Hisense launched their bluetooth accessories and headsets in the Philippines

China brand "Hisense" recently launched here in Manila, Philippines for their multipoint Bluetooth mobile accessories and headsets. These new designs can fit to any kind of style and according to the user's lifestyle in making phone calls or listening to music, the multi tasking will be easy and wires and handset are not needed anymore if you use Hisense.

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I've seen top brands having their own bluetooth accessories for mobile phones and music players but Hisense just jumped in to battle head to head with giant brands in the market. Consumers can choose now which brand is more better, affordable and fits for their lifestyle.

“We want to meet consumer needs with thoughtful solutions integrated in every product detail and feature. We aim for our products to perform at its best, and overall improve the quality of life our customers want to experience,” says Ehud Shchori, Director of Hisense International Mobile Accessories Division.

Hisense received the Award Winning Design, Innovative Technology and Outstanding Performance by the Electronics Design Awards for developing the "Solar Handsfree car kit" Its a solar charger gadget that can power up your hands free car kit with solar energy. We really need more solar charging kit and I can see that Hisense will be the top makers of solar chargers for mobile phones and other gadgets. The car kit is priced at around P3,900 if my hearing is correct at the launching event. I'm going to post soon for the complete price list of each gadget.

P3028524 - Copy
Ehud Shchori, Director of Hisense International Mobile Accessories Division

HB200M bluetooth for mobile phones, I also heard that you can connect this to two mobile phones. The HB200M and HB200S bluetooth for mobile phones is priced at P1950

P3028392 P3028393
B600 Bluetooth Handsfree car kit is priced at 2450php and
HB600S Solar Bluetooth Handsfree car kit 3450php

HB650 Bluetooth Handsfree car kit 3850php

HB650S Solar Powered Bluetooth Handsfree car kit 4850php

HB650S Solar Powered Bluetooth Handsfree car kit 2950php

P3028394 P3028395
HB440H Stereo bluetooth headset priced at P3950 and HB420S Sport headset priced at P3450

P3028422 P3028429
Ehud Shchori, Director of Hisense International Mobile Accessories Division on stage doing a product demo on each Hisense item

P3028446 P3028523
Ehud Shchori showed us the solar car kit.
Blogger friends who were present at the event received one of the Hisense bluetooth set

P3028455 P3028462
The award received by Hisense

Hisense products can be bought inside Digital Hub stores and Digital Walker stores.

I have here the bluetooth set for mobile phones, I'm going to post a review soon after I figure it out on how to use it.