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Friday, March 09, 2012

Smash Project concert photos coming soon!

The Cab live in Manila

Here's a teaser photo from my coverage stunt last night. I'm tired and will rest for awhile, I will post and publish all photos this Sunday here in my blog. The concert last night was an insane 5 hours straight and it left me go home with 3 memory cards full of photos of bands.

Congrats to all who went there to watch our pinoy bands and also guest American bands. Thanks to Dayly Entertainment and more power to them! more concerts coming up next!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Az video blog 2012 - The Smash Project 2012 press con

Here's my short video blog coverage of the press con yesterday, you can also read my story here in my blog post at

Watch the video below

5 hours of rock fest brewing in for Smash Project 2012 tonight in Smart Araneta

My eyes went wide open after I read the PR article that this is a 5 hours rock fest that will happen tonight in Smart Araneta, because our local concert organizers Dayly Entertainment in partner with Dickies Philippines brought here American rock bands - Dashboard Confessionals, The Cab, Cobra Starship and The Used, its a one big concert that will rock everyone's head and bang to the thin air, our local bands will join them and waves the flag because we are having an awesome night of pure rockdom in Smart Araneta, I'm excited also to see Chicosci, Urbandub, Slapshock and Typecast to rock our souls before blasting our brains to eternal rockdom...omg. I should get ready for this concert.

Expect a photo coverage of this event, because I got invited to do photo coverage of the concert, and I'm excited because this is my come back to music and concerts coverage after hiberating for almost a year. Thanks to the team and friends of Manila Concert Scene and Dayly Entertainment for the non stop support of this blog and also for feeding me with music.

I arrived late at the press con and I am so glad that the press con didn't started on time, I was standing on the registration table filling up those forms then Chris Carraba of Dashboard Confessionals showed up with two body guards, he stands there and talks to the body guards and then went busy twitting with his iPhone 4S, I snatched Jeman and told me, hey! let's have a photo with Chris....while the media are inside the room hahahahah. We joked around after and pretended we are fan bloggers, there's nothing wrong in being a fan blogger, just make sure that doing photo op won't disturb anyone doing their work.

Happy to meet Chris Carraba and then I told myself, okay! its blog coverage time (after stepping inside the press con room, no more photo ops inside)

1st press con session is with Chris Carraba of Dashboard Confessionals, he visited us here years ago and he melted everyone's heart with his songs like "Belle of Boulevard" and "Stolen", his band was dubbed as the grandfather of emo-pop. One of the most popular song is "Vindicated" a song track created for the motion picture of Spider-man 2.

P3072563 P3072581

P3072583 P3072602
He revealed to us his song writing phases, he mentioned that writing music and creating songs are a part of his whole life and he loves to collaborate with other artists, he shared to us his collab with the R.E.M. and he wants to work with them again and for Chris, REM is the most artistic guys that he have met, he did a cover of REM's "its the end of the world" after he learned that REM disbanded.

Spider-man 2 was mentioned inline with "Vindicated" song, he loves the idea and I think I saw that Chris here loves comics book, because during the meet and greet session, he told this girl wearing that Iron man and Hulk shirt that her shirt is really nice. He shared to us that he is excited for the reboot of Spider-man movie and also Avengers.

Chris shares to us that kids now a days loves listening to music, the age of 12-17 years old are the best times to listen to songs because kids absorbs the song so easily and it will influence them and also inspires, I believe on him when he said, I remember that my tapes and CD collection grew more and on between that age, I started listening to different kids of music - from classic rock, to rock, rap, hip hop, metal and dance music.

Talking about emo side, The Smiths and The Cure was mention as the father of emo and it was mentioned earlier that his band is the grandfather of emo-pop (I dont know where that came from), he shared to us that he likes The Smiths and it influenced his writing skills and style and also for The Cure their music and the sadness side resonates back to him, but then he said that his lyrics is much more closer to Robert Smith of the Cure.

Next press con is with the band....a funny and crazy band on the floor... - The Used, I enjoyed listening to them and like other rock bands...they showed how they enjoy their status as rock stars and the playfulness is still present.

Bert McCraken, lead vocalist of the band...and sometimes his fans shouts.."release the kraken!!!" a line word of Zeus in Clash of the Titans movie. He shared to us that they have a new album that will be released on March 30, he describe to us their band story under a recording label and after learning the loops of to manage themselves, they decided to produce their own and no longer settle with the recording label, from the old story we know from movies and books - record labels didn't give any freedom to artists and without freedom, the artist will just follow the label's decision.

P3072641 P3072644

P3072648 P3072656
The Used band is having a great first time here in the Philippines, they want to try new things like eating lechon. They were dared to try balut and even dared to meet Manny Pacquiao, the atmosphere changed and they agreed that they love to meet Manny Pacquiao.


