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Saturday, August 20, 2011

2nd Blogger Fiesta Manila production note 4

I just landed in SM North EDSA, I'm now eating my breakfast here in Jollibee, I'm glad that they allow people to enter in the fast food even before the mall hours.

I'm taking advantage of the free wifi here in SM North EDSA, just to check my email, FB, Twitter and blog. I hope everyone read my email blast yesterday, it seems that few people read the email I sent, I hope they can make it here at the blogger fiesta.

see you later guys!
our friend Lisa Ding of has a message for all of us.

Friday, August 19, 2011

2nd Blogger Fiesta Manila production note 2

I did this error calculation yesterday and now it left me a sore back, bones and muscles. I didn't calculated the weight of these goodies that I picked up yesterday, and its so heavy and even put it in super big bag so that I can carry it easily, but it was all a miscalculation problem. Its so heavy and I carried the package all the way around the city for one hour and then going back home.

I should have brought that bag stroller, and now I'm nursing myself with this lots of back, muscles and bones pain, and also headaches. Last night got a fever after arriving home, because I got tired and burned out. I'm glad that I'm still alive and I'm excited to give these goodies away to all participants of the blogger fiesta.

I'm glad that these musicians gave a relaxing feeling when I attended a Samsung event in Ansons in Makati. I didn't got the group's name, their performance is awesome!

right now, my assignments are:
1. finalize that yohgurt set up
2. mail blast all particpants
3. update the blog post of the event
4. email all guest speakers
5. email event team
6. create my presentation for tomorrow
7. create a back up plan if ever internet is wonky inside the mall
8. attend a bloggers meeting with World Food Program in Makati
9. Sendnowna meet up in Pasig City
10. finalize and claim that iPod touch and bags raffle giveaway for tomorrow.
11. sleep early tonight

Thursday, August 18, 2011

2nd Blogger Fiesta Manila production note 1

Before I start my production note for the Blogger Fiesta, I like to comment that why is that this Chowking Chinese style fried chicken tastes like Jollibee's chicken joy, even the gravy are the same with Jollibee. I thought that their Chinese style fried chicken will go on to level with the yummy taste of Bon Chon and Chicken Charlie (but my wife's fried chicken-ala ChonCharlie tastes the best), but after tasting it, I can say that their chicken is a complete failure, I'm starting to hate their chicken now and will just eat in Jollibee if ever I want to eat a fried chicken. Their tv commercial is fake and all their actors on the tvc. Sorry, I'm so disappointed. Have you tried their chicken ?

After a long day of meeting and traveling the other day, my agenda is to meet the marketing officer of SM North EDSA and my team (Kath and Futomi of Anime Alliance PH) to have a meeting and lay down the final plans for the upcoming Blogger Fiesta this Aug 20. It was a long travel for me that I came from the South and going to the middle part of the North, I'm glad that there's MRT and buses available on that day, I ate at McDo and then Chowing after my meeting and long journey going back home.

But even that the Chowking meal is a complete fail, I'm still happy that the Blogger Fiesta event is going smooth and thanks to all bloggers who signed up and showed interest that they are willing to learn more about blogging and get tips from our guest speakers.

Sponsors and donors are coming at last, I now receive lots of emails, phone calls and FB messages from some people and companies that they are giving support for this event, and thanks to them for supporting us, because this is event is produced without any funds and budget, and thanks to all people around me for helping and also big thanks to SM Cyberzone and SM North EDSA for hosting a venue for us.

It will be an awesome event this Saturday. Our topics for the panel talks are so interesting, I know everyone are excited and preparing for another big bloggers gathering for this Saturday, I promise that you will enjoy and learning about blogging and social media here is FREE!

so kita kits sa Saturday.

Cortal SQR: Supports in Uplifting Philippine Football
Report by: Jeffrey Limbauan

Today, the dream of every young Filipino athlete will now direct into the right path. A dream come through to every football player both amateur and professionals to uplift their skills and develop their power to go for gold achievement in the league of the so called sport named Football or Soccer. A simple football player who has a dream to be champion will now dream big with the support of CORTAL SQR. (MORE STORY BELOW)

A Night with Cadbury Chocoholic Party and Win a trip to Boracay
Report by: Jeffrey Limbauan

For all chocolate fanatics out there, it was a very fun-fun night for the bloggers who attended the Bloggers Chocoholic Event of Cadbury. There are few bloggers are invited at the said event. Azrael Coladilla the owner of Azrael’s Merryland site was invited but he wasn’t able to attend because of his eye strain. But it doesn’t mean that Azrael wasn’t able to join the Cadbury Chocoholic Party. He send his blogger reporter Jeffrey Limbauan with two friend bloggers Sef Gutierez and Marnell delos Reyes in the said event in order to cover and join in the activities on the Cadbury event. (More story below)

Bum media and bloggers night on Aug 22

Looks like there will be a goth, emo and cyberpunk night next week. Bum will be having another round of media and bloggers night and I'm inviting you to join with us.

