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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Jollibee’s Chickenjoy Thor Bucket Treats!–a mighty meal for the family

Ohhh lookie! my young Avenger, 3 yrs old,Ashton is enjoying a bite of crisscut fries from Jollibee, its part of the new set of “Jollibee’s Chickenjoy Thor Bucket Treats” inline with the upcoming movie “Thor 2: The Dark World”, we’re excited to watch the 2nd movie of Thor, or let’s say it will be his 3rd movie – let’s count the Avengers movie as his 2nd movie. The new movie will be released here in the Philippines on Oct 30, 2013, so make sure everyone is prepared for another journey of Thor (and ahemm.Loki)

The Jollibee Chickenjoy Thor Bucket Treats can be bought at Php 599 from Sept 16- Nov 3, 2013. You can enjoy it with 8 pcs of crispy, juicy and yummy Chickenjoy + 4 rice + 4 regular cheese crisscut frieds and 4 regular drinks. If 8 pcs is too much for you then you can avail the Asgardian treat with a 6 piece solo Chickenjoy for only Php 355 OR a 8 piece Chickenjoy for Php 429.

The Jollibee Chickenoy Thor bucket is a limited edition item from Jollibee, I’m sure collectors are waiting for a toy this month, but as of now, let’s enjoy first the Thor bucket edition.

Here’s a closer look of the Thor bucket treats!

The design is the same as last time

The bucket is made up of plastic and you can wash it after using it.

Big Chickenjoy parts inside the bucket… it can fit up to 8 chickens

And here’s our lunch treat from Jollibee!!!

hahaha..Thanks to Mommy Lace for assisting us in a little photo shoot! My son is so excited for another bite of Chicken joy

I brought out my Thor action figure to have a photo with us hahaha.
fyi: the Toy is not from Jollibee

Ashton, the little Avenger… smiles with Thor bec. of this Jolllibee lunch treat!!

Jollibee's Chickenjoy Thor Bucket Treats
Available from September 16 to November 3, the Chickenjoy Thor Bucket Treats comes with 8 pieces of everyone’s favorite crispylicious, juicylicious Chickenjoy, 4 rice, 4 regular Cheese Crisscut Fries and 4 regular drinks for only P599!
This limited edition bucket is also available in the 6-piece solo Chickenjoy bucket for only P335 and the 8-piece solo bucket for only P429.

So before or after the movies, head to a Jollibee store near you to enjoy the best-tasting fried chicken with the most delicious and complete Chickenjoy bucket offering – Jollibee’s Chickenjoy Thor Bucket

For delivery, call Jollibee Express Delivery Service hotline at 8-7000 or log on to Thor 2: The Dark World opens in theaters on October 30, 2013.

Thank you Jollibee!!!!
see you Thor this Oct 30!
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