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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The feakiest dream last night is with PSY

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I don't know why my dream last night is with PSY of that Gangnam Style partying all night and also having an adventure around the Philippines.Its so weird that I have this dream and I'm so afraid of it, I don't know how I can interpret that dream and you know that some of my dreams reflect some events that can happen to the real world.

Its just weird..I can dream back again with  Dayanara Torres, but not with PSY. I'm glad that we're not gangnaming all the way in my dream, but its just a tour around the country, well if it will be turn into reality, I want to tour him around the Philippines.

Its not yet the end of world this December 21, 2012 here in the Philippines.

PSY was supposed to perform live in a concert here in Manila this Dec 20, but the concert promoter announced a postponement and was re-sched it to Feb 2012. 

Pamaskong Handog Para sa Mga OFW in all SM Supermalls this Dec 21 @ 3pm

I got this sms last month and its the earliest Christmas party invite for SM Global Pinoy members. I signed up for a membership 4 months ago and I love the service and offerings for us people with family members who are OFW. The sms is for this Pamaskong Handog para sa mga OFW event, I didn't know its a big event!

The Christmas party event for all OFW and their family members will be tomorrow Dec 21, 2012 at 3pm and it will take place in their respective atrium or event centers. Those who SM Global Pinoy card holders and members and also BDO Asenso Kabyan members will get a chance to win some goodies.

Check out the poster above for their event details and ohhh you can get a chance to meet Papa Piolo Pascual heheheh in SM MOA and SM Southmall. Registratin at the event site will start at 2pm.

Yishion clothing in Manila

Yishion in Manila
I’m not that fashionable when it comes to the latest fashion, but I’m more on street wear style and simple clothing for men, I don’t shop for new clothing or pants, but I’m more a fan of polo shirts and shirts that have some trendy style and design. When I heard about Yishion store that opened up their two branches here in Manila and in Imus Cavite, it’s the 1st two branches coming all the way from their mother store in China.

I’m not familiar with the fashion style in China, all I know is that most of the clothing styles are for cold weather and styles are much more different here in the Philippines since we have warm weather. But when I saw their branch, they put up a clothing style that can match in our tropical country, I’m glad that they do a nice research on what kind of clothes that are appropriate for us and not just importing products and clothes that is best for winter season hahahah.

For more details about Yishion Philippines
visit their Facebook page at

According to the PR kit that I have  ----- "Established in 1997, Yishion started as a manufacturer in the fashion capital of Humen in Dongguan City, China. Boasting of ISO 9001:2000 certified operations, it now has 19 regional offices and over 5,000 franchised stores worldwide. The multi-awarded clothing brand has also expanded its reach to Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, UAE, Qatar and other countries in Asia."

Yishion in Manila
Me and my wife Lace went to their 2nd branch and saw that it’s a big store and not just a small boutique that sells a handful of clothes, I didn’t know that this store is very popular in China and also in Singapore.

Yishion in Manila Yishion in Manila
They carry nice design and style for men, perfect for street wear, urban and formal styles.

Yishion in Manila Yishion in Manila
I’m surprised that their pricing range is a little bit high and it already matches the price of other top brands that we have here, they need to compete with the price and also with the design. But I know that their designs are much different and unique because the fashion is perfect for Asians like us. I’m glad that they have some price mark down and you can score this jeans for only P990.

Yishion in Manila Yishion in Manila
I also like the shorts and polos, but it’s a bit pricey for me so I didn’t pay too much attention, from a price at around P1,200 up to P1,500. Okay, I think I should buy clothes more often, just to make my self comfortable on these prices hahahaha. Sorry, I was born on buying clothes at Surplus Store.

Yishion in Manila
The sando’s are very trendy and fashionable.

Yishion in Manila Yishion in Manila
The apple of my eyes are the jeans and some polo shirts, I really like that colored striped polo shirts, but that time they don’t have stocks in XL size.

