Rango movie toys from Jollibee Kiddie Meal

Step n Go Rango
Now is the time to take home Johnny Depp in his reptilian character "Rango", the movie collectible toy features 3 kinds of character from the movie Rango. You have the whole month of March 2011 to complete all Wild West theme figures and watch the movie Rango this March 9. Yey! another Philippine exclusive toy figure brought to us by Jollibee.

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Kids who can’t get enough of one of 2011’s biggest animated flick Rango can enjoy the action and adventure with new toy collectibles from Jollibee. Featuring the endearing characters from the movie, the limited-edition Rango action figures will surely take kids on a roaring adventure across the Old West.

From March 1 to 31, kids can get their hands on the action-packed collectibles that come free with every Jollibee Kids Meal. Fans are set to embark on a classic western escapade with Step N’ Go Rango as they duel bandits and desert critters. Just wind up the knob on Rango’s side and watch him strut and swagger to save the day.

Boys and girls can go on an exciting voyage with Swirlin’ Ms. Beans. Press Ms. Beans’ head and tag along as she rotates her skirt in style across the desert plains.

The party won’t be complete without Spinnin’ Jake twisting his way into adventure. The show-stopping scaly villain, Jake’s head and tail can spin in different directions by winding up the knob on the bottom.

Swirlin Ms Beans

Spinnin Jake

Jollibee Kids Meal offers children amazing toys inspired by the coolest movies on the big screen. With the exclusive Rango toy collectibles, boys and girls can say howdy to thrilling western exploits while enjoying the delicious goodness of Jollibee Kids Meals for only P75 to P99. So hurry! Hop on the railroad to Wild West fun and collect all Jollibee Kids Meal Rango toys now!

Catch Rango in cinemas on March 9, 2011.

Kids can now enjoy exclusive Rango toy collectibles once they order their Jollibee Kids Meal for only P75 – P99.