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Monday, October 28, 2013

Masuki beef noodles–dinner after the Philippine Fashion Week 2013

In every coverage that I do in a fashion show of Philippine Fashion Week 2013, there’s no available time for me to eat a snack, because my time is very precious in every fashion brand’s presentation, I attend there as a blogger and photographer, and I always stay there at the photographers area and not sitting down at the audience area.

I didn’t cover all the schedules of the PFW 2013, but I managed to attend two brands in one day. I ran like a mouse after the 1st show and I have a few minutes to transfer to another venue just to get a good spot and location for shooting the fashion show, I don’t have the time to visit the bar for some free food and drinks, because we photographers must guard our shooting location, If ever I left my spot, someone might take over. Next time I’ll bring my tripod with me, because tripods are a good tool to safe guard your location haahaha.

After the fashion show, I visited the barber shop to get a new hair cut and while I’m there waiting for the barber to finish cutting my hair, I’m already googling my brain and deciding where to eat my dinner. I want it to very special and must give more time to my food, and that’s for my dinner only. I just want to celebrate for the success of my day – covering the PFW 2013 and getting a new hair cut hahaha. I’m a bit over reacting with this, but its the way how we enjoy our day and celebrate it with a nice tribute in eating some good food.

I ate my dinner in Masuki restaurant in SM MOA, it is located outside the mall and its near my terminal on the way home. I was thinking of eating in Xin Wang Hong Kong Café, but then I realized that I should put more attention to our local restos, and help them get more sales by dining there.

To reward myself, I ordered one beef noodles and a siopao bola bola. OMG! sipping the beef soup and slurping the noodles is like forever. I ate non stop and have no time to talk to the waiters. Then I found out that I was the last customer of Masuki, its funny, because every time I eat here in Masuki SM MOA, I am always the last customer hahahaha.

Masuki resto SM MOA
So I joked around with the Masuki staff and told them that I noticed that I have two photos posted in their wall. I saw this before during my 1st visit last year, but then I noticed for the 1st time that they have two photos of our group photo and it is posted in the walls of Masuki. The staff noticed it too and they told me that I might be popular because me and a my blogger friends got two photos posted in the walls of Masuki SM MOA. ahhahaha. Its weird, in my last visit, it was just one photo.

Why oh why….

but its okay, at least, there’s something that I can look on the wall when I visit Masuki SM MOA. I wonder if their other branch got the same photo posted in their wall.

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