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Saturday, January 07, 2012

J.I. Force toy

I saw this toy during my visit to Toy Kingdom in SM Makati and then I spotted this action figure with the label "J.I. Force", its not a GI JOE knock off toy or a figure copied from existing licensed action figure, I checked the figure and it has a nice plastic material, I didn't bought one but I just looked at it and see the detail of the toy, there are many version of this toy, and using the same head sculpt.

I started to wonder, if this toy maker can produce a nice mold and sculpt for the head and body, and resembles a westerner guy that look like RAMBO and other version that look like a from a SWAT Team and the most disturbing part is the title.... I just hope that J.I. acronym is not similar to the group of war makers that we usually hear and see on the news.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Me and Papa Chen Sy

We met last 2008 in one of the events of Chowking 
ahahha and I didn't even know that former Chowking model chef Richard Yap is Papa Chen in the tv drama series "My Binondo Girl". I just knew about it after some episodes and noticed that Papa Chen is so familar.

Okay, I confessed that I'm watching the tv series,because my wife is a die hard fan of that series, no way out of the room or living room whenever they watch it here at home. Okay, the only lack in my photo op is a photo with Kim Chui.

oh btw, I was in Binondo this afternoon ehhehe.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The dream, Dayanara Torres and BS MATH days

After two days of non stop eating, drinking, sleeping, surfing the net and celebrating new years eve with my family in EDSA  Shangri La, I managed to wake up and noticed that I'm still alive. That heavy eating almost gave me a "bangungot" and I think my spirit fought the grim reaper because that night I can't almost feel my legs and arms, and that's a bad sign that I'm dying, gezzz.. I think my new year's resolution for 2012 is to stay fit, be healthy and eat less, do exercise and listen to my yadadaadyada wife.

That night, it was my first time to sleep in the bath tub... hahaha

Okay, during my 2nd sleep that night, I got another weird dream and it involves lots of numbers, equations and my college days in FEU. I'm taking up BS MATH in college and I think my dream transported me back in the past and then I saw my old self again trying to understand those numerical analysis equations and then I got surprised when Dayanara Torres showed up in my dream and she did some of the sample equations to us, then my seat mate told me that there's something wrong on the formula, then I raised my hand and asked a question to Dayanara Torres that there's something wrong on a part of the equation, then she looked at me and told me "do I see numbers on the board?" then I looked on the board and saw lots of pictures of food....


I think the meaning of the dream is.
1. I should stay away from food
2. and if not...then my days are numbered
3 and then I'll see a beautiful angel like Dayanara Torres.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Smog covers Metro Manila this January 1, 2012

The new year smog is already visible since 10pm last night, and when I woke up this morning at 6am, the whole city is now covered with white cloudy fog or smog. The smell of fireworks even entered the lobby of the hotel we stayed in here in Mandaluyong, I'm glad that our breakfast buffet is located on the basement and away from the lobby. Smog is so thick and it made my nose and throat itchy. Me and my family are planning to go to the mall later after we check out, but I'm so worried to go out and my baby boy might catch respiratory infection again due to the smog around us. I took the photo above at around 10am and you can see that the smog covers the sky and the ground below, and view of the building are very shady and blurry.

I think my new year resolution for this year is to buy a gas mask for each of us to use for 2013 new year. I hope for a powerful wind or rain that can wash away the smog here in our city.

Happy New Year again!

Fireworks display all over Manila during New Year 2012

crop PC315150
Awesome sight to see around 30-40 fireworks display exploding and display colorful lights in the sky as we welcome the year 2012. Its my first time to see a massive number of fireworks display happening at the same time this new year, its also my first time to celebrate new year inside a nice hotel here in Manila. I posted my observation starting from 10pm here in my Facebook stat post about the fireworks display all over Manila .

this is my 1st post for 2012


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