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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Get your Google Plus invites here!

Hi everyone!

I'm sharing my 150 Google Plus invites here in my blog

All you have to do is sign up here at my Google Plus invites
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Thanks and see you in my stream!

Family time muna


I'll be out today and pasyal mode with my family. I'll blog some updates later. pramis!

for the moment, feel free to view my other blogs and add me in my social networks
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Also take note that our next 2nd Blogger Fiesta will be on Aug 20. I'll post more details later.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Nasaan si Aga Muhlach ? e heto nasa tabi ko #nasaansiaga

Adding this now in my growing photo collection with Aga Muhlach, hehhee. I think there are 3 different photo op with Aga that are posted here in my blog. Met him again after 3 years, and now he's back on local tv and to host a travel show for TV5. Watch out for my blog news and feature about the new show of Aga called "Pinoy Explorer" (sounds like Dora the explorer, heheh)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A visit in Yahoo! Philippines office

I visited the local office of Yahoo! Philippines in Global City. Its my first time to be there and I didn't know that their office is located near Burgos Circle. I was there with some media and bloggers for the 2011 Net Index Study by Yahoo! and Nielsen. Its about the growing trend and behavior of internet users in the Philippines.

I just learned here that home internet is fast growing due to bundle plans and also affordability of subscriptions, there's a new trend coming in and that's all about the deal aggregations of group buying sites, and theres an interesting news about the state of e-commerce in the Philippines. I'm going to post here this week about that Net Index for 2011, and its more than just about social networking and searches.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i'm here at the PLDT-SMART Jump store in Megamall

Im here at the store launching of PLDT-SMART Jump store located at the 4th floor of SM Cyberzone in SM Megamall. You can visit the store to try all new (and soon to be release ) gadgets and devices. You can also play games using their giant touch screen, play ehockey games or that Angry Birds game in a 82 inch touch screen on the wall.

The store will be opened to the public starting this Friday.

I'll post my coverage and pictures later.

A cool video about Eat, Learn, Move by Rick Mereki

Really awesome video, I first saw this video at Budjette's blog, I went to his blog after reading his tweet about the video last week, and then few days ago, blogger friend Fitz posted it also in his blog. Galeng ng pagkakagawa ng video, very inspiring piece, I'm posting it here too. enjoy!




My favorite video is MOVE
how about you? what's your favorite video here?

Philips Urban Adventure – one day race around Manila

Philips Urban Adventure  Poster
Racers, adventure and thrill-seekers should check out this upcoming race adventure organized by Philips, in line with their 55 years in the Philippines, they are hosting a one whole day unique adventure race that will take place around Manila. Racers will be put up to a endurance, physical and mental test. Get ready! And I think eating a balut and isaw is included in the race as one of their challenge, just be sure that you are game into anything. Race will start on Aug 27.

more news below

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

a photoblog story of my day in a meeting

I went out today to attend a meeting in Manila, its so hot that time and I'm glad that the bus' aircon is in full blast, also I'm impressed that there's no traffic on the way.

I spotted this mini truck being pushed by two people, one of them is a lady, they rode the truck after they pushed to park on the sidewalk.

My meeting was over and here I am walking in a nice green grass of dreams ahaahha

The building that I called the "Recognizer" is almost complete, I also saw the Arena in SM MOA looks like a pyramid.

two guys pushing this shopping cart, I think they already checked out

before sunset..its so hot awhile ago and my shoes are starting to melt, I'm glad that I decided to walk in this parking lot with green grass over a beach sand

I decided to rest in Starbucks in SM MOA and try to cool down, then the barista wrote the wrong name again, I said my name is "rael" and not "ryan". I'm enjoying this Soya Straberry frapuccino and celebrate for a successful meeting and day for me.

how's your day ?

PD Alliance in Motion: Pfizer and Club PK Team up

Pfizer and Club PK Team up (6)
A cool campaign and initiative by motorcycle riders and Pfizer to help vaccinate the children in different parts of our country, it will be a long road trip to fight these pneumococcal diseases, read the news here as our blogger reporter Sef covers the press briefing of Pfizer last week.

read the news below

Owen Wilson in Cars 2 steers back into action

I love to see that DeLorean car from the Back to the Future movie hopping in to the world of Cars for this 2nd movie, but then its just one of the dream cars that Owen Wilson, voice actor for Lightning McQueen, wants to own if he will have 5 cars, but for me, I'll add that DeLorean car and then a lifesize and running Lightning McQueen car so that I can drive it with my son and bring him to school and everyone will go wow. I'm excited to see this film on August 24 in IMAX and its one of the most awaited movie for me and my kid Ashton, but we might see this movie on a regular screen with my family, Ashton is too young to watch it in IMAX and (ahermmm in the big screen).

Read more info below about Owen Wilson for Cars 2

Contagion movie will spread this September 2011

Here’s another movie all about virus outbreak and the start of contagion, I’m glad that the zombie virus thing are no longer on the hype again, but let’s go back to realism and see how ordinary people and the government do their action in order to save the entire human race.

