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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Contest: Why do you want to change your landline to a PLDT Telpad ? #tomorrowslandline

Answer that question via Twitter with a hashtag #tomorrowslandline

“I want to own a landline that can let me check my blog and read Facebook status on a free tablet like the PLDT Telpad #tomorrowslandline”

With a correct hashtag are the only valid entries
promo runs from Feb 1- Feb 8, 2012

9 winners will win 3 months plan of P1849 with up to 1mbps PLDT myDSL internet speed

Contest promoter and winners will be announced by :!/PLDTMedia

check out the specs of PLDT Telpad -

If you want to try PLDT Telpad for free, then visit PLDT-SMART Jump Store in Cyberzone of SM Megamall -

SMART brings you the #rockethigh internet speed up to 20mbps

Smart's mobile internet and connectivity is going to a faster speed like a Rocket ship and faster than a Ferrari car. Smart unveils their new set of USB dongle internet sticks to the market and I'm sure we internet lurkers and download fanatics will love this new offer from Smart and here to introduce their set of "SMART Rocket line".

There's a new internet stick that carries different kind of speed and with matching color to fit your image and style. I'm very new to their product since I use internet here at home and heavily using the internet cafe's free wifi everytime I go out and try to check my Facebook and do mobile blogging, but if ever I have these internet sticks, I can connect everytime and anywhere I want. No need to buy an expensive coffee or buy food if you want to connect to a wifi inside a store or mall. ( read more below)

Friday, February 03, 2012

Close Up Pyropalooza - a Lovapalooza and Pyromusical event for Feb 11 in SM MOA

Closeup_Close Up launches_photo3
Close Up is organizing again the Lovapalooza event, its the grandest Valentines celebration and an event to hold a venue for hundred of thousands of kissing couples at the same time, for this year the Lovapalooza event now fuses with "The 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical competition" also known as Pyromusical event. Close Up will do a kick start of the pyromusical event on February 11, 2012 at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia and now the event is dubbed as "Pyropalooza". A promising event that will mark as the new, grandest and biggest Valentine’s event of the year that brings everyone together to get more closer to each other.

Kissing with your special someone will be awesome as you use the fireworks and pyromusical as your backdrop. (More news below)

Thursday, February 02, 2012

17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012 - details and new attractions

croped 2116787
Flying hot air balloons in all kinds of shapes, sky divers and aerial demo and stunts are the new attractions of the upcoming "17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta" this February 9-12, 2012 at the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga, Philippines. When we talk about aerial stunts, we don't mean that balloons do stunts or people jump from a plane, we are talking about those US jet fighter plane zooming in the sky.

The 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is now ot its 16th years of contributing to Philippine tourism, not just in tourism but also in creating new jobs and business to the community. The festival started all out of passion for flying and giving awareness to new generation to have interest in the field and also in the industry. (More news below)

The Voice Season 2 premieres on AXN this Feb 6 at 10:55pm

"The Voice" is back again on the tube and their Season 2 will premiere this Feb 6 at 10:55pm only in AXN and the airing of the 2nd season is a first broadcast in Asia. The judges,mentor and celebrity coaches - Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton are back agian on the hot seat as they search and discover the one with the voice. ( I hope there will be more collaboration and surprises just like in Season 1)

Read more news below!

Samsung Tab Lab event this Feb. 4 in Eastwood Mall

I like to post here in my blog because we're already a tab user or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 user here at home, I like to share it also and its fun to see that Samsung organizes more events for Samsung mobile devices users. The event will start from 11am to 8pm, I think the music performances will start at night and the demo booths will be there for the whole day. So if you are curious to try some of the latest Samsung mobile gadgets , then go to Samsung Tab Lab event and enjoy the show.

