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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone! and a feature of Facebook greetings Facebook photo tag
After that Facebook photo tag Christmas greeting, I now post this here in my blog.
para naman updated! ehehehe. been busy this afternoon doing last minute shopping.
I know everyone will have a great and best Christmas celebration! so cheers to all of you!

more pics below

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Toy Hauls of the day! omg omg sale sa Toy Kingdom

I super love Christmas! because all toy stores are on sale and bagsakan lahat ng price yung ibang toys.. It was a tough decision for me to buy this, but for a super sale price of P200 each, its hard to resist. eehehhee. Sorry Power Combiners, I'll comeback for you after Christmas. The long wait is that, hope they can change the price tag of that Mighty Muggs Shockwave.

more pics below

Toy Kingdom's new store is HUGE!

a PC197751_stitch
a PC197748_stitch
a PC197711_stitch
Here's my panorama view inside and outside the new store of Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall. Located now at the basement level of Mega A, near the event center and at the former place of the bowling center. I think this TK branch is the biggest toy store in the Philippines. Let's see how will Toys R US reacts after they pops more branches like in Shangri La Mall and Glorietta.

Spider-man stage musical accident

I just saw the news earlier on TV and its a very sad news.. I'm glad that the stunt double actor is okay and now recovering in the hospital. Its a scary freak accident, when the actor's rope snapped and he fell from a 30 foot high platform.
NEW YORK – Actors in Broadway's troubled "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" were back in rehearsal Wednesday afternoon, an indication that the show will likely go on despite a stunt double's serious injury from a 30-foot plunge into a stage pit.
more news at

Txt to Sawa by using Globe Prepaid this holiday season

Oh wow! i'm going to use this txt to sawa and spam all my friends with a friendly Merry Christmas greetings and remind them my gift hehehe.
kita kits sa inbox ng phone
I just received this news about Globe Prepaid promo and now we can stay connected to our family and friends during the Christmas season. The Unlitxt promo is here and it will be our life saving gimik to our wallets, because its cheaper and affordable and sympre, txt unlimited eh.

here are the Unlitxt rates:
Unlitxt 20 - Globe and TM can txt unlimited for a day for only P20, just txt UNLITXT20 to 8888 (hmmm parang sa Globe Tattoo ko din)

Unlitxt 40 - 2 days of unlitxt, to register text UNLITXT40 to 8888
Unlitxt 80 - for 5 days

And promo for all networks
SuperAll Txt 20 - an all day promo from Globe Prepaid that you can txt up to 200 of your friends in all networks. Just text ATXT20 to 8888.

Sulitxt 15 - for 100 texts to Globe and TM friends only

Tawag 236 - voice call for 20 minute of airtime for oly P20. Just dial 236+10 digita mobile number

To pick your perfect Globe Prepaid offer, call (02) 730 1000 or visit to know more.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 encore performance in Velvet Channel

I missed this show and will note myself by blogging this awesome show here in my blog.

The angels are back...the Victoria's Secret angels, that is, as they take to the runway in the latest incarnation of the much-awaited "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show." Uber-hot supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima lead the angels this year, as they strut their stuff on the famed V-shaped stage to the music of hot musical acts Akon and Katy Perry. Manila gets to witness the sexiest show of the year again with its encore performances on December 25 (Saturday) at 5 p.m., December 31 (Friday) at 11:00 p.m. and January 1 (Saturday) at 5:00p.m.  when it premieres on Saturday, December 18 at 10:00pm, exclusively on Velvet (Sky Cable channel 53).

While Heidi Klum may have retired her angel's wings, a new crop of beautiful models don the three sexy collections - Tough Love, Heavenly Bodies and Wild Things - from the popular lingerie brand. Rounding up the fit and fabulous list, along with Lima and Ambrosio, this year are models Behati Prinsloo, Chanel Iman, Lily Aldridge, Candice SwanePoel, Erin Heatherton and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (who is set to appear in the third Transformers film coming out next year).

Jollibee Kids Meal toys - Tom & Jerry and Lizzie McGuire

Here's a new set of toys from Jollibee and this will be available until Dec 31 only. Fans and collectors of Tom and Jerry will love this, and also Lizzie McGuire reminds me of my college days were I encountered Hillary Duff for the 1st time (watching her Lizzie McGuire movie).

more pics below

Bob Sinclar Comes to Manila for the First Big Party of 2011!

For tickets and tables call 09228484148 or 3472317

Sinclar11x17 - resize (Medium)
Brace yourselves as we welcome the New Year with the biggest bang as Avant Artists and Driven Manila combine to bring you the most exciting “First Big Party” of 2011.

