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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pay your bills online, enjoy the holiday and GetOutMore!

I’m ready to fly again!

The holiday season and vacation breaks make us so busy in preparing for the big celebration like Christmas and New Year. There are times that all establishments are closed during the near of the holiday break and there are no other chance for you to pay for your electric bills for example, and other billings. Last week, I just experience a hectic schedule and I forgot to pay our electric bill and we are already due for almost a week and My wife is mad at me because I forgot to pay our bills. Paying bills is a stress, you’ll have to make a sched of it, and then go to the payment center or establishment, stand in front of a long line going to the counter and then wait. I should be using those holy payment hours in other things, like finish my workload or eat a yummy cake at home. Another lessons learned…pay the bills on time OR pay it via online.

Yeah, there’s such a system that you can pay your bills online.

I told her about the system that she can pay our bills via BPI 24/7 channels and it can help you pay your bills via Express Online, Express Mobile or Express Phone. There will be no more worries next time when you pay your bills online and this is a big reminder for me to apply a BPI account and also enroll my account for an online payment system c/o BPI. Getting a BPI savings account will just require you to deposit P200, and then voila! you now have an account. (this reminds me that I should get one next time when I visit the mall )

Also, enjoy the holiday by going out more, check out the BPI GetOutMore promo and campaign, they just gave away free travel with accommodation plus pocket money!

Lucky holidayers already won free trip to Bohol, Boracay and Davao. But today, they are looking for 4 more winners to get a free trip to Cebu, Puerto Princesa, Legazpi and Iloilo. You could be the next winner!!!

Promo will end this December 31, 2012

For details of BPI GetOutMore, visit :

I already talked about this before, you can read my blog post here at

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