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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Krispy Kreme opens new branch in Festival Mall Alabang

Last night was the opening and launch of Krispy Kreme's new branch in Festival Mall Alabang. The location of Krispy Kreme is at the corner of the Bridgeway exit of the mall. The launching event was spectacular as always, they gave away lots of doughnuts and drinks to all VIPs and raffle off lots of one year supply of doughnuts to lucky participants. I got in touch with Mark Gamboa, Marketing Manager for Krispy Kreme and he told me that they finally opened their new branch here in Festival Mall after waiting for almost 6 years, the expansion in the South area starts here and there will be more on the next coming year, I also got teaser that KK will open also their new branch in Cebu this October.

a P9024825_stitch
large panoramic photo here

So grab your yummy doughnuts and special KK coffee here at the new branch in Festival Mall Alabang.

check out the photos from the launch event last night below offers zero transaction fees to all merchants @shopatmultiply #shopatmultiply

If you are planning to put up an online store, then I suggest that you take the advantage of the free online store set up of and get also the e-commerce system with online cart and transaction, plus the buyer and seller protection, all of it are now offered free! and there will be no transaction fee upon purchase. I remember that Multiply has a 3.9 percent charge per transaction, and now they are giving an early Christmas gift to all to take advantage more on e-commerce. Check out below a letter and note from Peter Pezaris, founder and CEO of Multiply.
Dear Multiply Sellers,

As you know, about four months ago we introduced Multiply Commerce™, our easy-to-use shopping platform that simplifies your storefront management and leads to more transactions and higher sales. More than 5,000 of you are now running your shops with Multiply Commerce, and we are ready to celebrate this milestone.

As a big Thank You to our supportive Seller community, we will not be charging any transaction fees between now and January 31, 2012, allowing you to take advantage of all the great features of Multiply Commerce throughout the big shopping season. These features include:
Payment processing from multiple providers, making it easier for your customers to pay you in a way that is familiar.
Local shipping right from within Multiply, adding great convenience and saving you time.
The Multiply Stockroom, which allows you to track sales and inventory so that you can always stay on top of incoming orders and make your customers happy.

For merchants who sign up for Multiply Trust™, we offer Buyer Protection to all of your customers when they complete their order through Multiply Commerce. With Buyer Protection, the order is right, or your money back.

If you haven't made the transition to Multiply Commerce yet, now is a great time to try it free, with no risk. If you're already on Multiply Commerce, please enjoy this special "No Transaction Fees" promotion and celebrate with us this exciting event.

Getting started is easy: post a product listing, or convert existing photo albums to product listings.

If there is anything else we can do to help you sell better, please let us know.


Peter Pezaris
Founder & CEO

Friday, September 02, 2011

coverage: Beyond the Box an Apple Premium Reseller opens in Newport Mall

a P8264526_stitch
large pic

Beyond the Box store, a new Apple Premium Reseller store here in Manila just opened their first branch here at the Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, and during the launch event I heard that they will also open another store in a prime city around Visayas. The new store will give a great experience to new users of Apple and also to those old Apple users to try and check out the new gadgets and accessories of Apple and other third party makers of Apple accessories. The store offers a complete range of Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, iPad, iPod, iPhone and many more. (MORE STORY AND PHOTOS BELOW)

Thursday, September 01, 2011

IBM Recognized for CSR Leadership

Photo Shows (L-R):  Senator Manny Villar presenting the CSR Leadership Award to Chestnut Andaya, Country Manager for Marketing, Communications, Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs, IBM Philippines.

IBM won the Bronze Award for CSR Leadership in the recently concluded 2011 Global CSR Awards, Asia's most prestigious recognition awards program for corporate social responsibility, held in conjunction with The 3rd Global CSR Summit at the Marriott Hotel in Cebu City last August 11-12.

4th Movfest: International Film, Music and Literature Festival starts today Sept 1 in Podium

Today is the big day for Movfest!
Everyone is invited to attend

September 1, 2011. Thursday. 1:30pm to 11pm
The Podium, Activity Center. ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
RSVP on Facebook

more details below and schedule

comics: DC 52: Justice League #1 Review

by blog contributor Dorkour

Super heroes band together to fight menacing threats. But for DC’s rebooted universe’s Justice League, they come together to fight bad economy – the steady decline of comic book sales. In order to curb this downtrend, DC rebooted the continuity for the nth time to attract new readers. 52 comic books were reset so that new readers can catch up. The banner title of the set, Justice League, was the first to come hot off the press.  (MORE STORY BELOW)

Hands on test with a SMART Netphone


Last night was the press briefing for the launch of the SMART Netphone and now lots of units are released to the public for them to test and try the SMART Netphone at the PLDT-SMART Jump Experience Center in Cyberzone, SM Megamall. I arrived late at the press briefing and I already caught the Q and A session with the SMART team and the media. I want to test the phone myself and I'm glad that they have lots of units in store for everyone, the Jump Squad supervisor Bernie approached me and then she showed me a little walkthrough on the phone, we tested two units, one for her and one for me, I finally got the chance to test it myself and the phone is very okay and user friendly. (MORE STORY BELOW)

Winner of the "Western Union: Your World" network challenge

Congratulation to Ethan G for winning in a lucky pick raffle, winner won a P2k shopping GC from Western Union. Thanks to our sponsor Western Union, and also thanks to all participants who joined this contest.

