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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Top 10 Trending searches on Yahoo! Philippines

(photo source)
I received this update from the Yahoo! guys and you can see here the top 10 trending searches within the week of June 27 – July 3, 2011. With the topics, news and interesting names are heating up our daily tabloids, showbiz news, sports and politics, some of us pinoys would search more news and want more information on each trending topics. For example like the news about Andi's pregnancy, the Azkals victory over Sri Lanka team, Sara Duterte and her punching bag sheriff, and then after reading this top 10 topics, I wonder, where is Derek Ramsey and Vicki Belo's new machine called the vagina tightener. And after this let's do a top 10 trending forecast every week.

read below our list

The massive tweets about #MarioMaurerforPENSHOPPE

There are lot of hot topics and news circulating on the net, especially when topics go trending in twitter and other network, it is cool because the news came first on the net before go mainstream media, few days ago I see rugby athletes in their underwear, then a biscuit, then some couple doing jump shot photo in a cemetery, mayor punches a sheriff, Google+ and then Facebook video calling... but I got curious on one news that came out lately...and funny that I tweeted @PublicityAsia and ask her who is Mario Maurer ? no answer after my tweet and then I saw that the name trended on Twitter. Nakakatawa sana pala nag Google nalang ako hehe. And then someone whispered to me "he's a thai actor and model.. pogi!!" (more story below)

Friday, July 08, 2011

Blogging under the rain

a P7088887_stitch
I think this is the best way to end my day, blogging under the rain and here I am staying inside Starbucks in SM MOA as my shelter after being stranded for some hours. It is impossible to commute, ride the van, jeep and bus at an early hour or 8:30pm, all roads are blocked off by this traffic jam on a rainy, wet, traffic Friday. I wish that Rebecca Black's Friday song can make me feel better, but turns out that it is the day before weekend, the day that I'm starting to hate. Everyone avoid going out of Friday, but for this day, I took the challenge to go out again, but I'm glad that I'm loaded and ready to face the heavy traffic, but I didn't expected that all rides going back home will be a problem... shortage of transpo arghhhh

I just logged in and chat with my friends in Facebook and Twitter, there I got updates that the traffic jam is much worst in Cavite and the traffic jam starts from all over Roxas Blvd to toll gate and Cavite proper. I know the traffic is much worse there and due to road blockades and Maynilad diggings.

I'll end my day here blogging and then sleep after arriving home.

my coverage: now the largest digital store in the Philippines #shopatmultiply

Here's my photo coverage from the event launch yesterday of, I'm happy that Multiply is back and finally got its new identity, but mind you, this social networking site is not only for socializing online but also for shopping online and setting up an online store for you and manage your sales and protect buyers and sellers from scams, hail the Market Place. Astig di ba?

more story below

my coverage: Teen Wolf tv series launch

I remember the movie of Teen Wolf in 80's starring Michael J. Fox, it is one of my favorite classic comedy-weirdness movie of all time and now I heard that AXN Beyond will air on July 17 at 9pm, the all new teen tv series "Teen Wolf" that's the 2011 edition and it has a similar concept with the classic movie, the good thing here is that the original creator, Jeff Davis, is the executive producer of this new series, directed by Russel Mulcachy (Highlander series).

more news and photos below

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Rawrrr! with wolf mate Solenn Heussaff

My first time to meet Solenn, I saw her here at the Teen Wolf event and she did a live performance act, singing live for us with one of his single in her album "Chemistry". She's here as the Wolf Mate aka ambassador for AXN Beyond's Teen Wolf tv series. She's tall and sexy (and smoking hot), I love her style and all things I see in billboards, print, tv and movie. astig!

see another photo of Solenn below

Here's another photo with Rhian Ramos

I've met Rhian Ramos again this afternoon and there I told her that I'm having a growing number of photo op files with her (I'm glad she didn't got scared, not mistake me as a stalker) and then she told me if I went to the Smart x HTC event last night, then I told her that I didn't went there and decided to sent my reporter there to cover it for me, and we shared topics like that some people got drunk last night hahaha (yeah one of them is my reporter). Great to see her again and now time to have another photo op session with Rhian. I always do photo op whenever I see her in some events.

see one more pic of Rhian below

Opening today: JAPAN: Kingdom of Characters - An Exhibit for Anime and Manga Fans

Embassy of Japan and Japan Foundation, Manila organizes an exhibit for all pinoy anime otaku and also for fans who love anime, especially those who own notebooks,keychains, shirts with anime designs, and those who dress up like Son Goku or Haruhi Suzumiya, if you don't know why we have it those Japan pop culture embedded on each of our items, then go to this exhibit to better understand more on how and where anime and manga started and how it became a world wide pop culture craze, The Japan: Kingdom of Characters is just a start where pop culture embraces your inner otaku. I remember that when Embassy of Japan organizes that meet and greet with Mazinger Z animator and co-creator last year 1997, that was a start of me turning into an anime otaku, I embraced it for 6 years and then here I am, blogging bout it.

