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Saturday, January 28, 2012

1st winner of Catch me if you can FB-Twitter contest

Suddenly, I got bored while eating my dinner in Chicken Deli, SM North EDSA, I'm so depressed because I'll miss that 6:30pm movie in Gateway Mall. Riko, a friend of mine sent a message via Facebook and he invited me to visit his store in SM North EDSA, since I'm already inside the mall, I decided to pay him a visit and check out his caricature art business. Then I got this crazy idea that I posted on my Facebook and Twitter that I'll award the 1st person to meet me inside SM North EDSA and infront of that Karikatyur store.

After 30 minutes, Someone from the Twittersphere who is my follower, called my name as I left the Karikatyur store, then she introduced herself as "Maya" and she said that she read my Tweet about this meet up contest ek ek.

I'm so happy that one of my many followers in Twitter did the challenge and meet me inside SM North EDSA. I gave her a dinner GC for Chicken Deli and two movie passes for Gateway Cineplex. Congrats Maya!

I'll announce on the spot in my Facebook and Twitter walls on where I am and what prize will be received if they meet up or catch me whenever I am here in Manila. Fun game ito di ba?

On the set of Bourne Legacy movie in EDSA-Taft

There are some traffic build up happening in Baclaran area, but it was weird to see that there's no traffic in EDSA-Taft, when I arrived in the MRT station, I saw lots of people crowding on the side near SOGO and people up from the over pass are looking at something. I saw that the movie crew of Bourne Legacy are busy setting up their cameras, ropes, wires and even that heavy machinery. Its uzi time for pinoys that's uzisero for you! meaning we pinoys love to watch, investigate and get involved by just looking. I was hoping to see the stars of the movie..Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner.

more photos below

Friday, January 27, 2012

Free outdoor movie screening in Bonifacio High Street tonight

If you are looking for a free movie screening, or you have free time and want to hang out in an open air or in a mall, or maybe you need to hang out with lots of people, or you have a date and you want to take her to a place something special and unique, if you say YES, then I advise that you try this free movie screening tonight in Bonifacio High Street as Cinemanila brings you their "Moonlight Series", watch a movie under the glowing full moon in Global City. Their going to show the movie entitled "Strictly Ballroom", 1992 film by Australian director Bahz Luhrman. Watch the trailer here about the Moonlight Series.

January 27, 2012
7:00 pm | Bonifacio High Street | Activity Pod 4 (Across Starbucks) | Bonifacio Global City | Taguig

I just remember the "Digital Sunsets 2002" in the past that we do those film screening outside the Manila Film Center back in early 2000's with Ed Cabagnot and we watch movies, indie films and watch live performances of indie musicians. I'm glad Cinemanila organizes this awesome event and I hope it will turn a regular series every Friday, I wonder what happened to that outdoor screening that was organized back then, I think they tied up with K-lite FM, and they showed Jurassic Park movie and we listened the audio of the movie inside the car via the fm radio. I hope that outdoor screening or drive tru movies will be resurrected.

5 days in Medical City with Ash

We have already plans of going out on the following weekend, I even heard that my wife want to eat in a nice resto and have our own mini food tour, and then we also plan to go shopping for baby items for that upcoming Baby fair event, but everything changes and our plan didn’t pushed through, two days ago before that weekend, my wife and baby Ash got sick, I was in Manila that night attending some meeting and my wife texted me that both of them are sick. I told her that it might be the cold weather that evening that causes the chills and mild fever.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

6th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival moves to SMX this May 2012

After a one year delay of the 6th Backdoor Ventures' Arts and Music Festival, we just received a heads up from event director Jay Virina via Facebook and he tag us and mentioned that "the festival just got BIGGER!"

The new venue now is at SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. The new date was also revealed it will be on May 12-13, 2012. I'm glad that the organizers moved out from Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall and found a new venue that can cater more space for arts and music exhibitors and also a big playground for event visitors, music and art performers. It will be big blast of artistry and symphony in SM MOA and I'm sure that the venue will be utilized wisely this time...and I'm sure the other side of the SMX and the bay side will be a perfect ground for tambays after listening to some music and watch the sunset...hmmm will be best to tap my photog and bloggers group to join the festival.

check out my photo coverage below from the previous years

Solar geomagnetic storm on Earth and Fantastic Four

Did you know that our Earth just strucked by a heavy and strong "solar geomagnetic storm", the sun storm occur last Sunday and it hit Earth today and the effects are visible in the northern area of our Earth. Massive green light and colorful light glows in the northern sky and it develop large and big lights called "aurora borealis", it is an awesome sight for astronomers and also people who saw aurora borealis in a normal day in some part of the north and south of our Earth, but they say that the aurora borealis light show cause by the solar storm are much beautiful.

The solar geomagnetic storm is not that strong and it is not harmful to us humans, but according to science experts that the storm can cripple power grid and radio communication, there are reports back then that it shutdown the entire power grid of Quebec when we experience the storm last 1989, they say that the last solar storm we experienced was last 2003, and this solar storm can be experienced today and up to year 2013.

