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Saturday, November 19, 2011

coverage: SM ChriSMs launch in SM Mall of Asia

Image00061 Image00024
SAM_3017 Image00081
Last 11-11-11, SM Supermalls did a grand launch of their annual SM ChriSMs at the SM Mall of Asia. It was the first mall to launch their Christmas theme inside the mall, and after that day all other SM Supermalls nationwide did a simultaneous grand launching of their own SM ChriSMs in their respective branches. I remember last year that the main launch as at the SM Megamall, but for this year, they decided to do the launch in SM Mall of Asia and do the launch solo and a day before the main launch of Nov. 12, 2011. (More story below)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Samsung LED 8000 Smart TV perfect for family viewing time

Samsung LED 8000 Smart TV blooms again and it is the perfect tv for the entire family, I agree on this because I own a Samsung tv series 9 and with the features of the Smart Share, I can easily watch my media files from my laptop wirelessly to the tv and with this new Samsung LED 8000 Smart TV, the apps and features of the tv is much advance and more enjoyable.

The Samsung LED 8000 LED Smart TV performs well with its built in features like 3D capabilities and the Samsung Smart Hub, an app that you can easily share photos, videos, music and also other apps in the Samsung TV apps. (more story below)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 5.0

Galaxy 8.9 - UI - small
Two new additions to the Samsung Galaxy family were added and announced the availability of Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 8.9 and the, Galaxy S WiFi™ 5.0 in the market. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is the thinnest mobile tablets released here in the Philippines and it stand up with its brother - the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. (More features below)

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 brand ambassadors

TessaPrieto_Samsung BOOM_MG_4936r
Samsung just revealed the two new brand ambassadors for their Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. They are Boom Gonzales, a full time broadcaster and Tessa Prieto-Valdes, a part time interior designer. These two people are so busy in their lives, and using the Samsung Galaxy Tab makes their work go smooth and feel connected everyday. Samsung Tab 8.9 is a new tablet line up from Samsung that have a 8.9" inches screen. (Read the whole feature below)

Lenovo launches its own mobile phone units

We know that Lenovo is a company that makes computers and laptops, and they are here for almost 20 yeasr, but creating new tech never stops them and this time they launched their own mobile phone line and calls it Lenovo Mobile. I just read the features of each Lenovo Mobile phone and I can say that I'm very impressed on the new tech they included on each model of the Lenovo Mobile. There's and dual sim Android phone, a fashion phone with see through screen, a phone with built in answering machine, game simulator, and phone that can be used also as a webcam with no apps to install. Wow!!!

read the phone line up below

Yahoo! Mail visualization project - view stats of live data worldwide

Yahoo! Mail shows another wow factor with the release of Yahoo! Mail Visualization Project, a public display of stats of live data being distributed per seconds, imagine that an average of 16,000 live data that are being delivered per second (for PH daytime) and I know it is more at our PH night time, there's also a live visualization stats on the trending words being used in the mail subject line and also a trending words used by spam mails. (More story below)

Smart Netphone conquers the Galaxy

Its a big buzz since last month that Smart Netphone is now available in the latest Samsung Galaxy Y, a new Android smartphone series for the young people, Y means young. I can tell because the Galaxy Y is small and it is perfect for teens and young adults. The affordable Android smartphone running on Gingerbread and add the features of all SmarNet exclusive service.

I'm trying this Smart Netphone x Samsung Galaxy Y now and I'll post my review next week.

Price : Php 5,990

Samsung Galaxy Note pre-order extended to Nov. 18

I got late to announce about the pre order offer of Samsung here in the Philippines, but I'm glad that they decided to extended the pre-order til Nov 18

Samsung Galaxy Note is a 1.4Ghz dual core processor smartphone with S Pen as a free input device pen for the 5.3" HD Super AMOLED full touch screen and its the 1st in the world to have a bigger size for a smartphone.

here are some details about the pre order

With the 1.4GHz dual core processor, HSPA+ internet speeds, the HD Super AMOLED display, 8-megapixel camera, and especially the S Pen, the Samsung Galaxy Note truly lives up to being the very first tablet-cum-smartphone in the market!

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation is giving 50 lucky Ad Congress 2011 participants a chance to be one of the first few to own the Galaxy Note, straight from its first shipment to the country, through a special package that can be availed online:

50 units of the Samsung Galaxy Note at P2,000 off of its suggested retail price of P35,990 with a free flip cover valued at P1,450 and free 45 days of the Philippine Daily Inquirer Digital Edition valued at P1,120.

This exclusive offer is only available from November 17 – 18, 2011.

