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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why you and your kids will love website

Jollitown Home Page
Its been 3 years already that Jollibee produces their own kiddie show- Jollitown every Sunday and now that the show landed in ABS CBN, the reach for parents and kids grow more as it shows new episodes every Sunday, I remember their old episodes that Jollibee doesn't even speak and uses hand movements and signals, I'm glad that they removed that concept and created a much interactive talking Jollibee, plus with a moving mouth. His friends Hetty, Yum, Popo and Twirlie is the new Batibot generations to some kids and becomes the most popular character for kids and on a tv show. The show Jollitown won recognition from different award giving bodies and once of them are the Tambuli Awards and Araw Awards.

Jollitown expanded not only from a tv show, but also thru online, they have their own online website, a kid friendly site filled with lots of kiddie games and visuals that can help for the learning of your kid. Me and my baby boy always wait for the tv show every Sunday at 9am, and Its funny that my baby boy aged 1 yeard old loves the show already.

Here are three reasons why you should.

Speed up to 450mbps with Buffalo WZR-HP-450H-AP router (SRP: P6,000)

Buffalo WZR-HP-450H-AP router supports a high speed wireless connection up to 450mbps. So if you are a fan of a high speed wifi access and also one of the expected users for a LTE connection next year, this high speed router will do the work for you in streaming HD videos, audio, surfing the net and online gaming. Its the fastest line for Buffalo and I'm sure that this one was built for online gaming. (more news below)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

11th World Bazaar Festival 2011 opens this Dec 2-18, 2011

World Bazaar Festival Poster
Christmas shopping is here again, and for the 2nd day of December it will be grand opening of Worldbex's 11th World Bazaar Festival starting this December 2-18, 2011 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila,gates will be opened from Mon-Thur 12nn-10pm and then Friday to Saturday at 10am-12mn. This is the grandest Christmas bazaar in the Philippines, I visit this every year and cool items are being sold here as well.This year the bazaar celebrates Christmas and also have the theme "Da Best ang Pasko ng Pilipino". (More news below)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Lingayen, Pangasinan day 1

I went to Lingayen, Pangasinan last week to attend the 1st Pangasinan Digital ICT Congress, organized by Vanj Padilla and her Pangasinan Digital team. I'm one of the resource speakers for the topic of blogging for students and social media management for businesses and SMEs. Its my first time here in Lingayen, Pangasinan and my last visit here was years ago when me and my relatives went to Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan. Its a new adventure for me and I love visiting different places here in our country, its a big opportunity for me to learn more about and share it here in my blog. (More story below)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Invitation from SM Mall Of Asia: 1st Grand Festival of Lights, Today 11/26

All are invited to witness t he first grand festival of lights.

Message from SM Mall of Asia:

Its really really a must! I think you should experience MOA just so you guys would know that it is really different from any other mall.
Come today! Parade starts at 5:30pm to 6pm
Just go to the arcades, It'll start in the north arcade

Friday, November 25, 2011

Reserved seats for the PWD in public utility jeepneys

I just saw this sticker sign posted on the wall of a public utility jeepney here in Lingayen, Pangasinan, and its a sign at the end seat of the jeepney, that seat is reserved for persons with disability.

is this applied also in Manila ? I haven't seen this sticker before in our PUJ in Manila.

btw, its a great idea that they have this kind of special seats for PWD

I'm judging now the entries for the 2011 Best of Cebu Blogs

I'm judging all the entries for the 2011 Best of Cebu Blogs! I enjoyed reading and surfing blogs in Cebu and I accepted again the offer to judge it again for the 2nd time.

It will be a busy night for me again to finish the blog hopping!

here are the qualified nominees for:



good luck to all participants!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Movie tickets giveaway to 100 bloggers for the Adventures of Tin Tin IMAX 3D screening in SM SouthMall

My friends from the social media department of SM Supermalls told me to share this they will be giving away 100 tickets for bloggers in my network for a one night screening of a action, mystery and adventure movie of "The Adventures of Tin Tin: Secret of the Unicorn" movie" in the new IMAX 3D in SM Southmall this coming Monday. The movie is based on a popular comics series created by Herge, a comic series compiled in a book that I usually browse it in UST mini library during my grade school years.

