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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mobile blog: aftermath meeting of BMSD Pilipinas and SM Supermalls.Awesome mtg of photogs and mall admin

Mobile blog: aftermath meeting of BMSD Pilipinas and SM Supermalls. Awesome mtg of photogs and mall admin

Food tripping at SM North EDSA Chinese street food fest in Sky Garden

P1186608 P1186545
P1186548 P1186553
In celebration of the Chinese New Year and to welcome the coming of the year of the water dragon, SM City North EDSA put up a Chinese street food fest in the three walkway of their Sky Garden. So if you enter Sky Garden before entering the main mall, a Chinese food and spice breeze will welcome you and feel the flavors of China. Also the mall airs some announcement in Chinese language (but also translated into English), red dragons and lanterns hangs all over the mall and in Sky Garden too, the atmosphere transformed the mall all Chinese hahahaa. I observed that many people who walks by love street food, they buy and eat it on the spot and investigate what's the manang chef is cooking inside that stainless pan. I saw also some Chinese and Koreans trying out some of the food, most of them ordered the fried noodles with siomai. I went there with a couple of foodies to try out their offerings.

The Chinese street food fest at the Sky Garden of SM City North EDSA started last Jan 17 and it will be present up to Jan 23, 2012. 12nn - 9pm only. (more photos below)

Blog suspension
Last year, I started this new style in my blog having a schedule for topics on each day, this is an experiment for my blog and it will let my blog readers visit my blog on their specific day if ever they want to read and be updated on the topics that they like, its like having a content by demand by you have to wait for the next day if you want a different content, the flow of visitors doubled my stats, but I found that this style gave me a tough deadline and its like me vs. me, so every time that I forgot to blog on a specific day, all I need to do is blog the topic for the day and blog other topics and mark it as scheduled post.

The problem in my end is that, it creates more pressure on my side if ever there's no topic available to blog that day, so instead of forcing my self to search and create new content, I'll just blog the topic that falls under my interest and PR stuff that are sent to me.

The scheduled post per topic might be back soon, if ever my blogging beat is normalized.

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mobile blog: im here at the 17th philippine intl hot air balloon fiestapresscon here in rox bhs

Mobile blog: im here at the 17th philippine intl hot air balloon fiesta presscon here in rox bhs

Nicolas Cage talks about a darker "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" movie and some comics stuff

Here's an interesting Q and A with Nicolas Cage and he shared to us about a darker version of the 2nd movie installment of Ghost Rider. I just noticed that darker movies are the new trend, maybe because of the success of darker movies we know, the 2nd Ghost Rider film should follow the right path and go darker and scarier since it involves a lot of monsters and demons. Read the interview below and see what comics Nicolas Cage reads today. (more below)

Underworld Awakening in IMAX 3D this January 20

Underworld Awakening - Movie Poster
I'm sure that this new movie of Underworld will be much more better than the 1st and 2nd movie, and we gave Kate Beckinsale more time back then and for this new movie we should see a much better Kate Beckinsale as the warrior vampire named Selene. I'm really excited to see this because you know that the visuals will be good in IMAX 3D, I just hope that some visuals are not too much CGI or over do in taking the advantage of the IMAX 3D features (more below)

Robert Downey Jr. is back as Sherlock Holmes in "A Game of Shadows" (now showing)

Robert Downet Jr. (one of my now favorite actor since that movie about him and some ghosts) is back again as the world's smartest detective and he is back for the 2nd movie  of Sherlock Holmes with a new story and mystery shocker in this "A Game of Shadows" storyline.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Search for Asia's Top Glam Bloggers is On!

Glam Asia Blogger Search 2012-01-18 02-40-40, a fashion website and blog, operated by Glam Media ( the 2nd largest social media company in the world) is hosting a contest for fashion and beauty bloggers and the adies, they are searching who will be the Asia's Top Glam Bloggers! And yes! Philippines is included.

The contest is open for everyone, to established bloggers and newbies bloggers. The prize is a luxury resort stay for two.

Submission of blogs will start on Feb. 1, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

photo coverage: Feast of the Black Nazarene 2012

photo by kevin pableo

This is my 3rd year in attending the procession and taking photos of the Black Nazarene during its annual feast here in Manila, although the schedule landed on a Monday, its a weekday and workday for everyone, me sis and I decided to split our schedules, she went to church on a Sunday and me for Monday, I was about to join with her for that Sunday mass but my son got sick for the entire day and I stayed home and nurse him back to health, I'm glad that he's okay after that day.

I was preparing to gear up to attend a meeting in Manila and then go to Quiapo church on the next day, our attention was grabbed by that news about a terrorist threat in all over Quiapo during its feast. Our government even requested the telco giants to pull the plug of their cell sites in some regions of Manila just to prevent bomb blast with a use of cellphone devices that trigger after a call or sms message.

My wife told me not to go, so I decided not to go, but then I saw my schedule that I need to attend a meeting, so after my meeting in SM MOA, I went directly to Quiapo, and prepared for another photo walk shoot. I know my wife will kill me if she saw this blog post, I'm a bit worried on that day,so I acted vigilant and be alert if there are any bombing scenes in the area, the worries was gone and felt secured around thousands of devotees and (fanatics) of the Black Nazarene. The whole scene didn't change, the only thing that changes everything is the broken axel and wheel that carries the Black Nazarene statue.. So in result to that is a super slow, super crawl took them 5 hours to move from City Hall up to Lawton, so that my story started.

check my photos below

Dragon in Manila Hotel

I saw this big dragon display in the lobby of Manila Hotel, this is in line with the year of the water dragon for the Chinese New Year 2012, we went here last Saturday and it surprises every guest that enters the hotel, the dragon is hang on the ceiling and it stretches from the start of the lobby up to the stairs going to the resto and pavillion rooms. This angle is a good spot for photo op, My wife had a photo op here after having our lunch date in Mabuhay Palace. I've heard that Marites Allen will be here next week to conduct a live forecast, we spotted also a mini bazaar of all kinds of things related to Chinese new year and the water dragon.

I wonder if this dragon will be up til the end of January. Now I'm guessing that they might hang a giant "heart" for the Valentines Day this February hahahah.
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