To reserve your Samsung Galaxy Note, go to

here's a video about Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung GALAXY Note big debut in Asia

IMG_0727 copy
Samsung recently announces the availability of Samsung Galaxy Note and it got its debut here in Southeast Asia and the feture look just broke down the trend of the styles of conventional smartphones with touch screen features. Samsung Galaxy Note features the world's 1st and largest 5.3" HD Super AMOLED display screen that provides a high resolution smart screen and best viewing experience for users when it comes to reading, surfing and even drawing. The Samsung Galaxy Note includes and resurrect the pen-input tech - the S Pen, people can use it in doing multi task jobs in writing, browsing, gaming and create doodles and art. (more news below)

PLDT myDSL offers 10mbps for Php4,000 a month

Family Pic. Pldt myDSL
I just wish that we have PLDT here in our location, but we only get a good line connection to another network and its the only way that we can have telephone line and internet here, we live in outside Manila and still I envy the people who live in Manila because they have PLDT and some of them are subscribed to PLDT's Triple Play package - it includes unlimited DSL, landline and PLDT Watchpad, an online entertainment portal with 17 channels and exclusive content (including a Pacquiao boxing live viewing) (more story below)

Steven Spielberg's War Horse movie

A new movie about the adventure and friendship of a man and a horse, set in the 1st world war. If dogs were man's best friend, I consider now that horses are the 1st animal to be a friend to us humans, because they are so helpful during the old times, especially during the war. Watch this movie and see two characters find their way each other in the middle of the war. (more story below)

Japanese animation director to give talk at 5th Animahenasyon Festival this November 22

Jun Awazu, a Japanese animation director (NEGADON: The Monster from Mars, Planzet) known for creating 3D CG movies, he will have a live talk at the Artists Talk session of the 5th Animahenasyon Festival this November 22, 2011, from 130pm-430pm at the International Center of Information Technology Education (ICITE) Auditorium, Eastwood, Q.C.

Jun Awazu directed and worked on the award winning films - NEGADON: The Monster from Mars which won many international prizes including the 9th Japan Media Arts Festival and the 20th Digital Contents Grand Prix in Japan. Negadon is a 25 minute 3D CG film that pays homage to the kaiju or monster movie classic such as Godzilla and Mothra, this movie is considered as the world's first complete 3D CG kaiju movie. (more news below)

Arthur Christmas - new 3D CG animated Christmas movie

Here's a cool and new story to tell on how Santa Claus deliver all those gifts at the same time around the world. The trailer of the animated movie revealed that Santa uses a high tech ship and serve by his loyal elf assistance. But what if the tech experienced a glitch ? Big trouble I say, just like the Y2k bug craze, but Arthur, one of Santa's helper as the one who reads letters from kids, is here to save Christmas. (More news below)

Titanic 3D movie trailer

April 6, 2011 will be the comeback of the most beloved film by James Cameron, here's the trailer for the 3D movie version of Titanic. The trailer posted in YouTube are not in 3D but expect a full 3D trailer played in some cinemas within this week.

Here in the Philippines, the movie will be available in April 7, 2012.

Underworld Awakening movie poster

I'm glad that Kate Beckinsale is back as Selene, the lone vampire warrior in the 1st two movie of Underworld, Its great to see her back in the action movies and will see her smile with fangs. The 4th movie which is actually the part 3 of the movie series, the third release film is a part of it as a prelude of the story. Underworld Awakening will be released next year in full 3D and IMAX 3D, finally! IMAX 3D.

read the official news below

Space Battleship Yamato: 2199 - Teaser Trailer

I found this news and it's the most exciting news for anime! The Space Battleship Yamato will live forever! The remake of the classic animated series will launch again in space this April 2012 and have a new tv series using new technology in digital animation. After the manga, the animated series, the dramatic ending and the success of the live action movie, comes now a remake animation into movie-tv series ready to re-introduce to new generations of Yamato fans.

visit the official site at

Angelo Castro Jr.’s return in ABS CBN's The World Tonight

Tina Monzon Palma and Angelo Castro Jr. on the set of World Tonight
I'm so late about this news, Angelo Castro Jr. is back on news tv, after a long hiatus, Angelo will be seen on tv again at the top news on tv, The World Tonight, he will be one of the anchor again and with fellow news anchor Tina Monzon Palma and Teddyboy Locsin. I didn't know that the news tv started on 1986 in ABS CBN, and now still airing at ANC every weeknights at 10pm. Welcome back Angelo Castro Jr.,

Read the official news below

Gameloft releases Modern Combat 3, Brothers in Arms 2 and Gangstar Rio, games for iOs and soon in Android

Gameloft releases 3 new games with awesome graphics and game play, the global publisher of digital and social games revealed that they are also gearing up to release Android games of these games. The new games are - Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front and Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. These are action and war games situable for mature gamers only. First person shooting games are so popular in mobile devices, they are easy to control and fun to play, I give Gameloft a thumbs up for releasing this games for gaming fans of FPS.