This invite is for bloggers + fashion bloggers + cosplay bloggers
for RSVP listing, pls post a comment below with name, blog url, email address
note: the comment form below is moderated

this is one of the official invite c/o JudyMaret Publicity

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Adele concert in Manila SURVEY

A local concert producer is asking for your help for a little survey and comment here as a part of a survey activity to know if there are fans of Adele and want to see her perform live in a concert here in Manila.

Just post a comment below or press LIKE or press +1 above, so that we can measure up how many want to see Adele do a concert here in Manila for December 2011. Survey will be reported back to the local concert producer after a week of survey activity.

here's her music video "Rolling in the deep"

pics above via

photos: I'm inside the SM Mall of Asia ARENA

Here's a little teaser of an upcoming post here in my blog. I joined in a little tour going inside the heart of the upcoming state of the art coliseum - the SM Mall of Asia ARENA. I'll post more pics soon here in my blog some scenes and what you can expect from the ARENA. I also got news from the UAAP that they will have their 75th season here next year 2011. On pic above is the main venue of ARENA, roofs and seats are still in construction, got to see first the audience sections and 14 VIP rooms around the ARENA. This will be future venue of sports, entertainment and also concerts.

more pics are now posted here at
and here's some features of the ARENA and all about the UAAP 75th season

more pics below

Az video blog 2011 - interview: Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo for Junior Masterchef Pinoy edition

Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition will start on August 27 in ABS CBN.

read my story here at

The reign of the Pinoy Junior Masterchef is coming in ABS CBN this Aug 27

I remember that everyone talked about the Australian version of the Junior Masterchef that was aired in our local tv, it was a buzz that reached in the circle of social media individuals to make the show do a little viral, I’m not aware of that show and when I switch on the tv and jump into that local channel, I saw that these kids are super and master chefs already for me, because they cook like the real deal and their presentation of food are very professional. Its like the Masterchef show, but here for the kids version, the bashing and straight to the point comment of the masterchef judge is very mild and with lots of advice given to the kids if their food is not good or lack some tastes.

For the upcoming Junior Masterchef Pinoy Edition that will air in ABS CBN on August 27, 2011, the Philippine tv scene and trend will change and cooking will reign, just like the trend of badminton, running, football, Beyblade and the popularity of Azkals team, the show will bring cooking and inspiration to people who want to be chefs and kids will be expose at an early age to try the art of cooking and introduce people to appreciate food and be a master foodie.

More story below

the blogger is busy

Blogging activities will be slow for now, everything on my end are behind schedule, I'll post new updates when I arrive home later. Need to attend some meetings this afternoon and also manage the event for 2nd Blogger Fiesta 2011.

here's a pic of me riding a bicycle in Nuvali.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Friends with Benefits - you want ? (yung movie ito)

This is a funny adult movie of Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, I just saw the trailer online and its a good movie to watch out in the big screen. So just avoid the torrents or pirated dvd, because this movie is a much awaited movie esp. to couples and to people who have friends with benefits.
After watching the trailer, my LSS of the day is "Closing Time" song by Semisonic

more news below

Harry Potter final movie is the top 1 film for 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 movie tops the charts and also the top grossing movie for this year 2011.Magic is no longer needed to put Harry Potter on top 1, thanks to the fans and movie fanatics for making it the most memorable movie series of the decade.

more new below

Jollibee kiddie toys - Speed Racer and Mr. Men and Little Miss

Jollibee kiddie meal and toy series for this month is the Speed Racer: The Next Generation cars and the Mr. Men and Little Miss coloring tools. Another addition of toys for kids and fast food toy collectors, but if you want to these exclusive coloring tools and gears then grab the Mr. Men and Little Miss.

More news below

Korn concert in Manila 2011 - photos by Magic Liwanag

DSC_4555 copy
Magic Liwanag shared to us his photo snapshots of Korn in their 1st ever live concert in Manila last week. I wasn't able to watch the concert due to some priorities, and thanks to Magic for providing some photos to immortalize the reign of their music and children of the Korn. Two photos was sent to us via email and other pics posted below are grabbed form his FB network.