Movie screening : November 28, 2011
Time: 6PM
Where: IMAX 3D SM Southmall

Directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Peter Jackson, and written by Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish

Did you know that the IMAX 3D Theater in SM Southmall is the 4th IMAX Theater here in our country.

If you are game to watch the movie with us bloggers then register below!

Busy going to the town and to beach
I'm busy traveling back and forth.. going to the town for the Pangasinan ICT Congress venue at their training center and then going back here in the resort on where we stay, and then going back again to the venue to eat and have a tour and then going back here again.

hahahaha. a busy travel week for me. Also I discovered that their 711 branches here are converted into a mini bar, people drink alcohol outside the branch and use that picnic like table with umbrella outside the store. Must try it later.. lol

I'm waiting for my smartphone and camera batt to charge here in the room, and I'll go out again as soon as they are in full charge. more adventures later here in Lingayen, Pangasinan.

Happy Feet 2 cools up in IMAX 3D - now showing

Happy Feet 2
Mumble and the rest of the penguin gang are back in the cold setting and the movie is now showing in all Philippine cinemas, but I like to suggest that you watch the movie in IMAX 3D, why? because its an all CG movie and the 3D effects are good when watch it in IMAX 3D.

read the official news below

Pinoy kids! be a guest star in the new Ben 10 CG animated movie

Cartoon Network is inviting all pinoy kids and especially Ben 10 fans to join in the contest audition to win as one of the voice character in the upcoming CG animated movie - Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens. One lucky boy and one lucky girl will be selected and be part in a school scene in the movie! And here at the premiere of the movie they winning young voice actors will be the star complete with VIP treatment and a limousine ride. The prize is like a winning experience in being part of Ben 10 and have a familiarization on how animation works from drawing board up to voice recording in a studio. Watch out for the premiere here in Manila.

read the contest mechanics below

23rd James Bond film titled "Skyfall", starting filming this November 2011

I'm glad that they still have Daniel Crag to do another James Bond movie, for this generation he is included in my list of the most favorite James Bond in the movies, hmm I'm starting to count and I like them all actors pala. The next film which is in its 23rd James Bond film is titled "Skyfall"that will be showing next year November 2012.

read the official news below

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Augmented Reality in the Philippines - Honda Jazz car

I don't know how many of them creates Augmented Reality here in our land, but after my blog post and challenge in our malls to have Augmented Reality, one company noticed it and they shared their latest creation with Augmented Reality tech. The first AR was launched in the launch of Honda Jazz car.

AR will be experienced when you place the Honda Jazz catalog infront of a camera and when you look at the screen, you'll see a 360 walkthrough of the Honda Jazz car. Awesome!

The company that created the AR is Imatech Corporation

thanks to BMJusay for posting a comment here in my blog and sharing that their company can create AR for your brands.. awesome!! (more videos here )

The new BlackBerry Curve 9360 smart phone now available in the Philippines

Its great to hear the news that the new BlackBerry 9360 smart phone is now available here since November 4, 2011. I've been blogging about BlackBerry phones since last year and I saw that the phone is improving in every model. Although that I haven't bought my own BlackBerry phone, I consider it as one my must have phones for my field and not the iPhone. You know that I'm a multi tasking guy and I love QWERTY pads, okay I blamed myself for the wow moments after I tried years ago the first model of BlackBerry Curve. The new upgrades for BlackBerry Curve 9360 is having the feature of the new BlackBerry 7 OS,a fast processor, 5MP camera with flash, and the NFC or call it "Near Field Communication", which considered as the new future for smart phones. (More news below)

New website brews for Nescafe Philippines

Nescafe Philippines just revamped its official website after following the global Nescafe website. The new design have a theme of "a world without borders" with some curvy lines like a doodle that goes on and on to form snapshot of stories and emotions of what Nescafe ultimately stands for -"simple joys"

The new website is smooth, neat, friendly and fast. When it comes to website we know that there should be lots of information posted in it, and take a look on the new website of Nescafe Philippines, by reading some of the information like the ABC of Coffee, you will learn more about coffee and that section is like an online wikipedia for coffee, if you want to be a coffee expert, then I invite you to try out the website.