You can watch a video here on an actual footage of a solar storm in the sun
This was a big solar storm, the biggest one for years and that will affect satellites; it will cause some satellite computers to reboot, it will cause some communications difficulties in northern latitudes, but it's not big enough to cause problems to sat-nav and things like that. - Dr David Whitehouse, astronomer (source)
They had advised that our astronauts should protect themselves from the solar storm in space, because the storm rays can be harmful to humans and die of solar radiation, when I heard of this notes and advised from scientist, I started to imagine that the comic book characters from the Fantastic Four experienced the same thing, but instead of solar storm they experienced a cosmic ray exposure after an experiment gone wrong in space.


Scientists have been expecting solar eruptions to become more intense as the sun enters a more active phase of its 11-year cycle, with an expected peak in 2013. - source
This is to show that our sun is the good and the bad for Earth, too much sun is bad as they say, but we should be ready and expect a much stronger solar storm wave in the future. I just hope it is not similar to that solar flare and storm in the sci fi drama movie "The Knowing" starring Nicolas Cage, that the makers of the movie theorize that a massive solar storm can kill all living things in Earth in one big solar storm blast. Watch that movie and understand on how it will end, kinda scary and I hope aliens from Kepler planet saves us hahahah.

The idea behind the solar flare theory stems from the fact that the Sun will be reaching the peak of its current solar cycle in 2012. Solar cycles are 11 years in length and scientists seem to think the current solar cycle will be one of the worst seen by mankind at its peak. Evidence of this is a recent solar flare in January 20 of 2005 which released the highest concentration of protons ever directly measured according to "A New Kind of Solar Storm" - source

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Red Horse Beer Pambansang Muziklaban year 13 this Saturday

Red Horse Beer Pambansang Muziklaban is now on its 13th year and the event that started the annual amateur rock band competition is now scorching hot that gathers everyone who loves rock music, tattoo art and extreme sports. It is the gathering of the best of the best of Pinoy Rock as Red Horse brings them together again this year for the "Rakenrol Circus Show!"

The big event will be on January 28, 2012 at the Aseana City in Macapagal Ave. at 5PM

If you love rock music and the extreme events, then you should be here and experience the massive energy that will explode in the heart of Pasay City. I love attending Muziklaban because it proves that pinoy rock music is still alive and growing, It is the only rock event here in our country that we only hope for. rak rakan na!

To enter the event, you have to buy the ticket for a price of Php 50 and it comes with a free Red Horse Beer. This event is open to all whoa are 18 years old and above. You can also avail of the promo ticket found here at and the whole event will be broadcast live on the net here at

Join the riot!!!

More details below

Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Chinese New Year mall launch in SM North EDSA

P1156164 P1156052
P1156089 P1156139
The best part in having SM North EDSA being the largest mall in the Philippines and second in the whole world, it is also a great venue for events and annual celebrations, 2 weeks ago they just launched the mall’s Chinese New Year, like the annual Christmas mall launching, the event is high on energy and everyone watch the show and participate in the celebration, it is also important to SM North EDSA and other SM Supermalls to celebrate and welcome the year of the water dragon, because the main owners of this malls are Filipino-Chinese, and the annual Chinese New Year is already a part of our country's celebration many years ago. Let me greet you and my blog readers a happy new year or Kung Hei Fat Choy!

more below

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Star Wars Episode 1: 3D movie poster in EDSA

I spotted posters of the 3D movie version of Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace in some waiting sheds in EDSA, when I saw this poster in Ayala, EDSA, I immediately took some photos and save it on my phone. I feel like a kid again whenever Star Wars mania is alive everywhere. I wonder what will be next after the 3D conversion of all Star Wars movies. Do they plan to have an IMAX version? or have a mega screening of the movie using a Blu Ray DVD? hmmm.

yeah! Star Wars movie mania is back here in blog!

I created my own Darth Vader cheeseburger

Quick's Darth Vader Burger

French fast food chain "Quick" created this promotional burger in tie up with the upcoming Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace 3D, and it says on the news that the burger will be available in Quick fast food on March 1, the burger is not really burned but a burger with black dye. At first I thought that the black Darth Vader burger is made of squid ink.

After I discover that news few weeks ago, I decided creating my own Darth Vader burger at home using that big burger from Johnny was an accident when I switch the oven into 6 minutes and instead of 3 minutes, but then after the oven roast, I smiled because I created my own Darth Vader burger. Sometimes whenever I cook hotdogs, tocino or fried chicken, I create there my own series of Darth Vader food.

my own version of Dark Vader burger

Here's my own version Darth Vader burger, its easy to make one at home and there's no need to travel to go to France for that Darth burger. Best served with red light saber tomato ketchup.

View from the hospital window

we're here in the hospital and my baby boy Ash is okay and fine, doctors already gave some antibiotics in him and hopefully we can take Ash home on Monday or Tuesday. I'll go home tonight and go back here in the morning. The photo above is a view from our hospital window, really an awesome view especially during sunset. I used my LG Optimus Black smartphone in taking this photo and using the Camera 360 app and set it using the night effects just to add drama to this photo.

Az Video Blog 2012 - Bloggers New Year's party in Johnny Rockets Eastwood Mall

I didn't expected that our post new year's party will be wacky and fun, I thought that we will just eat and chat only with fellow bloggers through the whole night, the party makers organized a party games that night. I'm glad that Megaworld Corp. invited us to host the dinner and party for us bloggers, it was a truly fun night! yun na nga e...sobra wacky. Thanks Johnny Rockets and Eastwood City.

Thanks to my blogger friends who joined with us. This is my 1st video blog of the year 2012.

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