The movie Contagion is set on a modern day when a deadly airborne virus started to spread and kills people within days. Movie is directed by Steven Sodenbergh and screenplay is by Scott Z. Burns (The Bourne Ultimatum). Starring Academy Winners Marion Cotillard, Gywneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet and Matt Damon, and Oscar Nominee Laurence Fishburne and Jude Law.

read more details and watch trailer below

Death is back again in Final Destination 5 movie

If its your time to die, then you should accept or cheat death ? I think I'll pass this suspense movie hahaha because its so painful to watch people die on the big screen, I think I have a phobia after watching those early Final Destination movies on cable tv, but if you want to cheat death, then read along the information sent to us by..(not death himself) but from our awesome movie PR guy.

read the press release below

Fright Night (2011) movie trivias


Fright Night movie is not your ordinary horror and comedy movie, did you know that this movie is remake of the 1985 “Fright Night” , I don’t even remember the entire movie but I do remember the look of that ugly vampire bat on the film, I went to Youtube and saw this classic trailer posted at . The new movie for 2011 is here for the new and old fans of Fright Night, now directed by Craig Gillespie and the lead star for the movie – Collein Farrell as the vampire next door and Anton Yelchin as the boy who live next to the vampire. It ‘s a fun movie and I don’t want to miss this.

Read our below some fun facts and trivia from the movie and its casts.

Read more info below

BlackBerry Playbook tablet pre orders from SMART

After the big announcement from RIM that the new BlackBerry Playbook tablet launching in our country last Aug 6, now comes the announcement from SMART that you can get a pre-order of this powerful tablet via subscribing to their bundle plan for unlimited surfing. The battle for tablets and mobile network plans had just started!

read details below

SMART Bro Rocket internet USB dongle speeds up to 12Mbps

Smart Bro Rocket Plug-It 1
This is a new addition to the SMART Bro internet USB dongle family, with up to 12Mbps internet speed that runs in the HSPA+ network, the next fast connection after HSPA  and 3G and the next level before LTE. The SMART Bro Rocket is now available in selected Smart store nationwide, price is P3,995 and with an open prepaid service that offers the fastest mobile internet for your PC and laptops.

Rockwell Powerplant Mall now upgrades with Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung - Rockwell 2

From July to August 2011, you can now experience the 2.0 upgrade of Rockwell Powerplant Mall. But how can you experience that? All you need to do is go to tha mall and visit the Samsung Digital Lounge at the 2/f Northwing of Powerplant mall and also experience the functionality of Samsung Galaxy Tab that are now being used by some stores and restaurants. (more story below)

Monday, August 08, 2011

Cameron Diaz is a Bad Teacher (in a movie)

908104 - Bad Teacher
Cameron Diaz is back on the big screen as a bad teacher in this R rated comedy movie titled "Bad Teacher", she even shared that she swears alot and uses the "F" word too many times for this movie, well that's the story of her life as teacher that her mood in teaching got ruined when her fiancee backs out and then she targets to get a boobs job for herself, but she decided to back in teaching just to pay the bills of the clinic for extreme obsession in getting that boobs enhancement.

read out the interview below

IBM: Launches zEnterprise 114 for the Philippine Market


New IBM zEnterprise Mainframe Server Advances Smarter Computing for the Philippine Market

As we move towards the higher stage of internet usage, we must able to update a wide range of system that will actually lessen our worries in terms of platforms, performances, durability and so forth. Every enterprise should always consider the use of new technology to satisfy their client needs. Specially those who are in need of backing up huge files like in banks, insurance companies, telecommunications, government agencies and more.

The new server, which was called the new IBM zEnterprise 114 mainframe enbales to consolidate workloads from 40 x-86 processors running Oracle software on to a new z114 with just three processors running Linux3 and over a three year period, total costs for hardware, software and support on the new z114 as compared to consolidated servers can be up to 80% less with similar dramatic savings on floor space and energy3. This would help the enterprise to store huge data for them to operate efficiently in real time, with less risk.

Smurftastic Movie - Smurfs the Movie in 3D

by: Daomisyel of

Blast from the past. It was in the early 80s when we were watching Smurfs cartoon on our televisions. And the feeling is very nostalgic seeing its 3D animation movie created by Peyo. Directed by Raja Gosnell for Columbia Pictures, this is the first film CGI live action hybrid that is produced by the film outfit. I really missed Smurfs, it was one of our favorite cartoons to watch. The movie started showing the Smurfs Village and their preparations for the upcoming Blue Moon Festival.

20 awesome photos from the Incubus concert in Manila 2011 (photos by Magic Liwanag)

Here are the photo coverage from the Incubus concert in Manila 2011 few weeks ago, photos are taken by the official concert photographer Magic Liwanag. Photos are sent to us by Magic to be posted here in my blog for all Incubus fans in the world to see. Thanks Magic!

more photos below

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Are you ready for the 2nd Blogger Fiesta Manila this Aug 20 ?

Blogger Fest 2011
Are you ready for the 2nd Blogger Fiesta Manila this Aug 20?

This is not the part 2 of the Bloggers Fest that was held in Thunderbird Resorts Rizal last April 2011, but its the 2nd year of the global event celebration for 's birthday every end of August and that event was titled "Bloggers Fiesta".

We have organized one event for Manila, Philippine last year and it was also celebrated by our fellow blogger groups in Cebu and Davao, all events happened at the same time and day, but in different venues. I got a confirmation from my contact in Google that there will be no global celebration for this year but there will be something big coming for birthday, so let us watch that out.

Because of that many are waiting for this event, I decided to continue and organize another Blogger Fiesta Manila and it will be held in a bigger venue and I think can accommodate at around 500 bloggers.

Are you ready?
Are you game ?

let us spread the word!

Weird iPhone cases now on sale


I saw this weird iPhone cases being sold now in Japan, and a good example is the one picture above, its an iPhone case for those who want to hold hands hahahah. Its disturbing but funny iPhone case, if ever I have an iPhone, I'll buy one and use it to scare people around me.

More weird iPhone cases found on this blog site
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