Performing for the first time in Manila is Grammy-nominated producer and DJ Bob Sinclar, the musical genius behind groundbreaking tracks such as Love Generation, World, Hold On, Lala Song, and his new chart-topping hit, Tik Tok featuring Sean Paul.

Sinclar (born Christophe Le Friant) first started in 1986 when he was 17 years old, specializing in funk and hip-hop music as a DJ. His first club hit was Gym Tonic, which was co-produced by Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk.

In 2005, he scored with the hit single Love Generation that became one of the official anthems for the 2006 World Cup. His follow-up hit, World, Hold On, featured Steve Edwards and topped Billboard Magazine as the Number One Hot Dance Club Play Single.

The “First Big Party” headlined by Bob Sinclar is slated on January 15, 2011 at the World Trade Center. This electrifying event is made possible by Avant Artists and Driven Manila, joining forces to bring you the country’s most premiere dance parties.

As the first of an annual event, the “First Big Party” aims to set the record as the biggest exclusive dance party to be held in the country with trendsetting, state-of-the-art elements designed to raise your party experience to new heights. Avant Artists and Driven Manila invite you to be part of history as they transform the country into Asia’s new nightlife capital.

“First Big Party.” Because the first always matters.

Tickets are available at TicketNet and TicketWorld. A portion of the proceeds will help safeguard the Filipino child’s right to be a child in partnership with KIDS Foundation, Inc.

It's pulpy, healthy and orange

Minute Maid
I first encounter Minute Maid during a video blog contest few years ago and I won 1st place in that video blog contest and took home a big Toshiba LCD TV worth 45k , it was the 1st LCD tv in my life and then I saw this big rack on the side of the event hall a stack of small bottles of Minute Maid drink, it says on the label that the drink has real pulpy orange, I grabbed one and kept a bottle in my bag, and then suddenly everyone grabbed all bottles and then Iwent home with one bottle. Then the next morning, I open one ice cold bottle of Minute Maid, fresh from the fridge, and it's my first time to taste it and my eyes went big and my throat become comfy and my taste buds loves the taste and the pulpy-soft-moist of orange bits, Then I told my girlfriend to taste it and then we went to the grocery on the next day and bought the biggest bottle and added Minute Maid in our monthly supply of drinks.

check my story last summer 2009 about how to Beat the heat

Then I discovered that Minute Maid Pulpy Orange has no preservatives and its a perfect juice drink for people who wants to stay healthy and needs more real fruits in their body. I always drink every morning and during my snack time in the afternoon. The pulp bits gives a relaxing feeling for me and I drink it because I want to be healthy, with the busy sched in my life, I sometimes don't have the time to eat fruits, so whenever I'm on the go, I always grab a bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy Orange and hit the road, then drink a fruit juice on hand without any hassle. I super enjoyed it and I make sure I have stocks of it at home.

Watch here for announcement of an upcoming contest that you can win some cash

Join Facebook Page at

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

my lunar eclipse photos featured on TV and online

a a PC228398
My photos of the Dec. 21, 2010 partial lunar eclipse was featured on TV awhile ago in QTV's News on Q. They contacted me on my phone earlier and informed me that my photos will be included in their lunar eclipse photo feature in the news. I gave them a go signal to use my photos and saw the airing of the news hours ago on QTV.

here's the video | yun nga lang they posted a wrong spelling of my name

My photos are also featured at and Erika Valdueza's The Sky Above blog
It is also featured in the front website of Phlippine Astronomical Society

btw, the photo of the moon above was taken at around 8pm today December 22, 2010. I used my Olympus E520 dslr with 150mm zoom lens

check my photo coverage: Partial Lunar Eclipse of December 21, 2010 (Philippines)

My set up taking photos of the partial lunar eclipse

Here's my set up awhile ago during my partial lunar eclipse observation. Its my first time to place a set up in the terrace of another house (we will be moving here soon), and I love the view here and I can see the skyline and also the flow of the wind is nice. I think this spot will be my observation venue for any astronomical events. I sometimes shoot here for clouds and stars. hmm placing a couch and a coffee maker nearby will be great.

