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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Town perya with wifi is the new trend this holiday season

PA283549We went to the Perya last night, perya is like a bazaar or carnival in a local town, sometimes there are carnival rides and weird shows, but here in our town, we only have the food booths, bazaars and some gambling games hahahaha.

Perya usually opens at dawn time, attending a perya event at night is fun, because lots of colorful things glow at night. Usually, perya is a best venue for lovers haahaha.

Toy bazaar.
my son drags me to this toy store, we bought a plastic space gun with sounds and lights for Php35 and those fake LEGO superheroes priced at Php 60 each, we bought Iron Man and Hulk, but its weird… Iron Box contains Spiderman figure with Iron Man helmet hahahaha.

I also noticed that some bazaars offer FREE WIFI to their customers.
that's awesome!!! Perya with wifi!!!
you can start instagramming your perya activities while waiting for your puto bumbong.

I hate this game
it’s the most difficult perya game ever!! I placed my bet on those colored boxes and I didn’t know that there are two kinds of combination – 1) box with numbers 2) numbers with color combination

I’m an expert to this game, you’ll throw a 1 peso coin on the table and you have to shoot the coin to land on the middle of the colored coded square or colored coded number that can double your winnings.

One of my favorite game - shooting gallery!
I play this during the Fiesta Carnival era… gosh, I miss that place already.
Back in the old days, metallic air guns are used in this game, but today, we are now using spring loaded guns with plastic pellets.

Minions balloons – one of the prizes

My bet to that ball color game


Snacks around the corner of the perya

Street food is the best here in our perya

the wife bought some fish balls

the wife with toy gun hahahah.
for only Php 15 you can shoot with 10 pellets

that’s me with m-16 rifle toy gun, I paid Php 20 just to shoot with 10 pellets, and yeahhh I scored 8 points, I won a pillow brownie snack after the game.

It’s a bit dark here in perya, and I quit shooting more pics, I watched and guarded my son while he plays with some kids here in perya, everyone are in hyper mode for food and games.

Here’s my iced cold sago’t gulaman, its not the best iced drink, but it satisfied my sago’t gulaman cravings

More perya visit next weekend!

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