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Friday, January 04, 2013

My 1st week of 2013

The 1st week will be over after this Sunday, and I'm still buried under the post holiday blues, but I tried to keep myself up and proactive and I need to go back to work and also the blogging beat. 2013 is here and I already created my own resolution, first was the hours that I need to lend to my work and also in blogging. I need to balance everything and never let the other one suffer. I noticed that I already fell into a trap last year before the end of 2012 and Its hard to recover and I'm losing my stats and impression of people to me are changing, I need to be strict to myself and never let them down. So I placed my notebook again in the frontline and this will change my life again.  Having a notebook or a notepad is very helpful, its the best tool for information and notes than our electronic gadgets and smartphones.

I'll end my post here with some photos on what's new to me this 2013

Foodtrip in cavite with @lacellanora @joniandanya @ashtoncoladilla @atemusay
Here's a Friday food trip here in Cavite with mommy bloggers Lace and Joni (with daughter Anya)

My son cried for ice cream last Thursday and we bought two Cornetto in a nearby bakery, my son ate one and then I sneaked up to the freezer and grab the 2nd ice cream hahahah

Spinach ravioli @ edsa shang with @lacellanora
We spent our New Year's celebration in Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, my wife invites me for an afternoon date, we escaped the room and left everyone there, then we ate in a cafe near the pool. She ordered this Spinach Ravioli , so yummy!

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Then I ordered this Char Kwa Twei noodles

New readbles
This afternoon, I bought this magazine, its my first reading material this 2013 :)

Nagulat naman ako sa shape ng doughnut na ito. Nawala yung kamay ng gingerbread man and mukhang hahahahaha
Laughtrp at home, when Ate M asked us that if Krispy Kreme is so serious about the shape of this doughnut, we laugh at it when we saw it, I told her that its a Gingerbread doughnut. Someone at home ate the hands of the gingerbread doughnut and now left with the other part that look like a penis doughnut hahaha.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Backing up my 2012 files

This is the first busiest day for the start of the year 2013, because I have a task to accomplish before I start full blast this 2013 and that's compiling and burning all my 2012 files in DVD, that's all photos and videos. I started with December 2012 media files and I just compiled it into 6 DVD disc, and now I'm continuing my DVD burning activities and compiled November 2012 files, and I just can't believe that the disc is up to 10 DVDs. I think I need to shoot less this time,in taking photos and videos, because backing up a large files is very difficult and Its hard to store them here at home and I hope that they will live for more than 10 years. I still have my old files way back 1999 in CD and its still running but I have 2-3 CDs that are no longer working and no longer read by the DVD machine, I'm not sure the reason of the fail reading, but I still store it and maybe a better tech will save it for me.

I used my old blank DVD that I bought last year and its a Philips DVDR that I purchase for one set at CDRKing, I'm not sure if its heavy duty, but I chose the slow speed burning just to make sure that all files are back up properly.

After my DVD back up, I will back up them again into my portable HD, I need to buy more HD passports, for my 2013 files.

I want to back up my files early, because I lost almost 5 months of data last 2012 and I don't want it to happen again and its sucks...because all my important files are in there and photos needed to be published are gone. I still have the old HD of my laptop and I will send it to a Data Recovery Service, a store I discovered in SM City Sta Mesa, inside SM Cyberzone, they have a service were they repair and restore files from damaged data storage devices.

my New Years resolution will be :  Back up my files at the 1st week of the new month

Oh well, cheers to 2013 and let's hope that everything will be fine.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

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