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UPDATE: Contest ended - August 2013.
list of winners -

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Berocca On Full Blast Party in Maxims
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Berocca On Full Blast Party in Maxims
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Berocca Kicks the Boracay Experience into Overdrive

Early in May, Berocca Performance, the multivitamin drink that gets you on full blast put a unique spin on summer fun with You On Full Blast in Boracay. 
There could not have been a better venue for the event than Boracay.   In the summer, Boracay is a 24/7 paradise with all kinds of fun beach activities to do during the day, and a vibrant pulsating party scene in the evening, all on one of the most visually stunning beach destinations in the world.  It was on Boracay’s legendary powdery white sands and crystal clear waters that Berocca drinkers put Berocca’s promise “You on Full Blast” to the test.  For one fun packed day in Boracay, Berocca drinkers performed a series of challenges that allowed them to get a grand tour of many of the island’s highlights.  The event was held right on Boracay’s famous white beach, spanning almost all of the legendary shore.    

For seven hours, contestants raced up and down the beach, and engaged in challenging but fun and memorable activities.  They flew kites, rode the banana boat, searched for buried treasure, tested their wits and resourcefulness,  and won lots of Berocca, all the while dashing to and from Stations 1, 2 and 3 and taking in the sights on the island’s most renowned shoreline.  A good time was had by all, friends joined, families joined, in the end it was a fun and memorable day, loads of Berocca was given away, and everyone who joined was a winner; most especially the top three finishers.  The 3rd and 2nd place finishers won Samsung Galaxy SIII minis, and the first place finisher took home a Samsung Galaxy SIII. 

Nestey Gamilla, Irish Joy Atienza  and Billy Sambilan were first second and third respectively.  The three are regular Berocca drinkers who certainly used this to their advantage.  Berocca’s unique combination of Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc in a refreshing  drink gave them just the extra power they needed to finish ahead of the competition.    

Because of the overflowing Berocca, everyone was on full blast, and the day’s energy spilled over to the Berocca party that evening at Boracay’s most happening night spot Epic.  Revelers  had to be on full blast to enjoy the great food, the flowing drinks, and the company of some of today’s hottest celebrities, Rico Robles was the evening’s energetic host on full blast,  Victor Basa, Saab Magalona, Sanya, Kim Marvilla, and Kiko Rustia  were some of the celebrities who partied with the Berocca Challenge contestants. 

Berocca, You on Full Blast in Boracay is also supported by Fox International Channels, Discovery Shores Boracay and Adidas Body Care.

here are the photos:

Still on full blast Victor Basa - getting ready to unveil the math challenge question Kiko Rustia at the Berocca Epic Party party in Epic Sanya and Saab for the Fox Channel coverage Sanya running to capture the On Full Blast Paraw Sanya trying to catch the paraw Berocca Hunt cum Math Challenge Berocca Tube Hunt Tic Tac Toe - beat me Winners of Berocca Challenge Bandana Guy - Found Him Bandana Guy Berocca Hunt Berocca Paraw 3 Berocca Paraw 2 Berocca Paraw Berocca Shot - which one is Berocca Boracay Paraw Challenge Accepted Challenger -= Sanya and Kim Challengers drinking Berocca Challengers tweeting @BeroccaPh Challengers -waiting for the Banana Boat Fly on full blast  (2) Fly on Full Blast - Assembling Fly on Full Blast - I can do this Fly on Full Blast - I can really do this Fly on Full Blast Fly On Full Blast On Full Blast Tattoo Guy Paraw Ride the Banana Boat Sanya and Kim doing the Math Tic Tac Toe Winners of Berocca Challenge 1 VIP Dinner awarding of Winners Berocca Challenge WinnerBerocca Challenge Winners IMG_7346 IMG_7430 Rico Robles hosting the dinner Rico Robles hosting the VIP Dinner Saab and one of the Berocca Twitter Winners Saab with Nestey our Twitter Promo Winner and Challenge Winner Saab, Sanya, Kim