They have a site page also about the different kinds of Nescafe coffee products and wow! I didn't know that they are so many, there's also a section about that Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine, a page about Nescafe's corporate social responsible plans and project, a page that you can learn the good side and benefits of coffee and lastly in the main page, get the LSS syndrome again by watching the "NESCAFE 3in1 Sweet 'N Mild "Sunshine" commercial over and over again and shout.. "good inyo!!! sweet and mild ang kasama kohh!"

Visit the new website now at
and start your coffee discovery there!

Genius EasyPen M506 drawing tablet (priced at P5,895)

Here's the come back of Genius as one of the popular brands in creating input devices since the boom of mouse. I've been seeing some Genius brand drawing tablet in the market with an affordable price, although that I'm very exposed on the other brand for drawing tablets, but many people still prefer getting Genius because of its lower price compare to high end drawing tablets. For amateurs and professionals in the drawing and designing industry, some of them uses Genius. This new version, the Genius EasyPen M506 is the best of its kind for their line of drawing tablet.

check out our feature below

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm going to Pangasinan today as one of the speaker for Pangasinan Digital ICT Congress

I'm leaving Manila today and will travel to Pangasinan for the 1st ever Pangasinan Digital ICT Congress, I'm one of the speakers and my schedule for my presentation is on Nov 25. My topic will be about blogging your way to success and get a career out of it.

visit :

here are the list of speakers:

SM Department store relaunch into a fashion trendy to luxury store

PB199730 PB199736
PB199916 PB199918
SM Department store in SM Southmall (and other branches) just remodeled the entire interior and set up, the old look of SM Department Store is now gone and been changed into something more flashy white with stripes blue with shiny bright lights that will give a comfy feeling to us shoppers, and not only that the items like fashion for ladies, men and kids are now expanding and added with lots of new collections. Collections that appeared in the Philippine Fashion Week last month are already included and being sold in the fashion section of SM Department store.

SM Accessories now carries top luxury brands of watches, eyewear and jewelry, from D&G to CK, Gucci, Escada, Roberto Cavalli, Tom Ford, Rayban, Tommy Hilfiger, Timex, Guess, Esprit, Police, F&C Jewelry and many more. SM Character Shop never fails to deliver our fashion needs for our kids, brands like Barbie, Dark Knight, Cars, Ben 10 and etc. are still the top must have for kids.

At the launching event, they prepared a fashion show and showcase the new collection for SM Ladies Fashion, Parisian and SM Accesories.

check out our coverage below

Diamond on a Lego block ring

This will be a good gift for your geeky girlfriend and wife, I just saw this "Diamond Forever Young Ring No.2" created by Jacqueline Sanchez, in an another blog and It attracted my eyes because it is so cute and unique.If I buy one for my wife I don't know if she'll wear it everday. But it shows that there's a real diamond in it.

here are some details about the ring
Shana Logic is proud to be able to introduce you to Jacqueline Sanchez's exclusive jewelry collection: Forever Young. Handcrafted from the highest quality materials and custom made in vibrant colors reminiscent of your favorite childhood toy, this amazing piece is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection and is guaranteed to get you tons of compliments!

Description of Diamond Forever Young Ring - No. 2:
Sterling silver base with a sandblasted plastic cast in the color of your choice (see photo gallery to the left) and a diamond set in 14kt yellow gold. Centerpiece is approximately 1 x 1" wide x .4" tall.

Guam is ready for Black Friday Craze this November 25

Shopping and discount addicts knows this Black Friday sale and discount madness every year in the last Friday of November and the day after Thanksgiving day in the US . For the upcoming Black Friday of November 25, Guam is ready as they will start the bells of the Christmas shopping season, as retail stores go all out with their discounts and special offers, it will be a busy day for stores and shoppers in the US. (more news below)

Siya Design's Summer Flights of Fancy - spring and summer collection (teaser)

Siya Designs will have a special preview of their spring and summer 2012 collection this Nov 24th in Prive Luxury Club in Global City. "Summer Flights of Fancy" is the title of the new collection are presented by Prive Style Series and Mega Magazine.