Wow! Free Coke for a day this Feb 4

Wow!! Free Coke for everyone in just one day nationwide and the big blow out will be on Feb. 4, 2011! In celebration of Coke's 100th years, and this nationwide blow out is the 1st ever big project of our President for Happiness

Check out the poster and read the details properly, there's a time slot that some establishments will be giving away free Coca-Cola drinks to paying customers, the big Coca-Cola blow out will start from 1:30pm-4:30pm only. I want to try it and grab a free drink, and hey! that plastic cup are different ha.. hmmm that will be a great Coca-Cola collectible.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Check it out! the freebie of the day!

I'm giving away Crave & Save Card of The Great Northern Sale 2012 (SM City North EDSA) . I'll be reserving cards to 100 bloggers!

you want???

Get your FREE - Crave & Save Card at The Block Redemption Booth 2nd Floor near the Giant Shopping Bag on Feb 2, 2012.

The Crave & Save Card entitles the card holder to get Freebies and up to 10% discounts on participating restaurants during Feb 2 to 5 (The Great Northern Sale) only in SM City North EDSA

The Crave & Save Card will be given to shoppers "first come-first serve" on a limited run starting Feb 2, 2012. So Hurry! and grab one card this Great Northern Sale!

7500 movie trailer - scary concept ghost on a plane

Here's a horror film coming your way this August 2012. The movie is directed by the makers of "The Grudge". A new movie and concept that can send our spine to chill and make us wish that we miss this flight going to Japan. This movie will also teach a lesson to those people who always turn on their mobile gadgets while on board the plane during flight, if this is real...I hope the Grudge ghost kills them hahhaha.
In the new horror movie "7500," the 273 passengers aboard a Vista Pacific Flight to Japan are far from alone on their 10 hour flight. Directed by Takashi Shimizu, the director of "The Grudge," 7500 will hit theaters on Aug 31, 2012.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's go shopping at the Great Northern Sale of SM City North EDSA this Feb 2-5

I'm not very familiar with the upcoming super 4 day sale of SM City North EDSA, because I live in the South and I spent my shopping and malling years only in Manila, Makati, Pasay and Mandaluyong, well most of my time are in the grounds of any SM Supermalls. Then I heard about this "The Great Northern Sale" of SM City North EDSA, and it is the much awaited grand sale ever that the mall and its store tenants organized it for all of their shoppers.

I remember that I experienced my 1st ever midnight sale in SM City North EDSA during my high school years, that was the time when we lived in Caloocan City and the only reliable mall for shopping back there for us is the newly built SM City North EDSA. The 1st midnight sale that they organized is the grandest sale event of Philippine shopping history, I think that was the 1st sale event around year of 1990's. We hoarded lots of Gift Gate items and American Boulevard that time, we even went back again to Gift Gate and bought those life size dolls of Hello Kitty and Kerokeropi. Then later that year, they organized another sale but it turns to be a 3 day sale and no longer a midnight sale, then other malls copied the concept. It was a fun fun fun shopping madness, that's why I'm so excited for the upcoming "The Great Northern Sale" because I now regularly visit SM City North EDSA late last year.

The Great Northern Sale of SM City North EDSA will be on Feb. 2-5, 2012
check out their Facebook page for news -
and ohhh check out their ongoing contest - Win lots of GCs from SM City North EDSA!

Contest: Win Inn Cafe GC from Fersal Hotel (a Valentines Day treat!)

Here's an easy contest for my blog readers, the prize is a gift certificate from Fersal Hotel's Inn Cafe, this is also your chance to try the food and beverage offered by Inn Cafe to any branch of Fersal Cafe in Manila, Q.C. and Makati . I'm hosting this contest for everyone and the prizes are provided by Fersal Hotel. It will be a perfect freebie this Valentines Day 2012 in Manila, Philippines. Thanks to Fersal Hotel for sponsoring this prize giveaway here in my blog.

read the details below

Star Wars event this Feb 4-5 in SM Megamall

A must attend event if you are a Star Wars fan, the only event that can gather many Star Wars fans in one day hehehehe. I just stumbled this via mobile in Facebook and I'm so excited already to visit the event and see our friends wearing their own Star Wars inspired tshirts, and costumes. I love to bring my son here and show them that he can swing a light saber using only one hand hahahaha.

