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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year and welcome to year 2011

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Happy New Year to everyone!
here's the star of our New Year's event here at home, baby boy Ashton!

Been busy here at home and we made our celebration a blast! kicking off with lots of fun and color here at home. We want to welcome 2011 in a new way, here I created a DIY party photo booth and also a time lapse photo docu from 11pm-1am, I combined those 200 plus photos into video.

more photos below of our photo booth

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Watch this music video of the 5th Christmas ToyCon (by Troy Monsod)

The 5th Christmas Toy Fair & Mom's Holiday Finds from troy monsod on Vimeo.

Check out this music video created by Troy Monsod, I'm surprised that we have this great content floating over the Facebook page of ToyCon, I wonder what kind of DSLR he uses. Great video! there's also a story about a little kid walking around inside the toy convention holding hand with his guardian that wears a costume. The video features cosplay, toys, comics, and the people inside. Song on the background is "Heroes" from the Godzilla soundtrack.

I super love this video! Thanks Troy!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

finishing the Autobot campaign
photo source

Its one of the Christmas gifts from the video game gods for the power to finish the PS3 game Transformers War for Cybertron, I borrowed this game from Gamehopper few months ago, I ordered it online and rented it and then they delivered the game to our house, I'm glad that I finished the game and itching to play more Transformers video game. I read that they are now planning to have a War for Cybertron sequel and the game is targeted to be released on year 2012, that's a long wait for me and I'm happy about the game and I super enjoyed. I finished the Autobot campaign last December 26, and to record my playtime in the whole game, I think I have around 15 hours of playtime adding the days when I turned on the PS3 and turned it off after playing. I'm still thinking if I'm going to finish the Decepticon campaign, because Megatron's plasma gun sucks! its too slow and even it has a powerful blast, it takes too much time of my game play because it always ran out of energy, That's only on the 1st level and I think there are weapons for Megs on other levels. (more story below)

WIP : my DIY party photo booth


I finally figured out on how to make my own DIY photo booth here at home, been researching and preparing for this for our New Year 2011 celebration and then after some rounds of trial and error, after 8 days, the photo booth is working! My wife prepared props, from medical uniforms stores including hats that go with uniform for nurses. I discovered that my Olympus E520 is not compatible to all of those photo booth softwares that are being used by party photo booth service provider, and I tried using the webcam version of a photo booth apps and it never meets my standard when it comes to photo quality.

I also tried the app and the photobooth mac clone for pc app, they are fine but it will require me to use my webcam and not my DSLR, sparkbooth app is okay but there are compatibility issues again with my Olympus camera, and then I read over from the Olyclubph forum that there are no compatible apps for any Olympus camera, and I said...damn. I must improvise.

And then here it is! the party photo booth is up (and my nursing uniform) and running, all I need is a red or black cloth for the background, been thinking of using mama's curtain and also a great light set up. I might go to a store tomorrow to buy some light lamps for the photo booth. I have here a night lamp but its too small for the photo booth. I used an exclusive software for Olympus camera, tripod, laptop to store the photos after one shoot and another software. It works so perfect with one push of a space bar button heheehe. We don't have a printer nearby, but If I can connect my laptop, we can now have our own photo printing station.Pero nakakatamad kaya store it sa HD na muna.

We have a timer and its funny that the 1 sec timer I set has a 2-2.5 seconds delayed, so that's a perfect timer for me.

check out some samples below

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

trying macro photography using a DIY styro ring flash diffuser

a PC268620
I just tried macro photography yesterday using my Olympus E520, I stumbled this post the other night about a DIY ring flash made of styrofoam bowl of a noodles, I studied it and tried making one for my self. It works and I'm very impressed on the results, I was searching about some info on ring flash and LED video light for DLSR and then I saw that diy post, and I say this is the most cheapest ring flash diffuser.

