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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Extreme Power Saver V3 electricity bill reducer plug - effective ? or scam?

My wife promoted to me about this gadget plug that reduces the consumption of electricity in your house and it saves 35% of your electric bill. I’m not convinced when I heard that, because I live in my 35 years of life and the only thing that can reduce your electric bill is to use an electric jumper. Yeah, I saw one before, I saw how it performed, its illegal, and its like stealing electricity from Meralco. I advice that people should not use electric jumpers or the tampering of electric meter, the only solution here is that you reduce the use of electricity and use it wisely.

But here at home, we are a heavy user of electricity. Our laptops and modem plus routers, yes..routers..we have two modems and two accounts at home. (lolers) Before the rainy season, one room uses air-conditioning, but then we noticed that the electric bill increases to hmm P2k. I’m not sure on the computation and my wife only handle this billing for our home, but all I heard is that the electric bill for last month is P7k.

So, our solution to lower down the electric bill cost is to try this Extreme Power Saver V3, it’s a new version and much more better than the older version sold outside Ace Hardware. This plug in gadget can be bought only in Ace Hardware for P1,999.75. I’m still not convinced about this gadget, but we sacrificed o that P2k money and try if this thing will work.
I researched online and read that this gadget doesn’t work and it’s a scam. We’re going to find out if it really work and will post a review after a month.

The sales person in Ace Hardware did a short introduction about this gadget, he showed to us two fluorescent light running and an ampere monitoring meter, he showed to us the number of ampere used by the two lights and then when he plugs the Extreme Power Saver, we saw that the ampere number went down. Then the sales person started talking so fast and showed to us a mathematical computation mumbo jumbo thing written in a brown cardboard explaining that we should be using the right flow of electricity level. I agree with him, because electricity flows can’t be controlled and the flow can be too much, but normally,the electricity flow is normal and sometimes it is too much.

I didn’t understand the computation thing he showed to us, even that I’m a  BS Math graduate, the concept is not very detailed. I think I need to talk to Physicist if this computation is true (if ever I got a copy of that math note)

We are prepared to pay the gadget that day, and ready to try it for our home. I researched online and found some readables about the Power Saver.

The price tag

The box
the label says that this gadget prevents electric surge and reduces electrical overheating

reduce blah blah blah

The Extreme Power Saver V3

The rotating plug

The manual showed to us on how to plug it the right way

The do and don’ts

So there you go.
See you next month for a review of this thing is effective or a scam.

Btw, do you think CDR King have their own version ?

update: Sept 29, 2012
After a month of testing, I found out that this gadget is very effective!
I mentioned here in my blog that we are paying P7k for our monthly electric bill, but when I checked our billing from Aug 24-Sept 24, our one month bill is only P4,200.

We have two Extreme Power Saver V3 at home and we are using it every day, one of the Power Saver is broken because the red light was gone and we're not sure if its working properly, we brought the item in Ace Hardware, the store we bought the Power Saver, they replaced the gadget immediately.

Update: June 12, 2914

A friend produces this video of the Power Saver sales guy in a mall and he posted it in his PinoyHowTO Youtube.

I'm posting it here so that you can watch the sales talk ahahah and also explaining how this device works

watch the video here

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