check out below the game features and trailers

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

James Cameron's Titanic 3D movie trailer launch this November 17

kate winslet & leonardo di caprio TITANIC 3D
James Cameron's movie "The Titanic" will sail again next year April 7, 2012 in Philippine cinemas, we will see the same movie but in different viewing format as it will join the 3D movie roster and remaster treatment, watch and meet Rose Dewitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) and Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) once more, but in full digital 3D. Are you going to watch it again ? I heard the Blu Ray DVD is awesome too, but watching it in 3D in big screens is exciting, I hope they convert it in IMAX 3D. 20th Century Fox Philippines announces the grand trailer will be launch on Nov 17 at

More news below

Experimenting on scheduled post on each topic

My blog covers lots of topic and it falls already from out of the topic of Lifestyle, Entertainment and Pop Culture, but sometimes my series of posts are about my personal life, production notes and other topics like gadgets, food and travel. I started blogging since 2002 (a blog about a film festival, now dead) and my blog - Azrael's Merryland started 2003, I stick to one blog and put my focus here. I tried to create a sub blogs like a blog for food, photography, video blog and travel, but my heart goes back here in my main blog and I noticed that its hard to update with lots of series blog, If I focus on other blogs, It might kill my main blog and move on to another, that's the situation that I want to avoid.

So starting today, I'm going to create a schedule for each topic, just to focus on the flow of topic to be posted here in my blog per day, so that if you want to see posts about food then wait the updates on a Sunday, and then for entertainment like movies, music and concerts the posts will be for Thursday. This will be a two week experiment and I just want to see if my readers want to have this kind of style and for me to have a different blogging activity that have its own deadline.

so here are the schedules of topic per day in a week

wellness and health


social media

pop culture


post coverages


what do you think? mas ok ba sya?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tweaking the whole day

Been busy the past few days working on some projects that I'm handling, been working and do a lot of multi-tasking stunts and Its hard to do them at the same time (work-blog-baby sit), and also add a little of blogging some stuff here in my blog. My time got eaten up and one of my work got delayed for a month, but I got the time to finish it today and I'm so proud to show it to my team, I just hope that they will agree on my concept design and few revision, I already surrendered in making that design for a tv ad, I missed creating it and see it on tv but I need to let it go as one of the task that I got assigned. I need to upgrade also and clean up my laptop, the next event and project is coming and I need a lot of speed in my duo core laptop. (thinking of getting a faster laptop next year)

My energy is back and I'm going to finish The Walking Dead Season 2 today and will update more here in my blogs, Lots of backlogs are piling up near my seat, I must publish this before December yay.

Ohhh Inhumanoids - Jem and the Holograms tie in

Okay! I just discovered this while ago after reading some wiki about Inhumanoids, and then I read that the monster D'Compose from the Inhumanoids animated series made a cameo appearance in Jem and the Holograms episode "Broadway Magic". Watch the video above and fast forward to 3:44

Then I read in one of the commenter in YouTube that the events of Inhumanoids and Jem took place at the same time and in one city. The cameo of D'Compose showed up in one of the tv screen attacking one city and one of the character named Hector Ramirez is showing up on both series as a reporter. ohh cool.. then after some research...I read that Hector Ramirez also appeared 1st in Transformers G1 and GI JOE. waoohooohohohoh

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday time in Sofitel Pacquiao-Marquez boxing viewing, SM MOA, Bay Spa and BreadTalk

Me and my wife Lace bought a P1000 deal from Cash Cash Pinoy and its a breakfast buffet with live viewing of the boxing match of Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez in Harbour tent, Sofitel. It was my first time to use a discount voucher printed on a scratch paper and bought from a local group deal site, it was a great experience for us and my first time to try those deals and I'm glad all went well. We went to Sofitel at 8am and we got the middle area of the venue, one block near the buffet and closer to the left LED screen, I'm glad that we didn't sat on the right side, because the sunlight glows too much at around lunch time and I hate watching TV whenever there's a bright sunlight on the side.

The breakfast buffet meal is Pinoy style, they offered fried rice, longganisa, beef tapa, eggs, glazed ham, champorado, lots of bread, fruits, juice and coffee. At first I thought that I can go back to the buffet area twice or thrice, but I heavily ate and very satisfied on the flavor for my Sunday morning. Other guests came in at around 9am and 10am, and observed that some people are on panic because seats and tables are almost occupied. We got teased on a the last under card fight and everyone in Harbour tent went wild and heated up for the Pacman's fight with Marquez.

more photos below

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 2011 - post your predictions here!

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manual Marquez will have another boxing match today November 13, 2011. It will be their 3rd fight match.

Let's play a game here and Post your predictions here!
Guess what round the boxing match will end
and predict who will win.

My prediction: Round 10, Manny Pacquiao win

What about you?

(Photo Credit : Chris Farina - Top Rank)
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