More contest coming here in Azrael's Merryland Blog.

(winner will be contacted via email )

Foodie event of the year! - Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 this Sept 3

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test final poster
This the event that all foodies and food bloggers are waiting for! Anton Diaz's event about food tasting is back again for its 6th run for 2011, the event will be on September 3, 2011 at the Rockwell Tent, if you remember on past Ultimate Taste Test, the event is always held in NBC Tent, but today it got little more accessible to visit and it will be hosted under the Rockwell Tent. I haven't been to the past UTT events, been busy on those times but I already made a pack that I should not miss this event! The event will be hosted by our  Manila Boy blogger Spanky Enriquez and foodie blogger Marianthefoodie

read below the details

The ABS CBN News Bloopers by Marc Logan

I followed the link shared by jepoy via twitter and it directed to me to Marc Logan's Youtube page, I'm not sure if he really owns the account, but the video posted there is very raw and never before seen on TV Patrol. I like this video bloopers of the news team of ABS CBN ahhahaha, I love to see more bloopers of Korina Sanchez and Karen Davila.

I already subscribed via email to the Youtube page and I'll wait for more of those funny video features by Marc Logan.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SMART Netphone and SmartNET- android? smartphone? netphone? awesomephone!

This hot and sexy SMART Netphone first appeared in Jayvee's blog when he covered the World Mobile Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. When I saw it, I know it will be an awesome phone, but we're still searching for more cool feature and the Smart Netphone project is just the 1st of Smart's new project for this year, and yeah add SMART LTE for 2012 as their 2nd..or could be that's their 1st..okay..anyway. I'll buzz up my blog whenever I get a unit or try it at the Jump experience center.

I got teased that the SMART Netphone is up and ready for pre-order at a price of P9,900.
you can read and watch the tour here at

It’s the first ever SMART powered Android phone that is sure to bring an extraordinary mobile internet experience at a touch.

Enjoy more than 300,000 Android apps absolutey free and experience a different kind of connection with Netphone’s exclusive SmartNet application.

Learn more about Netphone and SmartNet.
check out the photos below from

What do you think of this Smart Netphone?








20 cool stuff at PLDT-SMART Jump – tech experience center in SM Cyberzone, SM Megamall

Few weeks ago, PLDT-SMART Jump was opened to the public and it’s the 1st ever tech experience center that was put up by PLDT and SMART in order to showcase the latest tech, gadgets, business solutions, digital entertainment, connectivity to all pinoys. It’s a great center if you want to learn more on how to use an iPad tablet, a BlackBerry Playbook or even play Angry Birds, all demo units and internet surfing are free for everyone, the Jump experience center is also open as a venue for meetings and EB for tech fans and bloggers. (MORE STORY BELOW)

Biggie sweets - McDonald’s New Big Blast Desserts

Big Blast
Omg! Have you tried this in McDO? My eyes and jaws are dropping because that's a biggie size for a Double Hot Fudge Sundae!
There's also the Double Hot Caramel Sundae, and a combo of Hot Fudge Caramel Sundae Duo in one cup. Even their McFlurry and McFloat is now having a biggie size verion.

Time to visit a nearest McDO and try this for my upcoming review

Indulge and try the new BIG BLAST Desserts and see for yourself - visit any McDonald’s store or McDonald’s Dessert Center nationwide or order through McDelivery, 8-MCDO (8-6236) or

10 Trending Searches on Yahoo! Philippines for AUGUST 22 – 28, 2011
Here are the top 10 trending topics and searches collected by Yahoo! Philippines. Wow! even that I'm so late on the latest news and trend, I'm still get updated on the current topics being discussed. I love this new list of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, I'm glad that one of our wonders is included as finalist. Thanks to the Yahoo! Philippines team for sending this.

continue reading below

Quick Delivery now accepts Globe Gcash payment for food order

This is a great news again from Globe Gcash as they are now in partner with Quick Delivery to give an additional service to their customers and subscribers. Ordering food will be easy now and by ordering food via phone with Quick Delivery and payment mode is on Globe Gcash, you will never worry in paying your ordered food and avoid lining up infront of the ATM Machine or you are just lazy to go down from your office building or go out of your home to encash money from a bank, and with this new service, all of it will be transacted with some keystrokes and the power of Globe GCash, but before that, you need to make sure if you have emoney loaded to your GCash wallet, but if you have a Union Bank account, you can easily transfer funds to your Gcash and use the emoney in paying it to Quick Delivery. (MORE STORY BELOW)