Check out Magic Liwanag's hub at

and add Ovation Productions in your FB at

more photos below

Cartoon Network's cartoon line up for August 2011 - DBZ Kai, The Smufs, FireBreather, Project Awesome

Dragonball Z Kai (4)
Dragon Ball Z Kai

Feels great whenever I post news all about animation here and in my blog, Awesome to see a Dragon Ball post and thanks to Cartoon Network for bringing in new cartoon series for the month of August 2011. Here's a new series that will air tonight at 9pm, the new and revised into HD the old Dragon Ball Z series will fly into the small screen in Cartoon Network tonight, its the new remastered series of Dragon Ball Z and I can say that this should be called a Special edition like what they did to Stars Wars for DVD. I'm glad that this one lands on cable tv to mark the 20th anniversary of Dragon Ball Z. The DBZ Kai will air every weeknights at 9pm and the story arc will start from the series where Raditz appears and the quest of Son Goku starts here.

more Cartoon Network's new series below

Andrea Corr live in Manila and Cebu this October 2011

Andrea Corr, the front and lead vocals for the band The Corrs will be here in our country to do two concerts for Manila and for Cebu. Andrea Corr is now a solo artist after a long hiatus, but she is back again in playing new music as a solo artist. Read the news below to know more about the show.

more news below

Contagion movie character posters revealed by Warner Bros

Here's the character posters of the movie "Contagion", this was released online by Warner Bros., last week we saw the teaser trailer of the movie, and its about human's survival in the wrath of a deadly airborne virus. Take a look on the character posters and see who will take a big role for Contagion movie.

more news and photos below

Geek versus Vampire next door in Fright Night

Who will win in a fight? a Geek versus a modern Vampire ? It will be tough fight and in the generation of Facebook and Google, one geek can fight something online that can defeat vampires in a single blow and if you don't know it, that's sunlight for you! and that modern vampire who live for centuries and learned all the tricks of different generations, hmm sounds like they are match in a fight. Check out the news below to know more the actors comments about the movie Fright Night.

more news below

Cars 2 in car-awesomeness IMAX 3D glory

I'm glad that Cars 2 made it for the 3D era of movies and full length animation in 3D digital. We're going to see our favorite cars characters and Radiator Spring is just a tip of the ice berg when we saw their world in Cars movie last 2006, but this time for 2011, their world is much bigger and ohh it could be a 3D universe for Cars. IMAX 3D will be a perfect cinema to view animated movies in CGI, I'm sure Cars 2 will never disappoint us, because Lightning McQueen and his partner Matter will meet another adventure that is more action packed than car racing.

more news below

Guam Visitors Bureau suggests Guam as your wedding venue

Couple 4
Guam Visitors Bureau send out their press release about where and how to have a great wedding event for couples in Guam, you can now celebrate and have your wedding ceremony even in Pinoy style plus with a beautiful view of the island and beaches of Guam.

more news below

Pol Medina's Pugad Baboy book 23 is now available

front cover
available na ang pugad baboy 23
sa Comic Quest stores sa SM Megamall
(UG1), SM North EDSA(Third Floor Main Bldg,)
at Filinvest Mall(Theater Level)
- pol medina jr.
I received an email from Pol Medina Jr and he announces the availability of book 23 of the hit comic strip series Pugad Baboy. I saw this cover last week in Comic Quest in SM Megamall, I was wondering at first if that's a new issue, the book is like a regular comic book size in prestige format. Then I got this email from Pol yesterday and it is the official release of book 23.
So grab your copies now!

According to his fans via FB, book 23 is priced at P190
above is the front cover and below is the back cover

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting to know more of BEA - BPI Express Assist

by daomisyel of

Tired of long lines? Filling up forms? And long minutes of waiting for your name to be called?
Have you noticed BEA once you entered BPI branches? Anyways, BEA stands for BPI Express Assist - the newest innovation from Bank of the Philippine Islands.

BEA is the country's first fully automated transaction assist platform wherein allowing you to transact and enter the data needed on touch screen machines for a wide range of transactions like cash and check deposits, withdrawals, bills payment, BIR and SSS payments.

The Smurfs collectibles sold at Marketplace #shopatmultiply @shopatmultiply


Its The Smurfs season this August 2011 and I know that we are having a short supply of Smurfs collectibles and items, the little dwarf blue friends are back after years of sleep from our home TV and now they are awaken and jump into the big screen. For Smurfs fans, you still have a chance to start your collection by checking out the items being sold online at Marketplace.

check the items below
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