I created my own version, but I miscalculated the hole that I made in that styro, shouldn't placed it on the middle and should be on the side of the center of the styro, so that the flash can hit that styro and illuminates the whole styro like a ring flash diffuser. And I also forgot to include a small styro. This DIY works also to any compact camera or point and shoot camera with built in pop up flash.

check out my macro photo samples below

Sunday, December 26, 2010

our Pasko 2010 moments

Celebrating Christmas 2010 is very special to us,because Ashton just experience his first Christmas here on Earth and we prepared and make it the best, every celebration is always the best, but this year is a challenge for us. Lace and Liza did the preparation, they got an idea to wear these funny hats and just buy food for our noche buena in the mall just to avoid the hassle of a whole day of cooking food.

I accompanied Lace in the morning to buy the foods and after arriving home at lunch time, I took a quick internet log and manage all our photo files of 2010. I compiled everything and plan to print them all, its a total of 650 photos and when I do the math, that's around P3k pesos of photo printing fee. I have 2k cash on hand that day and saved the part of the money in buying the gifts and also for the photo printing, in the end.. I decided to get 100 photos only. But its okay, this time I promised to print our photos every month starting this January 2011. I got this idea of going back to photo print again after that I saw Lace's trial of this photo store in SM mall. Photo print will be good for us and especially to Ashton,so that he can see what's happening around him by looking at those photos and not on our laptops or digital photo frame.

Masyado napahaba ng intro ko sa blog na ito di ba? I posted this inline with Lace's post about - Ashton’s First Christmas Celebration | Christmas 2010 and What's IN: Christmas Funny Hats!

You may check out my photo story below about our Pasko 2010 moments

a PC248423_stitch
view outside the chapel
I arrived late on the simbang gabi mass because I'm resting at home after that shopping in the mall for gifts, Lace and family went there at the church early and then I arrived 15 minutes late. I got a hard time looking for Lcae inside the chapel, its crowded from inside and outside.

a PC248469_stitch
taking a panoramic view inside the chapel, this is the only chapel we have inside the village. Fully constructed after 6 years.

Ashton's first mass!! yey!

photo infront of the belen, too bad that they baby Jesus is not around and was moved infront of the altar, I was planning to put Ashton on the Belen for photo op hehhe.

a PC248518_stitch
on our noche buena table - Greenwich pizza and lasagna, KFC chickens, French Baker bread sticks, Goldilocks barbeque, Anding's pichi pichi, Coca Cola and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. We bought this on the day hours before Christmas eve.

family photo! and that's me wearing the Optimus Prime Cheer you up shirt

Baby Ash in elf costume

pic with the food

Lace received a gift from me hehhee,kanina ko lang yan binili. Its a pink home foamy slippers.

Ash looks at me and say Merry Christmas!

receiving a Christmas gift from my sis

Kissing my wife Lace ahhahaa. Also we celebrate this eve our 6th year as a couple. yiheeee!

I'm now excited for our New Year 2011 celebration, I think its best that we plan and prepare early para bongga ang year namin yey!

(last 2 photo above is from Liza's camera)

and here's the Christmas gifts haul

Here are the gifts that I received this Christmas.

1. Manila tshirt from Misyel
2. toothpaste and soap from Misyel
3. USB Hub from Liza
4. Canon 24-105mm cuplens from Lace

Its funny that my sis added that toothpaste and soap, I know its a joke, there lots of joke time in our gift giving activity, I missed some part of it because I got busy talking to my mom on Gtalk and we played on the webcam with Ashton. I went back at the Christmas tree area and saw Lace and the family opened up their gifts. I bought their gifts that afternoon and as usual, every year I always do this super last minute shopping in SM mall, its a hard mission, but I'm glad that the rush for shopping has ended.

My plan today is to clean up my toy shelves and store those toy boxes in our bodega, I want to organize my toy collection again to make way for new toy collections to be added in the display cabinet. I'm not even sure if all will fit inside. I'm also planning to create a catalog for my collections. You know that I only purchase toys every Christmas ^___^
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