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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gamers.Ph– a Shopping site and online auctions for pinoy gamers launch - photos by Azrael Coladilla
www.Gamers.Ph was launched few days ago and now active in the digital world by X-Play Online Games Inc. and it’s the first ever gaming shopping site and also online auctions for pinoy gamers here in the Philippines. Here in our country, the online shopping and also auction battle using the internet still grows and although that some sites that we have before offering the same style (shopping and auction) didn’t even reach 3-5 years in operation, I just hope that Gamers.Ph will survive and be a strong online source for our gaming needs.

Gamers.Ph is spearheaded by Soldgers Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based provider of user-centric e-commerce platforms, and the company behind, a leading entertainment shopping site in Singapore. Here in our country, they are the ones responsible for putting up the machinery of Gamers.Ph, this will bring more exciting gaming lifestyle to us pinoy gamers, expect lots of bargains and exclusive deals to registered members.

register, log in and then bid! - http://Gamers.Ph launch - photos by Azrael launch - photos by Azrael launch - photos by Azrael launch - photos by Azrael Coladilla

The online auction system of will engage online bidders in an online auction war by selecting and bidding on the latest game titles, gaming gear and equipment and price of each items for auction is offered with 80% off.

Bidders will have to register online and also acquire tokens that they can use to bid per auctioned item. For new members before the end of August 2013, they will receive free 10 tokens.

Auctioned off items will start at price zero, then each bid will add 15 cents to the item and plus 20 seconds to fire up the item before the end of the auction. More bid activity will increase the timer life of the item. If the timer ends in zero seconds, the last bidder automatically wins. launch - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Angeline Tahm, founder of Soldgers SG launch - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Here the showed the UI of the website and we can see here the online shopping capability of launch - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Pre-order of game titles are also offered. launch - photos by Azrael Coladilla web interface launch - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Items for auction launch - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Pre-order details are shown here,you can also use your account to pre-order the item launch - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Here’s a sample on how an auction ends launch - photos by Azrael Coladilla
The timer… 24 seconds remaining…to bid or not to bid ?

gamers ph tokens

You can buy tokens at the "buy tokens" section, there you can choose how many tokens you need and payment can be done via PESOPAY payment gateway, from there you can use Paypal , Globe GCash or Smart to load your tokens at

take note that FREE tokens that you acquired from the registration will expire in 7 days, while for purchased tokens will expire in 180 days after purchasing it. launch - photos by Azrael Coladilla
Boni Ong, VP for sales and distribution at X-Play Online Games, Inc shared to us that will provide a whole new venue for online auction and shopping. Given how competitive Filipinos can be, they can’t wait to see how we pinoy gamers engage in the online bidding for the best titles and gaming gears. launch - photos by Azrael Coladilla
so gamers!!! tara let’s try Gamers.Ph
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