Yishion in Manila
I tried some of their striped sleeves polo shirt, the XL size is just right for my size. I think I need to loose more weight in order to fit more to their XL size. But as I say, its just right and I’m glad that I got rid of 10lbs few months ago.

Yishion in Manila Yishion in Manila
some sando shirts and printed shirts

Yishion in Manila Yishion in Manila
I’m a super fan when it comes to t-shirts. I grabbed a piece of that shirt with colored squares that looks like a QR code and with a computerized word of “Feel Great”
Yishion in Manila Yishion in Manila
more shorts and shirts

Yishion in Manila Yishion in Manila
The monkey and music design shirt (too bad no XL size)
Yishion in Manila
Yishion invited me and the rest of the fashion bloggers that are present to this store tour for a on the spot shopping for P3,000 and a fashion challenge here in our blog. I haven’t joined in a fashion challenge but I’m up for the challenge and will try fashion blogging hahahaha.

Yishion in Manila
Okay, I’m at the counter throwing up all the fashion items and also the GC. Thanks Yishion.
my haul of the day are
1. Polo shirt
2. Jeans
3. 2 socks
4. printed shirt

btw, photos below are self portrait :)

Yishion in Manila
I’m wearing the Yishion blue polo shirt with red colored collar and sleeve. This is XL ha, but it fits right for my body.

Yishion in Manila
Closed neck. I can tell if the shirt fits for the right size of my body when I can button up the collar

Yishion in Manila
I love going out with my sun glasses hahahaha..

Yishion in Manila
Wearing Yishion polo shirt and jeans
matching it with my Native shoes boots
and I also wear a socks from Yishion

Yishion in Manila Yishion in Manila
staying cool in blue!

Yishion in Manila
And here’s my favorite shirt!

Yishion in Manila
Close up.. I decided to wear this while I practice my aggressive inline skating stunts

Yishion in Manila
booting up

Yishion in Manila
Because I’m into street wear, I like to match my style with a pair of inline skates.
Yishion shirts + jeans + Rollerblade Inline skates

Yishion in Manila
I’m ready to roll.

I hope they can bring more t-shirts with cool designs. I’m not a fan of those commercialize branded clothes, but since I love wearing not so familiar branded clothes and born from Surplus stores, I ‘m starting to love Yishion because of being unique here in Manila.

I can go out wearing a different shirt and never worry that I’ll bump with someone who is wearing the same design shirt that I’m wearing hahah

rock on! Yishion!

my only wish list.... PLS open a store in SM MOA!!

thanks guys for the comments about my post

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy 4 million hits to my blog

Finally! my blog hits just reached its 4 million view mark and I thought that I'll need to wait til Dec 21, 2012 for the great rumorcalypse of the world til I reached my blog final mark lol.

I'm so happy that I caught its 4 million counter hits after viewing it at "3,999,970" count few minutes ago and at 10:33am of December 18, 2012, the 4 million counter reflects on my browser and displayed the target that I want.

Its another 1 million views after April 22, 2012, and that's 7 months after its 1 million mark.

But my main target is to reach 1 million hits in just 4 months, but its hard to reach that level. For this year I got it for 8 months, I became slow in blogging in the middle of the year that's why its a 1 month drop for me to reach another 1 million. For 2013, I'll super blog again and publish cool content.

thanks to all my blog readers, blogger friends, advertisers, PR, events, family and friends for the support and non stop click love to my blog Azrael's Merryland.

Next year it will be its 10th year. yay!
I'll organize a big party for all Merryland lovers!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Must find this Lexma M268 Air Mouse

I can't remember if I bought this Lexma mouse at P500 or at P900 at Office Warehouse , I'm using this kind of mouse for 2 years already and the one that I'm using starts to be wonky and dirty. I fixed it by cleaning the plastic pin for the buttons and clean the optical sensors. I want to use this again because my hands are very comfy and I didn't even experience any carpal tunnel syndrome, thanks to the cushion that supports my palm whenever I use it.

I'll check if SM Bacoor have this mouse.

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