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Monday, October 21, 2013

coverage: Kinder Joy Philippines launch event in SM MOA

Hi Ashton!

Sorry that me and mommy didn’t bring you with us here at the launch event of Kinder Joy, because we have a bad weather yesterday and we don’t want you to catch a cold like mommy and daddy, you know that we’re both sick because of the colds but we still tried our best to attend this event for you hahahaa. I hope you enjoyed this event coverage, its all photos only, and I wish I have a video of it, because the event showed us a very nice musical play for kids. I’m sure you’ll love that, because you love adventure stories, but it’s okay the photo is here to entertain you, enjoy!

Here’s mommy and daddy at the Kinder Joy event in SM MOA, we sat infront of the main stage

We arrived at around 3:50pm and we saw a lot of parents and kids inside the event venue.
There’s some kid activities happening inside the venue, and all you need to do is registered the kid at the entrance, since your not with us, we just skipped the process of the kid registration. Mommy said that she wish that you're with us

PA192701 PA192702
Spotted are some of the toy images that came with Kinder Joy, that’s daddy’s wish, to get the toy car and robot plane for you.

Here’s Kinderino, the mascot of Kinder Joy, welcoming us at the event

Here are the kid’s activity area

they are busy in painting this Kinderino statues, they’ll take those home with them after finishing the painting activity to the statue.

I also met Kinderino at the event hahaha, he just squat low for the kids to reach him

Here’s the musical play

PA192713 PA192722
It all started when a mommy reads a bed time story to her son, its all about the Land of Surprises

When her mommy leaves the room, and then the kid starts to sleep, a magical guy with white hair came in and brought him to different places of the Land of Suprises.

There’s a magician in one of the parts of the musical play, and he did show some magical tricks to kids

PA192729 PA192730
The venue is jampacked and everyone are enjoying the sing and dance performance of the actors

There are jugglers and acrobats that came from another part of the land of Surprises


In the end, the kid and his friends with the magical beings met Kinderino, I think he owns the land of Surprises, because in each Kinder Joy egg comes with a chocolate and a toy surprise. You know that already di ba?

PA192745 PA192746
Kids at the venue, joined the musical play actors with Kinderino to dance and play with the Kinder Joy music.


The event marks the Philippine launch of Kinder Joy

PA192750 PA192751
Check out those costumes.. resembles those Kinder Joy toys and here are some kids playing with Kinderino.

Thanks for reading my blog ha! Im sure you’ll read this when you turn 7 years old. haahahaha.

Here’s a thank you take away item from Kinder Joy.
thank you!!!!

ohhhhh how many Kinder Joys ?????

hahhahahaha!!! Surprise!!! with teary eyes!
cute Ashton!!!

So here’s your 2nd Kinder Joy toy!! let’s collect them all!

Now I told you that we will open those Kinder Joy egg every day, that’s 1 egg per day ha.

Thanks to Kinder Joy for inviting us to their event launch

Kinder Joy are now available in Watson store, SM Supermarket, 7-11 stores nationwide
price is Php 48.
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