Get this "B. Braun OMNITEST® PLUS Kit" diabetes monitoring device for free here in the Philippines


Test for diabetes in clinics and hospitals are a bit costly and time consuming, the blood test and session will give you hours of waiting time, but the results are very accurate.  Buwhat t if you are given a chance to have this B. Braun Omnitest plus kit for free, then you'll earn how to use it personally to your self like conducting a glucose test in just minutes at home and I'm sure doctors will suggest that you monitor your glucose if ever you became a bit careless in eating or for others it is very helpful for those who are pregnant to monitor if they hit the red mark of the level of glucose.
so why free?
because its the only way we can be empowered against diabetes

B. Braun Omnitest plus kit is easy to use.
1. Just add battery to the device ( the circular battery ones)
2. Get a test strip (Omnitest® plus test strips )
3. Insert the strip to the device
4. Make sure the code of the strip and the code of the device will match   (ex. C21 in strip bottle and device should be set to C21 )
5. Wash your hands
6. Wipe hands with clean towels
7. Use the needle to pinch a tiny hole to your index finger
8. Drop a blood directly to the strip
9. Watch the test meter number changes
10. The number and counting will start and you'll get a reading of your glucose measurement when the number stops counting up.
11. After using, you can turn off the device
12. Make sure you record your glucose measurement and consult to your doctor about your test.

you can watch the demo here

Btw, the giveaway - B. Braun offers free blood glucose monitors to 1st 100 program qualified registrants

Simply purchase two (2) Flip-top Vials of OMNITEST® Strips and the OMNITEST® PLUS Kit is yours, for FREE! Aside from receiving the device, you’ll also benefit from B. Braun’s continuing patient programs, for life!

To pre-qualify, accomplish the Patient Enrollment Form at and submit the following requirements:  
a) Scanned copy of Medical Certificate from Attending Physician
b) Scanned latest laboratory results

If you are not able to upload attachments, you may send them via fax number 588-5660 or via email to

A Customer Service Specialist will contact you as soon as your application has been evaluated.
Be empowered against Diabetes! Take control! Do blood glucose screening before Diabetes hits you or your loved ones!

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