Check below the video teaser

A Teaser: Summer Flights of Fancy from Ynigo Santos on Vimeo.

Directed, Shot and Edited by Ynigo Santos

Clothes by SIYA

Styling by Gerick Ortiz

Music: Gamblin' On My Man by Laura Ault

Solo x Kenkoy x online model search contest part 2

Model Search Poster (extension of entry submission)
Solo fashion brand will launch again a new online model search and this is inline with the extension of their previous contest carrying the new fashion print design carrying the Kenkoy comic character created by our Tony Velasquez, our Father of Philipine Cartoon, the contest is back - Solo x Kenkoy x Online Model Search 2012, they already got two winners but due to public demand and its popularity, the contest was extended and the next winner will be the next online model winner for the year 2012. The deadline will be on November 30 and public voting will end on December 2.

read the official news below

CNA - Korean fancy store launch in the Philippines

CNA (Culture Nature Art) is a popular fancy shop in Korea and its been operating there since 1991 with 200 branches. CNA specializes in selling fancy jewelries, hair ornaments, fashion accessories, cosmetics and all the girly stuff that are all made in Korea. Imagine your Girls Generation and 2NE1 in its prettiest form in accessories, In the words of Steve Carrel in Crazy Stupid Love movie, "It is a perfect combination of pretty and cute" and for my word, add sexy, young and pink!

CNA also distribute K-POP music albums and merchandise. The big news here is that CNA will invade the Philippines and part-owned by the super celeb blogger and queen of KPOP community in the Philippines - Kring Elenzano and together with her Korean boyfriend - Jimmy Kim.

read the news below

RIIR MaSAYA bag design collection by Oliver Tolentino

Hiyas Clutch
I remember that I attended for once a bag designer launch in Greenbelt 5 and I went there as a photographer for my wife for her fashion blog. I see that Oliver Tolentino, a global Filipino designer, never stops in creating new bag designs and weaved by our people in Payatas, this social business enterprise working under the name RIIR aka rags 2 riches, really helps and uplift the poor community of Payatas and I heard that the network is growing and more were given jobs as one of the bag makers for our designers. For this new bag designer line dubbed as "MaSAYA" , is in partnership with Metrobank Platinum and designed by internationally acclaimed Filipino designer Oliver Tolentino. Not only helping the poor community buy also set a good example in being a social responsible designer and promoting the preservation of the environment

check out the bags below and story about this RIIR project

Monday, November 21, 2011

Manila as the Official Venue for Women Leaders Forum -"Women at the Top 2012"

Woman leaders from different Asian countries will have their annual conference here in Manila next year for the "Women at the Top 2012". Manila was selected as the number 1 choice of venue because the city has a strong marketing ground for women. Women leaders from different part of industry and business will come here to exchange ideas and interact with different women groups and new leaders of this generation by sharing each others vision and inspirations.

read the official news below

Boracay celebrates gains in beach management program

Boracay Beach Management Program continues to protect and preserve the beauty of the island of Boracay, they also educate the people on how to take care of the island and observe local ordinance and rules. On its 2nd anniversary, the program expands and now having lots of supporters from different organizations and groups. I also like to wish that the program should focus too in helping the local people and new island settlers.

more news below

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog feature: Big Bad Wolf restaurant in Bonifacio Global City

PA264415PA264387 PA264344
PA264457 PA264405
I visited this new restaurant that opened in the vast space of Global City and I’ve been hearing about this resto called Big Bad Wolf in online via web blog and Facebook. I became curious because of the name and title of the restaurant, its so playful and sound naughty. Then I realize that this kind of restaurant with a unique name and have great food should be added as one of the rarest and best kept secret foodie hub in Manila. I visited the place and the resto is sitting at the back of the Fairways Tower in the corner of 5th ave of Global City and Mckinley hills road, the place is near if you are coming from EDSA.