There are lots of things that you can learn on pictures and items on exhibit or displayed on the wall. Grand launching is today July 7 at 6pm. Otaku bloggers! pls attend!

Read more info below about Japan: Kingdom of Characters

Our visit at 1st International Argiculture and Tourism Expo

This is a good place to start if you want to have a new business or want to try the agriculture business for your family. Lace invited me to come with her and accompany her to check out this expo in World Trade Center, for me its a little bit boring and have no mood to check an event,but then I got an interest when Lace told me about tilapia fish pond business, ok ok ok, I love fish,..let's go! (more story below!)

A day of an event with Playboy Philippines June 2011 issue

Aubrey Miles

I stumbled this Playboy Philippines event when I was walking infront of a music store in Gateway Mall, my target that day is head to a Fully Booked and meet my sister who will be coming from a train ride, we're going to attend this hotel event and we agreed to wait each other in Gateway mall. When I saw the Playboy Philippines event, I was spotted by one of their people and I asked what's going on here and why there is lot of people around and inside the store, then they guy from Playboy Philippines said that they're having this autograph signing event with actress Aubrey Miles and June playmate Alyssa Samonte. (More story below)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Blogging too much today?
The answer is yes!
because I need to catch up and read all the good contents that I received today and way back from last month. I missed a lot of stuff already but I'm glad that I'm still on the right track. Azrael's Merryland blog is now on full power on updates and expect lots of new content and original postings, events coverage and exciting news that I picked up from the negative dimension.

thanks for reading my post today and more post coming tomorrow.
(oh btw I'll be at the event tomorrow, so if you are there too, dont be shy to say hi to me)

(photo above from Ms. Murallon at the SMART LTE test event in Boracay)

Are you a fan of 30 Seconds to Mars? then read this about their concert on July 29

This is one of the concert that my blog will support, I'm kinda new to their music, the band and style. I'm a late bloomer for new bands and music scene, I'm still stuck to all my fave old bands but 30 Seconds to Mars opened my mind and heart as their music and style matches the taste that I want. Awesome! I'm now watching their videos on YouTube and then I might check out their album next. Watch the video message from Jared Leto, vocalist and frontman of the band as he invites you personally.

For 30 Seconds to Mars fans, this is your chance to see them perform live here in Manila on July 29th at TriNoma's Mindanao Open Parking.

Read out the full details about their visit, concert and where to buy tickets

kpop: Bubble Pop mv by Hyuna

My mouse clicked the wrong button after I'm going to upload some videos over at my YouTube channel and it landed on this new music video by Hyuna, former member of the Wonder Girls and 4Minute (did I get that right?) . The video is so colorful and all girls do a lot of kembots and ocho ocho. hahahaha

watch the video below

Ubuntu 'Natty Narwhal' Release to spark opportunities for Linux users in PH

ubuntu july 1,2011
Here's a good news for all those Linux users and upcoming users. I just got an idea to use one the new Ubuntu release on my other laptop, I'm rebuilding it and want to have different OS, just to experiment and try other cool apps. Read more details below about Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal.

Celebrate SME week with free entrepreneurship trainings and program by DTI

Here's an interesting event if you want to learn on having a business and also how to manage it, and be an entrepreneur. I saw that they have a free training for basic photography and basic hilot, I might try it if ever my schedule is flexy.

