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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

unboxing: SMART Netphone 701 android phone #smartnetphone @smartnetphone

I finally got a chance to hold and use and also to unbox this cool SMART Netphone 701 android phone. this will be the 1st android phone that I'll be using and also write a review, I got stuck on the old mobile phone units years ago and never got a chance to test drive those iOS and Android phones, but its worth the wait and the much updated android phone here and exclusively distributed by SMART for their advocacy "internet for all", yeah its free Facebook, Twitter and SMART Chat for everyone if you have this SMART Netphone 701. I'm going to start my adventure with the SMART Netphone here in my blog, so expect some updates and review on each other day or a week all about this SMART Netphone.

Here's the unboxing ritual, if you bought this from SMART at a price of P9,900, then you'll get the same items inserted in the box. Check it our below.

Behind the box
Some details posted at the back, showing some features of the SMART Netphone
SMART logo at the back of the box
I'm new to this new sim about the Quick Access Sim, I think I need more research about this, I'm not sure if I can use my old SMART sim in this SMART Netphone and access the SMART Net internet network for free.
after opening the box, the blister pack carries the phones and chargers in an order way
Inside the blister pack are the SMART Netphone, charger, cable wire for the charger, manuals, lithium battery pack, and the SMART Buddy quick access sim
Here’s a closer look of the Netphone 701 manual

The charger, the USB cable wire connects here if you want to charge your phone using the normal electricity, and also you can unplug the charger and use the USB cable wire to charge your phone using your PC or laptops.

Lithium ion battery pack

The sim

The netphone

opening the back cover of the SMART Netphone

Feels like I’m doing the Voltron thing… “interlock!!!”

all about the Browser sim
I noticed that the phone comes in with a free memory card, I haven’t checked the memory size of it, but I’ll check it after I post a review about this phone.

I’m trying to open the phone using its factory charge, and the Android character welcomes me

And after that the SMART logo

Factory charge is almost gone after loading the phone, and I plugged it right away in our wall electric socket

On the 1st time you open this phone, a welcome note and a how to will be flashed on the screen

RTFM oh yeah! I did read everything, because I’m very new to this Android phone revolution

After that, I signed up my account for the SMART Net network and then connect my Google account to this phone.

So there you go, my unboxing ritual of the SMART Netphone 701... Thanks to fairy godmother SMART for sending in this phone for me to try and use it. I know this will be a part of my lifestyle and I'll use it (heavily hehehe)

Visit to know more and how to order this phone

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