Moving on and the news around the web

I'm moving on and continue to fast forward, as I enjoy my hot coffee and yummy bibingka in the morning, I started to read some interesting and weird news around the web.

CBCP endorses "Breaking Dawn 2" movie

They endorsing it so late, did they watch the entire Twilight movies? Decapitated beings were seen here and now they promote it to be good as them. Weird.

Jennifer Lopez wows ’em, but Santiago ho-hums

I missed this concert because I forgot to buy tickets and I got sick. I missed it big time!, Sen. Mirian Defensor-Santiago is not impressed to the music style of JLO, she said that it only hurt her ear born with classical music theme. I'm not really sure if the acoustics used in the concert is right, some of the high end speakers are not being used in some concerts, bec. concert promoters stay away from the high tech music speakers of SM Arena bec. its too expensive. I'm not sure about it, but I noticed on some concerts that they just used the front speakers and not the surround sound speakers, (Bose speakers)

PH won't stamp Chinese e-passports

China gave our country another headache, but then the headache will backfire with them, the result is that innocent people from China will be affected and lots of hassle will be encountered as they enter our country, I heard there's a PH travel ban in China, but still we have more Chinese people visiting our land, it is still good in tourism, but then this new China e-passport with mention of Spratly island as their own is added insult to our country and also government, if ever we stamped it, then it might means that we agree that they own a part of our country..weird it is.. I guess it will be difficult now to visit China if you are Filipino. For China, they are now so desperate to own Spratly.

Ate Gay concert this Friday in SM Arena

I have tickets for his concert this Friday, its a compli tickets coming from SM Arena, I'm not yet sure if I can watch it, I'm not a fan, but I'm interested to cover this, Ate Gay's going strong and successful as a gay singer and comedian and impersonator of Nora Aunor. I heard that Nora will be one of the guest of his concert.

Now, who wants to get free tickets from me ?

Kim Jong-Un as sexiest man alive (by the Onion) and picked up by China's People's Daily news as official news

Ahahaa this is so funny... read the rest of it here at,30379/

Plan your office Christmas party with City Delivery

I approve this!! City Delivery's service is awesome, no hassle from our end when we ordered food when we stayed for an overnight stay in F1 Hotel, we're also thinking of ordering food again in our next hotel stay for the upcoming holiday.

Tagaytay City received the “Best Child-Friendly City” award from the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)

Good news!! Tagaytay is one of the most tourist spot and most Manila people go there every weekend to chill out, relax and enjoy the majestic view of the Taal volcano, I agree on the news and its award for being the best child friendly city, there are no billboards with half naked people, there are lots of parks, restaurants, nice hotel, friendly seller of bulalo, sombrero, souvenirs and pasalubongs. Although that it was labeled years ago as the summer capital of Luzon, jumping to 1st and 2nd place after Baguio and one of the most visited back then is the casino, I'm glad that Tagaytay is changing and I just hope that PARKS will be renovated right away.

Battle of the TV networks in Hong Kong

It starts to get dirty now, I just heard of this news when I stayed in HK for 3 days, and its all over the news, on tv and on print. Its a battle between ATV and City Telecom about who will remain on free to air TV only, but the other one acquired licensed to be air on free tv. ATV is there for years and their big boss reveal their protest during their celebration event on national tv, about City Telecom's bid for free to air license. It's all about advertising share, I agree that there will be a split of advertising profit when two tv network airs together for free. If my memory is correct,  ATV is losing lots of money already in terms of tv ratings and advertisements. I think its because of the country starts to go digital.