I got in touch with one of the owner Neil Paras, we communicated via SMS after a referral from a friend that is also a friend to the owner of the resto. My resto visit was supposed to be Thursday, but we mixed up our sched and we both agree that I’ll visit the resto on a Wednesday because I’m already in Manila and I’m near Global City. After a taxi ride, I got a hard time looking for that building, but then I saw that the building is really located in the corner of 5th ave and Mckinley, I went around the building and saw the Big Bad Wolf! (More story below)

Mixing Archos tablet, SBC and Pepper Lunch

Mixing gadgets and food just happened in one of the meetings that I attended. Haoson invited us for a meet up and for them to show these new Archos tablet the 7inch, 8inch and the new 10inch. I told him that I saw the 10inch tablet in some malls and got tempted to buy one but I hesitated and want to try it first and see if the processor of the 10 inch is fast and touch sensitivity is good. Our first meet up is at Seattle's Best Coffee in SM Mega. Then after I arrived and drink this Ultimate dark mocha frap, our meeting became a one night food fest in Mega.

more story below

KFC Zinger Double Down - double the heat and meat!

Here's a view of my meal last week. One KFC Hot Shots and a Zinger Double Down. Yes! the famous meaty sandwich with two chicken meat, cheese and bacon is back but this time they add the zinger spice. Last time we have the Double Down as a regular double chicken meat sandwich, It was a popular meal in KFC and I even heard that they ran out of stocks of this sandwich meat to some branches and I got the chance of eating one Double Down after 3 months. But I noticed that the Double Down version 2 is more different because they carry the Zinger spice and transformed it to Zinger Double Down! Doubling the meat and the heat. The buzz started about Zinger Double Down here at home after KFC delivered that mini fire extinguisher and I taught that if it's for the fire department house check up hahaha. (More story below)

Homemade Bibingka at home ~ yummy

It all started with those trial and error baking moments at home and trying out that bibingka mix that I bought from the grocery, I was surprised last year that there are some bibingka powder mix being sold there and I thought that pancakes and brownies are the only ready to mix ingredients available in the market, but now we have our pinoy cakes being sold and stacked on the grocery rack, my other wish list is that they should sell also some ready to mix puto bumbong. My wife Lace loves to cook and bake here at home, she do that whenever there's free time and if there are some ingredients found in the kitchen, we tried those ready to mix powders and the taste is already close to the bibingka that I always buy in a nearby perya here in our village every Christmas season. (More story below)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

coverage: SM ChriSMs launch in SM Mall of Asia

Image00061 Image00024
SAM_3017 Image00081
Last 11-11-11, SM Supermalls did a grand launch of their annual SM ChriSMs at the SM Mall of Asia. It was the first mall to launch their Christmas theme inside the mall, and after that day all other SM Supermalls nationwide did a simultaneous grand launching of their own SM ChriSMs in their respective branches. I remember last year that the main launch as at the SM Megamall, but for this year, they decided to do the launch in SM Mall of Asia and do the launch solo and a day before the main launch of Nov. 12, 2011. (More story below)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Samsung LED 8000 Smart TV perfect for family viewing time

Samsung LED 8000 Smart TV blooms again and it is the perfect tv for the entire family, I agree on this because I own a Samsung tv series 9 and with the features of the Smart Share, I can easily watch my media files from my laptop wirelessly to the tv and with this new Samsung LED 8000 Smart TV, the apps and features of the tv is much advance and more enjoyable.

The Samsung LED 8000 LED Smart TV performs well with its built in features like 3D capabilities and the Samsung Smart Hub, an app that you can easily share photos, videos, music and also other apps in the Samsung TV apps. (more story below)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 5.0

Galaxy 8.9 - UI - small
Two new additions to the Samsung Galaxy family were added and announced the availability of Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 8.9 and the, Galaxy S WiFi™ 5.0 in the market. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is the thinnest mobile tablets released here in the Philippines and it stand up with its brother - the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. (More features below)
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