The event is inline with the upcoming re-release of Episode 1 in 3D version, also the event features the upcoming 2012 Star Wars toyline from Hasbro, and yes!!! its my 5th chance of this new generation to collect Star Wars toys. Thank you Hasbro for re-releasing the new toys again.

Check the details below that I copied from the Facebook page of Philippine Outpost

Event: Hasbro Star Wars 2012 Toyline Launching
Venue: SM Megamall Activity Center , Building A basement
Date: February 4 to 5, 2012

... Celebrate the re-release of Star Wars Episode I : The Phantom Menace on the big screen in 3D !
Join the excitement at SM Megamall with the launch of the 2012 line of Hasbro Star Wars toys
brought to you exclusively by Toykingdom and Cybertron Philippines.

Have your photos taken with Darth Vader, C3P0, R2D2, Stormtroopers, Clone Troopers and other costumed members of the 501st Legion.

Join the contests and games at the activity center stage area located at the basement of building A beside Toykingdom. Kids ages 10 and below who come in full costume will receive a gift. Be sure to be at the activity area between 2 to 4 pm.

See the diorama displays of different scenes from the Star Wars movies and the Clone Wars
brought to you by our friends from Pinoy Star Wars Kolektors

My Php 600 Food Adventure top picks in Venice Piazza Mckinley Hills

P1196726 P1196746
P1196765 P1196761
The deal is... Php 600 for 12 food from 12 restaurants

If you want to have a one day food adventure or try different kinds of dishes of all restaurants every weekend, then this Food Adventure in Venice Piazza Mckinley Hills is a best place for you for your hungry tummy and salivating taste buds, you will get a chance to try 12 foods from 12 participating restaurants of Venice Piazza for only P600. The best part here is that the Food Adventure passport can be used in other day and can be borrowed by your friend or family if they want to try other food,but the catch here is that you can only choose the food and try it for once, but there are lots of selections and its an eye candy for foodies and munchers. I have tried 2 kinds of food promos last year here in Venice Piazza, I learned a lot of choosing the right food for me that make sure that I''l enjoy it. All food are good for single serving only and can't be share to your seat mate. The Food Adventure is ON! January 7-March 31, 2012. Starting from 4pm to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday only. (More below)

Working and baby sitting

here's my workstation today, I'm blogging, checking my email, updating my Facebook stats, checking some Facebook ads stats, monitoring my blog page and then my son baby Ash is watching Yo Gabba Gabba on a split screen here in my laptop.

Yes,he sitting on my lap while I'm working.
been doing this for two days yaya today.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Facebook is down for the 1st time this 2012 (if you are a GLOBE user)

Time: 12:30am
What: Facebook is dead or down here in Manila
Why: accdg to Globe that there's a service disruption around Metro Manila

it happened 2 times last year..and now let's mark a count starting this year 2012

I just hope that they can mention this or advice us whats going on and instead of us users go on investigating the problem, GLOBE.pls use your Twitter!

I'm not sure if this is related to this report by @downrightnow

Affected areas are in Manila and Cavite, but a friend in Makati and Rizal are having no problem in accessing Facebook. (then at 2am, blog reader from Davao and CDO experienced a downtime too)!/popazrael/status/163665257229852672!/popazrael/status/163665855954157568!/popazrael/status/163665953576595456!/popazrael/status/163667737728663553!/popazrael/status/163667916263403520!/juanmanila/status/163668653546545152!/popazrael/status/163669329563488256!/jcperlas/status/163669426099589121!/carambs/status/163670094839427073!/popazrael/status/163671754777174016

- end of blog post 1:35am

@ 2:19am our Twitter conversation of most Globe users noticed by a friend who works for Globe, now the problem of connecting to Facebook has been reported to their mother ship.
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