Our Development Week, DTI Sec. Gregory L. Domingo announced a free entrepreneurship training program to everyone on July 8-9, 2011 at the PTC or Philippine Traning Center. This program will drive to encourage our fellow pinoys to participate in the SME sector and call to action "Pinoy SME: Business Tayo!"

more details below

The plant billboard rises in EDSA by Coca-Cola and WWF

This is an old news but I like to share this news again and for some of my readers who aren't aware that Coca-Cola Philippines and World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines or WWF installed this first ever PLANT billboard in EDSA-Forbes. The 60x60 feet plant billboard is made of recycling materials such as 3,600 pots made of old bottle of Coca-Cola products, organic fertilizers (stable and lightweight kind) and also the Fukien tea plant.

read more news below

A Sneak Peek: "Horrible Bosses" comedy movie

Horrible Bosses
Ahahaa! a new comedy movie about employees and bad employers. This will be a fun movie that can inspire anyone, but my eyes will be to Jennifer Aniston's character.oh wow! Horrible Bosses is a new movie starring: Jason Bateman, Charle Day and Jason Sudeikis, and with lots of A-list celebs appearing on the film

more news below

Fright Night movie character banners are up!

I love the series and movies, especially the classic - Fright Night, you can also see some of the old movies on cable tv, but now they have a new Fright Night for the new generation, I love bringing back the classic theme and this will get new fans and also a (gulp!) big critic from old fans, but I heard from old fans that they are expecting more from this movie - Fright Night, now with actor Colin Farrell as a modern vampire vs. high school teenagers.

check out some of the banners below

Toy Story short film bundle in Cars 2 movie

Toy Story "HAWAIIAN VACATION", lang="x-repair" Toy Story "HAWAIIAN VACATION"
I haven't seen Toy Story 3 movie on the big screen and even on cable tv, I think this is a sign that I should watch it on DVD or maybe catch the replay on cable tv. It looks cute to see them back on the big screen, at first I thought that they have an appearance in Cars 2, but it turns out its a short film featuring our lovable toy characters in a vacation in Hawaii

read the rest of the news below

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena on MAX

MAX recently airs the 1st episode of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena last July 1, and mind you! that's my birthday, luckily I spotted the mid episode of it and got a chance to preview it before seriously watching it on the replay episode, It was a mind blowing series complete with gory, blood and topless men with abs ahhaha. But this is just a start because Spartacus: Gods od the Arena is a 6 part series that airs every Friday of July at 10PM and lastly on August 1 at 10PM.

If you are asking if this is related to the Blood and Sand series, then the answer is yes! because Gods of Arena is a prequel series for Blodd and Sand. The story is about Gannicus, the charismatic gladiator aspiring to become Champion of Capua, played by Australian actor Dustin Clare, and his master, Quintus Batiatus, played again by John Hannah (The Mummy), itching for the chance to rise in status in the Roman outpost town.

Read the feature below

K-ON! anime complete special airs on Animax July 13!

Here's a special treat for all K-On fans in the Philippines, their OAV specials will air in Animax this July 13.

K-On!, Japan’s moe (cute) anime sensation is returning to audiences in its complete form of two full TV anime seasons along with an unaired OVA show, starting this July on Animax!

Follow high school girls Yui (guitar), Ritsu (drums), Mio (bass) Tsumugi (keyboard), and Azusa (guitar) on their comical yet heart-warming journey to becoming the hottest band in school.

Interview with Daniel Radcliffe and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (opens on July 14)

I changed the blog post title above, that should be "Harry Potter" but our topic here in my blog post is about Daniel Radcliffe and his end being Harry Potter for the final movie that will be release this July 14 in all Philippine cinemas. Here's an interview from Daniel and he shared what will be his plans after the movie series and also about his career move. Now I'm excited for the press screening next week! I hope the IMAX 3D is awesome!

more interview article below

IBM Employees Support “Save the La Mesa Watershed Project”

I'm also part of this project to help and save our forest, but schedule of this event was changed after the typhoon and then it hit my birthday celebration, but I'm glad our bloggers were there to help and join with our IBMers to support and save the La Mesa Watershed. I'll post a coverage news soon here after I get photos and report from my sister who went there with some bloggers. Congratulations and happy 100th anniversary to IBM.

read the feature news below

Call for Entries: Animahenasyon 2011 : The 5th Philippine Animation Festival

Animahenasyon is back again! and now they are looking for original content animation stories for their annual animation competition! I sometimes think that I should join, I do some flash animation years ago and with today's new tech, its easier to animate and do editing. Check out the final details and call for submission, deadline is near, so hurry up!

The Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. (ACPI) is calling all budding and professional animators from across the country to participate and submit their animated works to Animahenasyon 2011: 5th Philippine Animation Festival, as it formally opens and accepts entries to this year's festival. Entry forms may be downloaded from the ACPI web site at <>. The deadline for submission of entries is on September 15.

Animahenasyon 2011 is held in conjunction with Toei Animation Philippines, Inc.'s 25th anniversary, and co-presented by Eastwood City where the festival will be held from November 22 to 25.

Like us on Facebook! :)

Stefano Marcelo sets international race circuits ablaze

08WSKZueA6891GH akoc_macau '08 1308
Let us thank Cebu Pacific for giving support to our pinoy champs like Stefano Marcelo, he will travel to different part of the world to compete for the " Asian Karting Open Championship", this 18 year old pinoy racer will be our top notch champ in the world of racing, I know his dream to be part of a formula race will come in the future.

read the feature news below

Andy Serkis as the intelligent ape in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

rise of the planet of apes_
Andy Serkis is the best!..After Gollum (LOTR) and Kong (King Kong),he's back in a green suit to play as an ape and give emotion to the character Caesar, the ape in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Now I'll think of Andy whenever I see an ape here in our town.

read the feature below

After Google+, we will say goodbye to Picasa and Blogger
I just read some news and info over at the stream of Mashable in Google+, and they revealed that we will be no longer embracing the name Picasa and Blogger because the name will be gone and it will be rebranded to Google Photos and Google Blogs after the launch of Google+, and we will experience this in the next few weeks when Google+ goes public.

news here at

If they can rebrand the two, or even, they should include YouTube too.
I don't like this idea and rebranding the blogging platform that I loved for since 2002 will be now called Google Blogs, now I can see in the future that every blogger using will be called Google Bloggers or Googlers.

what will happened to those blogspot users?

what is your reaction to this news?

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Global Smurfs Day lands on a World Record

That's a big celebration for 4,891 Smurfs fans that participated for the global event that occurs in different part of the country and the activity landed them a new Guinness World Record title "For the Largest Gathering of People dressed as Smufs withina 24 hour period in multiply venues on Globel Smurfs Day"

more news and pics below

I'm lookin at cool bikes sold @

Pocket Bike Jp Lightning fast
I want to own one mini bikes like this pocket bikes, and I didn't know that it was called pocket bikes until I found an online store that sells this over at , I see lots of this pocket bikes during my high school years and then my dad told me if I want to own one pocket bike and one big bike, I answered "No" and I went back to focus on playing Nintendo that time.

Monday, July 04, 2011

The birthday post (and cake from Jollibee)

I love celebrating my birthday and the fun starts when Jollibee sent this cake to our home and we automatically started our little party after receiving it in the afternoon. It was fun day for me and happy to see the birthday greetings flooding my email and Facebook wall, Twitter and phones. Thanks everyone for the wishes and greetings, and also thanks to Jollibee for this birthday cake, you know that you always remember our birthday every year and I think this is the 4th year you are giving us birthday cakes and I can tell that you really love us :)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

I'm now a fan of Natsumi Hayashi (the floating girl)
(photo by Natsumi Hayashi)Link
I just saw her stuff after I google it and discover her style first on flickr. Super cute to see her levitating with different poses and concept. The photo shows that Natsumi Hayashi floats in air and travels around Japan. I found her blog and she reveals that she took the photos all by herself using a self timer. oh wow!

looks like we're going to try her levitation poses in our next photography study

visit her blog at

Winners of the 2011 Coca-Cola Can Glass series contest in my blog

Here are the list of our 5 lucky winners for this contest

McDonald’s representatives will contact the 5 winners via phone call / email regarding details as to how they can claim their Coca-Cola Can Glass Sets. Winners will have to personally claim their prizes (representatives are allowed with authorization letter and valid ID). Prizes must be claimed within 30 days from announcement.

Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be converted to cash or any other denomination.
Expect them to contact you starting this Monday

Congratulations and thanks for joining
Watch out more for cool contest here in my blog
thanks McDonalds for the contest promo

Photos of entries below

Contest entries for the 2011 Coca-Cola Can Glass series from McDo contest

me and my Coca Cola glass set and my McDonald's friends

Here are our collection of entries that join in our contest - Send a photo and win this cool 2011 Coca-Cola Can Glass series from McDonald’s

5 winners will be selected with the best photo and caption. I will announce the winner later after my lunch meal :) thanks everyone for joining!

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