Globe GCash partners with Union Bank for mobile bank withdraw and transfer

Technology help us in moving money, with this good news from Globe GCash, we can now connect our Globe GCash account to Union Bank Eon Card, you can now withdraw money from your GCash by transferring your funds to Union Bank and it also work the other way around Union Bank to Globe Gcash. There’s a P7.50 charge per transaction and enrolling your GCash and Union Bank Eon Card to connect has a charge of P10 for a one time enroll. Transferring of cellphone load will be easy when you get funds via your Union Bank Eon Card or if you want to purchase something online that requires Gcash payment, you can pay the merchant with a few keystrokes from your cellphone by transferring an amount of money from your Union Bank Eon Card, and the good part here is that your PayPal money can be transferred so easily to your Gcash and thanks to Union Bank Eon Card for doing all the work with our emoney.

Net Lima – first Philippine green building rises in BGC

I got this news few months ago and I got interested to write about it because it will be the 1st of its kind and soon to be followed by others, the Net Lima bldg or the Net Metropolis 5th Ave is a new 3 tower building that is now constructed in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, what’s the specialty behind it? Its all strategically built to be eco friendly, it can recycle and uses available natural energy. (MORE STORY BELOW)

Spotted toys on sale (new and classic toys)

Its from my mobile photo collection of toys that I saw in different malls and I already discovered some new and classic toys being sold with a super discounted price. Like the toy above, I bought it at P50 each in a sale section of Toy Kingdom Express in SM North EDSA, and wow! I found lots of cool items there, I'm going back and will snatch that E.T. toy.

more photos below

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reading blogs via mobile is fun


I love reading blogs on my mobile phone and thanks to this Snaptu app on my Nokia C3, I imported all blogs that I follow in my Google Reader. I read around 70 plus blogs on my phone for the 2nd time and I always do that whenever I’m not busy or just killing some time. I surfed around for almost 2 hours reading some blogs while waiting for the time of my meeting, I got bored and then decided to surf and read blogs for 2 hours and Its like rediscovering the blogs that I’m follow and found out that other blogs are no longer updating or transferred to a new blog url and host, I should have updated my Google Reader and import new blogs. Its fun, now I’m wondering what will be my activity if ever I have my own tablet , I think the use of it will not be just for playing games but also reading blogs.

I’m going to update my blog list and then add more blogs here in my mobile phone.

September 2011 is a good month to start collecting DC Comics

I’m going back to collect comics and maybe I’ll follow on selected titles only, been absent in the world of comics lately and I think it’s a good start to buy, collect and read new stories coming up for this month of September, because if you don’t know yet, all 52 titles of DC comics will be rebooted to issue 1, why did they do that after all these years? Maybe because its their marketing and brand move for the coming century for DC comics. All titles will be back to issue number 1 and I experienced it before the hype and great comic madness after buying and collecting issue 1 when JLA was published last 1997, it moves me back to comic collecting and trigger my feet to troop down to Comic Quest and Filbars every Saturday to hunt the latest issue of JLA. ( MORE STORY BELOW)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Az video blog 2011- Demolish the tower contest: Azrael vs. KFC Tower Burger

Here's a food eating challenge with the all new KFC Tower Burger, shoot a video of yourself while eating the KFC Tower Burger and finish it within 2 minutes or less, if you did it without any cut or editing, then you are qualified and got a chance to win a trip to Singapore and watch that F1 race this end of the month. Come and join na for the "Demolish the Tower" contest, deadline is til Sept 16.


Western Union's 160th anniversary launches an app to discover world's most globally network person

me 2
There’s a way already that you can determine if you are the world’s most globally network individual here in our country or through out the globe. Its just a simple app that can use your Facebook network and add the country stats of the people that added you and generate a nice ranking raging from 470,000 locations in 200 countries. This online app and activity is courtesy of Western Union to mark their 160th anniversary, yes my dear friends, the money delivery service is almost a century and a half old and they still continue giving that secured money transfer service to all nations. (MORE NEWS BELOW)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

How's your long weekend ?

blog appearing in a BlackBerry Playbook tablet and LCD screen

I haven't posted a decent blog post for the past 2 days, been busy for awhile going out and having a quick out of town trip, doing some event coverage assignments, and hanging out with my family on a nice Saturday in Greenbelt. I'm starting to warm up my fingers and brain in order to keep myself active during this long weekend, and I know its the most celebrated stay home or go on a vacation time for all people, but for me, its just normal, because I don't have a normal day job and my life is like long weekend with lots of deadlines and non stop blogging :)

I'll post some new updates after dinner. I don't have any schedules coming til Aug 30, all we can do here at home is to blog, watch tv, surf the net, play with Ash, watch Lace bake some cakes and listen to Tron OST ahahahh.

how's your long weekend today?

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