charity toy drive project, and Christmas shopping.

With special participation of Mommy Mundo
and Event partner Anime Alliance Philippines and RPG: Metanoia movie

see you there bub!

Phone interview later with Danny Choo

Its a great opportunity that I got selected by Animax to interview the anime and pop culture blogger Danny Choo. He's having his tv show "Culture: Japan by Danny Choo" premiere in Animax on Dec.18, 2010 at 9pm (MY/PH), the show is about all things Japanese pop culture, from anime-manga-jmusic-jfashion-toys-dolls-gadgets and many other interesting stuff that can be found only in Japan. The show will be our window to Japan and be updated on the latest trend and pop culture thing that Japan has created for all of us.

Ok, let me press this "break" button and take a deep breath.....

if you want to ask a question to Danny, just let me know here and I'll ask him later in our phone chit chat.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Experience the 3D Grid of TRON Legacy in full Digital 3D and IMAX 3D (opens on Dec 17)

You should not miss the IMAX 3D or Digital 3D cinema version of TRON Legacy, I know that this movie will bring beautiful visuals in full 3D, I'm now excited on the upcoming screening, and I will watch this on IMAX 3D. Been waiting for this sequel and it will be another movie hit before MMFF comes in ehehehe. Check out the news below.

Presented in Disney Digital 3D™, and IMAX® 3D, Walt Disney Pictures' new sci-adventure “TRON: Legacy” features cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology, effects and set design that bring to life an epic adventure coursing across a digital grid that is as fascinating and wondrous as it is beyond imagination.

Toys, gadgets, cool and weird gift items at 10th World Bazaar in WTC 2010

Oh yeah! It's the month of December and it means that Christmas shopping is back and our local tianggees and bazaar are just there in every corner of the city and because that I started this shopping project and hunt for the best gifts for Christmas, we're going to cover some of the most popular shops, stores, malls and bazaars. In this post, we feature the 10th World Bazaar in World Trade Center and this is my 3rd leg of the Christmas gift hunt. The bazaar started last December 3, 2010 and it will end on December 20. There's an entrance fee of P50 and the venue occupied by hundreds of vendors.

more feature below
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