Bert shared to us that Michael Jackson's music influenced him more to be a musician and fusing it with his other influences he and his band creates good melody, disgusting lyrics, gross rock and heavy music. He notes that music saves lives, influence and inspire people. They promised that their performance tonight will be at their best and everyone will smile and forget all their problems and love music for just one night here at the Smash Project.

The Cab entered the floor and as the last band to do the press con, they are young rockers and mentioned to us that their music is an outlet to express feelings and creative process. Their first impression of the Philippines is that they know already about the country because of their Filipino fans in their online website and Twitter. Here they know that the people are nice and not snobby and then lead vocalist Alexander De Leon revealed to us that his grand father is a Filipino and there he learned on how be respectful and how to appreciate. "Everyone from the world can learn from the culture" Alexander said.


P3072714 P3072755

Alexander De Leon said that writing and creating music and songs is fun and as a band for almost 6 years they learned to believe in their self and try produce on their own, doing it by themselves is the biggest reward as a band.

P3072756 P3072758
P3072760 P3072748
The press con yesterday is fun, and learning these words from them really inspires any individual, rock stars or not, music inspires them and shares their own outlet, we absorb and then we influence other people. I have recorded a short video of the press con you can view it here by visiting this link -

John of is the blogger star of the day for participating in the Q and A

fans spotted the Cab band in the lobby of the hotel

I'm excited already for this concert tonight....hhahaha read the details below and hope to see you later

Tickets available on sale . Ticket prices: Patron Standing: Php 4,500, Lower Box: Php 3,500, Upper A: Php 2,500, Upper B: Php 1,000 and Gen Ad: Php 500. This event is brought to you by DAYLY Entertainment.

video: Everything You Need To Know About the iPad 3

The new iPad!
AOTS just uploaded their video and hands on review and feature of the new iPad...or iPad 3..or iPad HD...ok ok ok ..the new iPad

watch the video below

Apple has birthed another silver beauty onto the market. Kevin Pereira talks to Joshua Topolsky, Editor in Chief of The Verge, about what the new iPad has to offer, his hands-on experience with the device and more.

For more from The Loop, go here:

coverage: The Smash Project 2012 - meet and greet @ SKY DOME

Covering this music event, rock band meet up and concert is very unexpected on my schedule, my plan is to cover the meet and greet of the bands of The Smash Project 2012, but then I received an invite from the PR of Dayly Entertainment, the concert organizer, to their press con with the rock band, I immediately agreed and recharged my gear's battery and changed my whole sched for two days, after the press con, I got interest to watch and also cover the concert, then I met my friends at Manila Concert Scene and then I just told them that I'm going back again in covering music and concert events, Kevin joked at me and said that my faith has been restored hahahaah. It was a fun meet and greet event with Chris Carraba of Dashboard Confessionals, and the band group and members of The Used and The Cab. All fans went wild when the Francis "Brew" Reyes, hosted the event and introduced the band to them, All fans ran to the barricade of the stage and started shouting and screaming.

The Smash Project 2012 concert will be tonight March 8 in Smart Araneta Coliseum
Tickets available on sale . Ticket prices: Patron Standing: Php 4,500, Lower Box: Php 3,500, Upper A: Php 2,500, Upper B: Php 1,000 and Gen Ad: Php 500. This event is brought to you by DAYLY Entertainment.

Here's the look inside Sky Dome, I really miss this place a perfect ground for events and mini concerts, upcoming event here is a live concert of The Maine and other meet and greet events coming up next week.

That's me on stage posing with the large version of the concert poster, did a short photo op right after the meet and greet event.

Yes, rockbands loves to drink beer and juice, we saw some left over in the giant cooler and people from Odyssey Live invited us for a little drink and toast for a successful event.

on pic with Carla of Odyssey Live and a guy that I forgot his name who works at Netbooster Asia. Thanks guys for inviting us and for the drink.

Bert McCracken of The Used shows up wearing a Pacquiao tshirt

Chris Carraba of Dashboard Confessionals saw me in my paparazzi mode

girl fans after the meet greet session ( I know they lined up again to have photo op with Chris hahahah)

meeting Chris....this girl jumps for joy when Chris stands infront of her ...the hugging and kissing started

Danica of Manila Concert Scene can't believed her favorite band The Cab is infront of her

Chris freaked out a little when a lifesize cardboard of himself was placed near him for some autograph, after signing...Chris removes the cardboard figure and told us that it was weird and it freaks him out hahahah.

Danica and Alex Marshall of The Cab

View the complete photo coverage that we posted in SM North EDSA Facebook page

here are some of the photos


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