On photo: my Acer Aspire 4741Z laptop and Olympus E520 with 150mm zoom lens mounted on a cheap CDR King tripod.I took this photo using my Nokia C3.

siguro mas ok if I purchase a telescope na.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

photo coverage: Partial Lunar Eclipse of December 21, 2010 (Philippines)

a PC218051
Its hard to observe the partial lunar eclipse today and it's cloudy here in my location in Cavite, Philippines and been waiting till the sky clears and let the strong winds move the big clouds, I was waiting for the moon to show up during our sunset, I started to loose hope in seeing the moon and then after the sun's ray goes out of the sky, a big orange moon showed up from nowhere and the appearance of the moon is a split seconds. I took this first photo at around 5:40pm and I'm already late for the start of the partial lunar eclipse. At first I'm not sure if that's a cloud or the shadow of the Earth, then I researched and saw some photos of our local astronomers, they too got the same photo and observation.

more photos below

Get ready for another Partial Lunar Eclipse on December 21, 2010 (Philippines)

I got reminded of this global natural event with blogger Earth posted a plurk last week about a Lunar Eclipse that will happen on December 21, 2010. And then I remember it again and searched for some info about this eclipse event online. Then I read some news at

that the event will happen on December 21 here in the Philippines as a partial lunar eclipse. The shadow of the Earth will be visible covering a small portion of the moon, it is also similar to this event that I covered last 2009 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse ( February 9, 2009) ( Manila, Philippines)

I checked the moon last night and started to calibrate my camera and also prepare my gears

a PC207955
this is the photo from last night at 6:30pm

a PC218036
but I checked the skyline at 4pm today December 21 and saw a cloudy skies, Im hoping that the clouds will be gone before the start of the eclipse at around P5:16pm. The event will end at around P6:15pm. That's only an hour lunar eclipse.

Let's watch the skies today and see the shadow of our Earth in the face of the moon.

accdg. to John Nassr, a Baguio based astronomer and member of Phil. Astro Society - "The moon will be 50% eclipsed when it rises in the NE tomorrow evening, Dec 21."

5:30pm - its cloudy and the moon is not visible,but try here to watch the live stream of the lunar eclipse, from coca cola space sci center -

you can also watch an animated presentation on how the lunar eclipse will appear today , check -

Check out my toy hauls @ 5th Christmas ToyCon 2010

I'm happy that I took home some of the cool items that I bought (and others are bigay) from the 5th annual Christmas Toy Con, I thought on the 1st place that I'll go home empty handed, my money budget for the week are delayed and need to wait for some days to lay down on a bed of So here are my toy hauls, konti lang, and I bought some toys on the last day of our event, sympre I like to talk my sister for lending me a P500 hahahah, and goody gift certificate that I used to buy a chase figure in Toy Kingdom.

let's feature them all, view more after the jump

Winners of the TRON Legacy comment party

Here are the winners of the contest that I hosted together with Walt Disney Motion Pictures Philippines here in my blog, entries are posted at Contest : Win TRON Legacy item by joining this comment party

here are the winners who were selected by the Grid program electronic raffle
1. narutochard
2. prosti
3. maikhael
4. joriben

Joriben won the best comment post, I was hoping that someone will dress up as a program or a user of TRON, by Joriben beats the three best comment post, and he won by sharing a video of himself inside the GRID riding a light cycle, you can watch the video here at

winners will take home this cool limited edition TRON Legacy USB light lamp

USB Light - lo-res

Please wait for my email and instructions on how to claim your prize. I will send the list of winners to our contest sponsor and wait for the schedule this week on how and where to claim the prize. Thanks for joining and sorry for the delay of the release of winners, as you know that I am busy on the week were we launch our ToyCOn event. More contest coming up before the year ends.... Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thanks to our toy groups and clubs for the toy donation drive

Thanks to the Toy Con family and our local toy groups and clubs for spearheading the toy donation drive, this is already an annual activity at our Christmas Toy Con, were we collect different kinds of items that to be donated in our featured beneficiary, for this year we chose Kythe Philippines.

Thanks to Toy Soldiers 1:18. Toy Empire, PTK, Anime Alliance PH, our vendors and those who bought toys at the auction, because the money from the auction will be donated too, thanks guys.
I know those kids at Kythe will be happy to adopt and own your toys and have a new home. Everyone is an instant Santa Claus!

thanks and Merry Christmas!

(sorry guys that I missed the turn over ceremony, but its great that I made it to the photo op, shout out to Glen of TS 1:18 for the awesome costume - Deadpool)

the blank sched notepad

caps sched
this is weird, my notepad of scheds are blank. I remember that this notepad file is filled with dates, numbers, time, venues and events. This is great! it means that I have more time to blog later and play Ps3.

If i'll count all my blog back logs, it will be a total of 50 topics.
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